When Love Dies Episode 20



Watching someone you love so much suffer in pain and do nothing, not because you cant but simply that you have no idea what to do about it ,is enough to drive one crazy. Mother had been sick for a while, but it never aggravated into admitting her to the hospital. She was always in pain ,complaining of cramps on her left leg. I thought it was due to high level of stress or maybe arthritis .

Unfortunately, it became worse and she slumped while performing chores at home. My father , Orji was my role model. He had been very loving and kind towards mother. I remember him telling her how much he was willing to sacrifice for her . He had said

” my dear, as long as this ring on my finger is round, and the circle is enternal. I will always love you in the same manner: Unending and relentless.”

I was glad to have such a wonderful family. My mother in- law came with Yvonne and Maxwell. Mimi tagged along and she brought food for everyone, a good friend indeed. There was just one person missing. We all sat in the room where mother was stationed. She was unconscious and maybe heard the voices in the room, but couldn’t wake up just yet.

I shivered at the sight of the I.V on her arm and the machines that were plugged to her body. These type I saw in the movies but it was all real here : black and inky.

” Nne—Mama? I called out to her as she sparingly opened her eyes. ” Where am I ? She asked . Everyone gathered round the 6 ” by 4 ” puffed bed. Some smiled ,while othes cracked jokes , especially Mimi. We were all happy that she was awake again.

” You passed out, my dear” Father began. ” I thought I’d lost you” He said smiling. She groaned a little and touched her leg. The door opened as a female doctor entered . She was in her forties and wore medicated eye glasses. I could tell from her looks that trouble loomed in the corner.

She checked the vitals of mother and read some numbers on the machines. When she was done I broke the silence..

” What’s the status of my mother’ s health , doctor?

” She is currently stable” She said ” From her medical history we found out that her leg pains had triggered some hormones in her neuro path ,resulting in a heart attack. ” Everyone paused and shivers circulated my body. I was sure to notice that others felt it too. It was contagious. We wanted to hear more but definitely not bad news. The doctor looked straight into my eyes then said,

” She suffered from DVT- Deep Vein Thrombosis. Clotted blood in the deep veins of the leg. It was incubated for a long time and can only be corrected through surgery”

” What happens if she doesnt under go the surgery” Maxwell asked, very concerned.

” I’m sorry , but she might never walk again”

After that revelation. The door opened again and this time it was Gabriel. He greeted everyone , hugged me and kissed his son on the forehead. I wished he had not come at all .To me , he meant bad omen. I sighed.

Weeks passed and I visited my mother concurrently. Sometimes I went with David, other times Mimi came too. I tried everything possible to raise even just a half payment to presume treatment for mother. Gabriel stopped going out to work. He suddenly changed overnight. I was amazed how he took care of David whenever ever I slept the night over at the hospital. This was good but I needed his cash now, his loving support too. He would cook me delicious meals. Put them in a flask and gave me kisses like biscuits and sweets , whenever I left home for St Francis’ hospital. I was happy indeed. He went back to craft making. I suspected that he had resigned from work .

” Love, I hope am not a bother to your work life? I asked him ” I don’t want to impose ”

“Not at all my love. You are a blessing to me. You come first before work. And besides I miss my family so much”. I was delighted to hear him admit the truth. If I had any doubts about him before. They were all probably gone with the wind. I just hope his sudden sweetness lasts. That it was not just a joke.



He never came back to me. He was very discern in his reply text

” Dami , I’ve been fooling around for a long time. Now you know the truth about me. Lets just put things behind us. I loved Funmi as I do my own son . I was willing to stay, but you pushed me away. If destiny brings us back together, remind me not to ever treat you special.”

I managed to surpress the feeling for the first week but then I suddenly missed Gabe and so did Funmi.

” Mummy daddy does not come home to us again. ” She asked me just like a child would ” I miss him. Has he left us again? I played the cool and calm card with her.

” Of course not baby. Daddy just went on a trip to England. He will be back soon” It hurt me badly to see her suffer again. I stopped attending functions. I would spend all my time thinking of ways to get him back. I suddenly became desperate.

I imagined him being happy with his wife. His fresh breathe as he would kiss her and whisper into her ears those three magic words. I wanted to hear those words from him. To feel his chest brush against my tender bobs and feel him inside me.

My imaginations grew wild, and I found myself masturbating. Everything started to disgust me. I lost interest in practically almost anything.

” Ma–…. Mr Rick is waiting for you in the board room” My secretry informed me as she waited patiently for my answer.

” Call off the meeting. Tell him ” Love Blooms” is not interested in the deal any longer- ”

” But Ma– ” She said, interrupting my speech. ” Mr Ricky is our biggest client and his offer is by far the largest in this third quarter.We can’t afford to loose him”

” If you don’t want to loose your job , give him five minutes to leave . If he doesn’t , drag him out of my farm, else you loose your head too ” I said looking mean and bitter. ” Kemi please stop. I’m tired of hearing those words” I said.

“which of them? The part that you are digging your own grave. Or the part that you are worried over a married man.?

” Both.” She frowned as I looked away giving her the red card to stop getting on my nerves.

” Dami. I can’t let you go down the same road which your mother did…. Gosh ! Damiiiiiii , a mistress ?Ahhhhh??

” Mistress? You must be joking. He is mine, I met him single, so I don’t care about his wife. ” I yelled out to her.

The taunting didn’t stop there , Kemi kept rambling about mistress this , mistress that ,into my ears for days. I nearly lost it and shot her brains out with my 9mm. Lucky for her the bullets were not in the cartridge. Now he didnt even return my calls. I was going to do anything possible to get him back. I don’t mind hurting Kate in the process.