What do we teach the younger generation?


It’s very weird what this generation is turning into and as things worsen, we fear what the younger generation will come up with, this generation is inventing things that the older generation with all the education and understanding of life fail to understand.  Some generations ago, touching a woman could mean you had to marry her, as time passed sleeping with a woman meant the same, but now, oh its interesting,  sex is as easy as drinking tea. It wasn’t too complicated when the men coined weird phrases like friends with benefits,  sex buddies, no strings attached among other things, it made life a bit complicated for the ladies. Now the scary part is here, the fact that the ladies are adapting and being better at these things, ladies are calling it fun too, these days ladies are claiming to be emotionally unavailable,  what can we do to change this, it’s getting too scary, people are settling,  in the past people got married because they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with their spouses but currently,  people do so because, fuck it, if things get bad, they’ll divorce, what are we going to pass on to the younger generations? No strings attached? how fast they are picking up the mess we are creating,  those not terrified are joining in and those too terrified to join In are seen to be ‘colo’. God help us