Walk Of Shame-Episode 8


*********** An hour later*****


“What do you want to do to her Victoria ?” bunmi asked as she handed her a paper with something scribbled on it.


“Just to put the fear of God in her. Nothing more ” Victoria  smiled wickedly.


“But isn’t this a tad too much?? You have always just attacked the others or embarrassed them . But this time you are going the extra mile, tampering with her test scripts…” Sandra stated, eyeing Victoria . Wondering what’s going On through her mind.


“Well for starters,  Anthony had never actually cared whose feelings I hurt. He doesn’t say or do anything . But he stopped me from hitting her again,  he hurt me when  he held my hand, and he didn’t even care how I felt. Anthony Obviously likes her and that’s a problem ”

She walked to her bed and sits on it..And spoke in  the third person.


“Victoria hates to be bested . Victoria likes her toys till she is tired of them. Victoria likes Anthony and he is her most prized possession and not even a skalawag or a skank or that pretentious Grace can take him away from me. I intend to put her in her place. And that’s all I intend to… a lil fire doesn’t kill any body  ” She looks up staring from bunmi to Sandra. .


“Now…let’s go pay her a little visit. Would you be a dear and take along the  present I bought for her. It would be wrong not to get a present for your host even though they have no idea you are Coming.”


She gets up facing the mirror.  Sandra exchanges looks with bunmi. They knew Victoria was scary sometimes but she was queen, whatever she says they do. They knew being on her side was better than being on the other side.


“Poor Grace ” Sandra muttered under her breath. And shrugged. But she really didn’t care . She had always secretly crushed on Anthony but the fear of Victoria kept her feelings at bay. She couldn’t dare to let Victoria suspect her feelings. But for Grace, One less girl to worry about. One girl out of the equation. She really didn’t have to care. She really didn’t .

She carefully grabbed the bag by the edge of the bed, gently holding it with disgust on her face and slinged it over her shoulders …

On second ‘s thought she held it in her hands, and shook herself. The thought of something crawling inside her body made her cringe.


“Ready when you are Victoria” Sandra walked to the door and waited .


“Let’s go!!” Victoria said , heading towards her and bunmi following behind.


“What would be would be.”  Bumni mutters under her breath.  only Sandra heard her as  they stood shoulder to shoulder.And exclaimed a deep silent sigh.

“And it begins” Sandra replied to bunmi. who just nodded .


“Come along girls. We can’t be late now can we”?


.. She danced out of her room.