When Love Dies Episode 15


Temptation In Human form*


It went on consecutively for weeks. Every morning , I would wake up at 6.45 am , just to be punctual. I would sneak out quietly without Kate’s knowledge. It was cool and awesome-the feeling of being invisible. Although it got to the point of frustration , irritation and suicidal tendencies- I pushed too far to the edge cause I liked it.

From six to nine , and the cycle continued the next morning. Dami’s gate man already accustomed to my early visits, let me in even though he was clueless to what promoted the early morning visits.

Miss Akehinde was already awake and as usual brought me new pairs of clothes- sometimes she gave me night pajamas – just to make it look all real to her daughter, that I was indeed a part of the family she lost.

Funmi was still sound asleep, I changed into the shirt and felt uncomfortable with her staring at my chest and abdomen.


” I will be going home early today ‘ I said.

” Why? What’s the rush?

*Rush? Nothing more than trying to escape your xray eyes * I thought out loud and shook my head in disgust.

“Emergency ! I said. she kept mute as if to pretend she didn’t hear me. Her eyes fixed upon my bag this time, which was on the room divider.

“Why do you always carry a bag pack?

” Emergencies ” I replied non challantly.

“What kind?

“NOthing too important ‘ I said ” just any kind” Dami was not satisfied with my answer . She must have been having a bad hunch about me. well that’s her business * I’ m just doing it for the money*

“OK ,very well then. You can go home early today, but I’ ll be the one to explain it to Funmi’ My head moved in unison with my thoughts. Its seemed OK by me. I took my bag and towered down the stairs to change my pants.

It was almost 6:30 in the evening and still Dami was nowhere to be found . Had she forgotten so easily? I couldn’t set my mind to refrain from the thought. My eyes locked in , on the wall clock and I bit my lips in regret. Almost brimming with rage, I sighed bitterly.

Funmi was comfortably enjoying her position in my b—m , watching her favourite t.v programme. The poor girl, I had learnt to love her dearly as mine.

Nanny Bisi came in with a tray containing glasses of juice and candy cake bars. She placed them on a stool beside the bed.

“Is Dami back already? I asked.

“No sir. She is still out ”

“OK thank you” . She shut the door briskly behind her when she left.
my phone vibrated in my shorts

A text from Kate : Hi Love, please try to be home early. Remember its David’s birthday . kisses and hugs. See you soon.

Of course I did remember , only if I could excape this nonsense called daddy- posing.

” I’m sorry Love. Something important came up. Overtime and we have to beat the dead line for the supply’ My thumb clicked send , when I was done typing the SMS.*

“What can be more Important than your family? If you can’t make it for your son, what more about me- about us? She replied instantly. I sighed and carefully typed my reply

” It won’t get to that point. Trust me I have the situation under control” It took her some time to reply, maybe she wanted to assimilate what I meant by being “in control”

” In control? Or you are being controlled? I’m sorry , but you confuse me with your work life. Please call me” I didn’t reply back and then she called, I rejected it. She called the second time, but it was already on silent mode. *

” Daddy who was that? Funmi enquired .

“No one of importance baby, ‘ I said ‘ its just one of my many clients”. I enjoyed the moment. *

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10 pm.

Dami returned home , stone drunk and very tipsy. Her mobile never went through, she practically forgot me.

“You are late” I said when she locked her car and came inside the living room. My mood was not so good ,I paced up and down and tried to be calm.

“Why? This is my house. I can come in and go out any time I want” She said in a tipsy manner. She staggered and her high heels brought her crumbling to the floor, when I caught her in mid – air, by a freak of impulse . I saw something in her eyes. A burning desire of which I was afraid to give her. So deep, that the demons in me were even frightened to behold her . She kept mute and then suddenly said

” aawn , how sweet. Now put me down , I can find my bedroom unaided” She tripped a second time and fell face flat on the cold tile.

“Let me help you Dami” I said ‘ You are really drunk” Awrful, and pathetic.

Carrying her from the laps with my other arm supporting her torso, I took her to her room. Placed her gently on the red sheets which left a romantic picture in the mind. Her room was deemly lit by moonlight, just a perfect scene for hot romance. Her arms restricted my motion, and she uttered inaudible words.

“What ? I tried to place my ear on her lips…..

” Why are you still here? Gabriel? She began… ” I expected you to reject my offer but you did not. You were too easy for me . Too easy and cheap. Tell me Gabriel , do you have a wife at home to feed” She said. Her worrds angered me the more and I tried to withdraw my arms, but she won’t let them loose freely. Maybe she already knew, maybe my cover was already blown. What was in the email , she received on that auspicious day? Perhaps, it was on her mind all along, I couldn’t imagine but fear the worst.

” Maybe ! ‘ I said, knowing fully well she was past reasoning and and already in stupor .

“Stay with me tonight , don’t go. Please’

“I have to…..’ I said while trying to move. Her lips touched mine and she kissed me with so much passion while her eyes were closed. ” Don’t leave … Please stay… Love me, please Gabriel” Temptation indeed, my testerones were energenized. I could feel the lust on my whole body. The fire burned and nothing could extinguish it. There she was in my arms and I was afraid, afraid not of almost perfect curves, but of committing a crime of infidelity .