What Should I Do Now?


​I’ve been married for a year and some months now. When I met my husband, I was not a virgin. I had sex with just one man in my life. He was a white guy. Later on, we dated for a long time but never had sex with my husband to be. The week before the wedding I gave in, and we slept together. When it happened, I experienced pain and had some bleeding, too.
It might be caused by the massive manhood size of my husband. The first guy had a smaller thing, so I did not even bleed when we made love. Since the first intercourse I had with my man, he got so excited and positive about me. I believed he loved me and married the girl of his dream.
I was working on his computer and used the calendar to enter a major event, so he would not miss it. I scrolled down the calendar and found another date. He marked the date we had our first sex.
I thought it was so sweet of him, but he also had a note attached to the date. And I read it. Here is what it said:
“Wow, I am the luckiest man. I did marry a virgin. I am honored to lose my virginity to her as well.”
I was shocked. We never talked about this subject before. I did not suspect it was of such importance to him. And I had no idea he was a virgin when we slept together.
 Now I feel so guilty. I was not a virgin, but he does not know that! I am not sure if I should tell him that and ruin everything. Or should I keep the silence and carry that sense of guilt throughout my life. 
Please, help me and give your advice.