Have you ever loved and lost, I believe almost everyone has experienced this at a point in time and it has actually become common to hear people talk about their relationships starting beautifully and ending a while later

What we need to know is that for our relationships to work, we don’t need to be perfect, we just need to do a few things, it make things way better for the relationship to work

Now how many of us know how to appreciate the men in our lives? What we do most these days is have time to complain but how do you show your man you love him, that you appreciate his presence in your life, let him know you are there for him and he can always count on you, also to the gentlemen, when a woman shows this trait, that she’s got your back, and she gets no response from you, instead of talking to her or letting her help you and feeling useful in your life, you act like you don’t need her, your relationship will start fading, women care naturally and if she feels her care is not needed, she begins to feel that she is a burden so she starts to withdraw.

Secondly, learn to spice up your relationship though this is sometimes difficult because men have their differences, find out what your man loves, sometimes you sense what he finds cool when he talks about it, there are so many ways to find out what works for your man, surprise dishes at work, candle lit dinner, a gift, anything that you don’t always do that you know will make a difference, however to the men out there, when it becomes one sided, it becomes a burden, when she realizes she’s the only one making an effort to prove how she feels about you, then to her it means it’s gotten one sided, she may not really mean much in the relationship so she starts to withdraw.

Men want to feel respected, appreciated and valued whereas women want to feel loved, wanted and cared for. If we get these things right, then our relationships will be on the right path.

Have a beautiful day.