Wedding Of My Ex-Episode 17


Afful turns into a wide driveway, and is stopped by three gun-wielding guards. Afful winds down the window and pokes out his head. The guards recognize him instantly and gestures to him to drive through. They park the car and get out.

Chris looks around; his face looks pained.

This way, Romeo. I took great pains to become a member of this club just for this day. I tell you this; it is mighty expensive being a gold card member here.
Chris looks shocked.

Afful takes him through glass sliding doors, down a big lighted corridor filled with well-dressed people.
He leads him to a door marked PRIVATE, manned by two of the biggest muscle-bound men Chris has ever seen. They are in black suits and sunglasses.

Afful produces a membership card.


No need for that, Sir. We need to see your friend’s card!

Oh, he’s a special invite. I’m introducing him so … free pass!
The men do not smile, but again the other one who has not spoken steps forward and gives Chris a thorough check. They let them through.

Afful precedes Chris into a large, dimly-lit room filled with a lot of influential looking men.

Look at the great and mighty people queuing to watch sex shows and nude ladies. They are decadent souls, aren’t they? Chris does not speak.

He watches as Afful approaches a ticketing window and comes back with two passes.

This is very expensive, man. You can’t believe just how much I paid to watch Sighing Sparrow. Oh, forgive me, that’s Effe’s stage name. Here, take a look at your pass. With trembling hands Chris looks at his pass.

It is a pass for a one-hour show with Sighing Sparrow and friends. And below the lettering is a bust portrait of Effe. She looks beautiful and exotic, and she is naked to her shoulders; the tops of her breasts are also naked.
Chris trembles violently.

He speaks in a totally dejected voice.

Oh, God, no!
Chris is directed through a glass door to a dimly-lit private viewing room.
There are high comfortable stools with back-rests and arced glass-topped tables. Young women barely out of their teens and wearing air-hostess caps, short white skirts with matching long boots and skimpy bras walk from table to table, offering drinks.

There are a lot of viewing rooms, some replete with beds. They are paid for by the filthy rich who can afford a bed and a mate. The amount of screwing that goes on here cannot be matched by the Hollywood porn industry, I tell you.
Chris notices that there is a performing stage in front of him, which is lighted and now shows a very buxom white lady performing a striptease. She is wearing only a pink G-String, and making less pumping actions with her crotch towards the men.

Mind you, the girls here are paid well. Effe is making a lot of…

(voice is vicious and filled with murder)

One more mention of Effe’s name and I’ll kill you, Afful!
The white lady eventually peels her panties down her legs in a sexy way, and kicks it into the audience.
Now naked, she struts on the platform, gyrating her hips and presenting her privates to the ogling men. She walks off the stage to loud applause and less remarks.
The lights dim, and when they come back on Afful speaks excitedly.

Yeah, man, that’s my favorite girl! Sighing Sparrow in the flesh!
Chris bolts upright, and screams silently.

His face contorts into ugly lines of deep pain. Effe is on the stage!

Her face is nicely made-up. She looks really stunning.

She is wearing white panties and a matchng white brassiere. On her head is a white cowboy hat, and her feet are adorned with white knee-length high-heeled boots. Her lips are painted red, and she is doing a very sexy dance, gyrating her body in a lustful fashion and winding her hips and buttocks in a most captivating way. The screaming people who are watching peel off Cedi notes and throw them unto the stage. It seems that Effe is a very popular performer.
Her hat comes off first, and this she throws into the crowd. She continues to dance, and now she turns her back to the crowd and opens her brassiere hooks, and takes it off. Still gyrating, she looks over her shoulder at the engrossed men, and then she turns slowly, her hands covering her lovely breasts. She steps forward, bows, and suddenly her hands drop, and there she stands, exposing her breasts.

(in a whisper of agony)

No, oh dear sweet Lord, Effe, oh no!
He jumps up and runs towards the stage.


Chris, no, stop! Don’t do that!
He tries to hold Chris back, but Chris chops him across the throat with the edge of his open right palm and Afful falls down, gagging for air. Chris is pushing people out of his way and running across the tables, sending plates, glasses and bottles flying.
People are screaming in fury at his crazy intrusion. Some try to stop him, but he punches or kicks them away.

On the stage Effe has kicked off her boots and her thumbs are now hooked into the straps of her G-String, ready to pull it down. She is now standing fixed like a statue, staring with horror at Chris charging down towards her. She covers her breasts, and then she turns and runs towards a door at the back of the stage. Chris lets out a fearsome yell.

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Effeeee! Don’t run, you snake! Face me if you can! Perform for me! Kill me now, Effe! Finish what you have started…. just kill meeeeee!!!!

Somebody grabs a wine bottle and attempts to crush Chris’ head with it, but it misses his head and smashes painfully into his shoulder.
With a yell of fury Chris turns and slams a fist into the man’s face, and laughs gleefully when the man screams with pain and blood spurts from his nose. Chris jumps unto the stage. Effe is almost at the door.

Efffeeeee! Stop right there!Take a knife and stick it into my heart! Why, Effeeeeee??? WHYYYYYYYYYY?????
Chris runs after her, but suddenly two muscle-bound men in black tuxedos emerge from the door and bear down on Chris.
Two more bouncers climbed in from behind him

One lunges at Chris, catching him behind the knees and bringing him down hard unto the hard stage.
In a flash they are on him, raining hard blows on him. Chris can hear Effe’s shrill screams.

Noooooo! Don’t hurt him! Stop it, please! Don’t hurt him!Stoooop!!!
Chris is aware of being lifted off the stage, and his phone falls down though he does not notice. He does not struggle.

He has given up.
He wishes for death!!
They carry him out of the nightclub and hurl him into the air, and he falls down hard on the concrete. He groans, and tastes blood in his mouth.

You keep outta this place. You show your ugly mug here again, we will stomp all over you, asshole! Chris struggles to a sitting position. He realizes that they have brought him to the car park, and thrown him against his own car. A shadow crosses his vision, and looks up warily.
It is Afful. He is holding his throat where Chris has chopped him.

(speaking with pain)

I guess our business is done, Romeo. I hope you realize now that getting me fired wasn’t worth it because your girl, the angel you thought you had, is nothing but a devil to the core. Taking the wool off your eyes has been physically painful to me, yeah, with all your damn karate stuff. But, man oh man, am I glad! That whore does not love you. She’s in it for the money, and now that you’ve caught her, I guess she will now elope with Bright, her childhood lover. Bye, Romeo, you shithead!

With that Jonathan Afful throws Chris’ car keys at him. He smiles triumphantly, turns and walks away.
Chris painfully gets into his car and drives off. He stops the car after a while, and puts his forehead on the steering-wheel and cries his heart out.
His tears are torn out of his shredded heart with massive pain. After a while he looks for his phone to call Steve, but he cannot find it. It is lost.

He is bleeding from his nose and from a cut in his scalp. He drives to Dr. Anaman’s clinic to have his wounds treated. He tells the doctor that he was in a fight with some thugs. When he leaves the clinic he drives around aimlessly for a while. Finally he heads home.

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