Ok so I feel like saying something on this subject, and this time I’m talking about real women, not the ones who can’t bear to give the little food they have to their kids and starve with pride, I mean real women.
I see so many things circulating about wat some women have done ‘ woman buys rolls Royce for her husband on father’s day’, ‘ woman kneels before husband and thanks him on her graduation’, ‘if you win 30 million,  will you give 29 million to your man if he needs it’?
Honestly forgive me but I find this funny. To the ladies out there, you see your friends who tell you ‘ me I won’t use my money on a man oh’ , those ones, they take care of their men, they just prefer that it stays between them and their men
Secondly, do you have any idea the number of sacrifices some women are giving just to make make sure their men are happy and the fact that it costs more than these material things? Do you know how expensive the love she has for you is……her boss in her office is promising her the world in exchange for a 10th of what she offers you free of charge but she chooses you…..wether you deserve it or not she chooses you…..wether her friends call her stupid or not, she still chooses you
Now for those excited about the gifts, do you have any idea where they are coming from, what sacrifices they made for each other, how much tears they’ve shed together, how much they’ve hustled,  or you think the woman met him yesterday and bought him a car?
To the men out there,  when you meet a real woman,  a good woman, and you take care of her, you give her a reason to be happy, you allow her to take care of you, your satisfaction will be limitless, your blessings will pour, you will enjoy your relationship,  and if she can afford to, forget the car, she’ll buy you a lovers nest where you’ll honeymoon every month, the men who got these things from their women probably treat their women right……
You want a queen, be her king.
Have a beautiful day