Walk Of Shame-Episode 6


*** A few meters away from there***

“who is that girl?”

Anthony followed her with his eyes. He had left the classroom quickly to avoid Victoria ‘ s claws but he hid himself in order to watch her come out. He couldn’t stop staring.

James followed his eyes…”Who? Spiro-girl ?

“What’s that now??” Anthony ached an eyebrow

“Yes! spiro-girl.  that’s what she is called. She is a beauty right? A transfer from Lagos, couple of weeks now. Eh…I think her name is Grace. She is a bit of an innocent. Quiet ,reserved and a no – party girl. Always typing in that laptop of hers. Rose is the only person you see her around with. ….” he pauses and the continues.

……And why are you asking? ?”

James eyed him.

Realization dawned on him. His father’s office, new girl,  file !! .

“Damn!! Stupid me. So for over three weeks I have been missing this pretty face. I should go introduce myself. As the student body president,that is ” He checked himself out. He looked okay.

“Er don’t bother. She isn’t like other girls. Trust me a couple of us have tried. She is more interested in church and books. Plus you know Victoria would dig in her claws on any girl who fancies you. She wants you bad bro. She is a tiger ”

James laughed hitting Anthony on the back.

“Firstly bro, I don’t care about Victoria nor what she wants. You can have her. Secondly who says I want to chase her. I am just going to do my duty as student body president. But Who says there is anything wrong in wishing. Come along jammie boy.”

He puts on his cutest smile,expertly avoiding the girls who were throwing him sweet glances and coming to hug him. He headed to their direction with James lagging behind.


Rose sighted them coming towards them. She scanned the area, the queen and her she – devils were no where to be seen.

“Erm Grace, so you were wondering who the student body president was right? … “Well you can finally place a face to the name. He is 1 minute behind you”

Rose smiled a knowing smile, like a star showing her most prized trophy while Grace raised her head up the same time she gets up trying to pull her laptop out of her bag,

Then it happened .


Laptop and test books WHAMM on the ground

“Shit” was all that she muttered as she bent to pick up her things…”Oh sorry my goodness!!” she exclaimed, mum said not to swear. she bites her lower lip.

In less than a minute, a figure bents, joining and helping her pick her scattered books.

‘Aren’t you the  clumsy one?”

He chuckled under his breath.

” Thank you so much….er am sorry what??”

Grace said not staring at the figure, gathering the books in her arms.they both reached for the laptop thesame time; fingers touching, energy sparked ,they withdraw their hands immediately. Eyes meeting, eyes lingering for a brief few seconds. Grace drops her eyes and grabs  her laptop and staggers up, wavering a bit ..her legs felt cramped.

“Woah! !! Let me help you with that” he steadies her and takes her books  away from her and places it on the stoned table in the love garden.

Grace felt uneasy. She bent to pick up her pen that slipped, “Am sorry—

Anthony made to straighten up, he felt quite the gentleman,

‘Thank yo–”

“You wel—”





His head was throbbing but he pitied hers,  and with a reflex action he grabs her with one hand holding her waist pulling her close, the other hand he placed flat on her forehead and kept rubbing it in to stop her forehead from swelling and throbbing the same time. The way she squeezed her eyes shut from the pain and held on to his hands made him smile, forgetting his pains already .

“clumsy girl” he muttered .

**** Somewhere close by ****

Sandra taps Bunmi and pointed, her eyes grew larger than its sockets. Bunmi turns drinking a coke, chocked on it spilling some on her dress as her eyes rested on the scene unfolding.


Victoria walked out of the cafeteria,speaking on the phone,  she stops in front of them, a puzzled expression on her face …

‘What’s the matter with both of you???”

Sandra and Bunmi exchanges looks then points .Victoria follows the direction of their fingers ,when her eyes rested on them, her expression grew from one of shock , to disbelieve ,to anger and then to something dark.

From the distance it looked as though Grace and Anthony were enjoying a lover’s embrace and breaths away from kissing.

She began moving towards them, her sidekicks followed behind. it felt as though the students stood still ,waiting to see what would happen, they pathed the way as she passed,holding their breaths,anticipating the showdown that is inevitable when it came to Victoria and her most priced possession ‘Anthony the handsome “.  Their silent wHispering weren’t lost on Victoria..

“isn’t that Anthony and Grace?”

“Why is he holding on to her??”

“Grace ‘ s eyes are closed”

“Oh my God!! Is he about to kiss her!!”

“Isn’t that the new girl ..how come she and Anthony are already chitchat ting. ?”

“Victoria is coming. ..

“Victoria is coming..

“look, look..Victoria is about to ruin that perfect moment.

“ohhh my word!!!”

The side talks bounced off Victoria’s shoulders like a ball.  The granite that had become her face made her look even more scary.

It was the same thought playing over everyone’s mind as Victoria stormed passed them..eyes following her…while her two minimes tagged behind…

Everyone knew..without saying….”the new girl can’t be saved!!”.


Rose saw her coming, only too late . James couldn’t stop her, he was inches too far from her . Anthony didnt see her,  he was looking at Grace and wondering how such a pretty girl be clumsy . And Grace was oblivious of the events unfolding , her eyes were closed and her head was throbbing.

But everything changed as soon as she felt someone forcefully turn her. It happened faster than a blink of an eye.


“Hi am Victoria ”


*WHAMM!!! *


Grace’s face burned, hot tears stung her eyes and she saw stars ..her vision blurred, she staggered slightly, her hands went to her face. Her ears  began to ring bells, And the exclamation of the tiny crowd didn’t help matters either.

‘And that’s my man” Victoria emphasized.

Grace saw the hands coming again,  but she was pulled away into waiting arms as the  hand was caught in midair by another hand , cutting the slap.

‘Don’t you dare it again Victoria. Don’t you dare!!!! “…Anthony threatened through clenched teeth,  his veins popped out. He tightened his hold on her hand until he saw her wince in pain,he let’s her  go and nudges her out of the way,pulling Grace away with him. He was trained never to hit a woman. His blood boiled. But today he wished he could break a few rules.

Rose burned with anger. She made for Victoria but James pulled her away just in time and  gathers Grace ‘ s things and heads out after Anthony .

Sandra and Bunmi gasped ..

‘How dare he defend that …that bitch,?”

‘How dare he walk away with her? ”

They both interjected.

Victoria watched them leave, her fist clenched. Her expression unreadable.

‘No! How dare her !”

“Hasn’t anyone told lil Gracey about me yet? ?…She laughed

“I think I need to re – introduce myself . And brief her on why nobody goes close to Anthony except me; because he is mine. Whoever does gets burnt,newbies aren’t exempted ,especially after this “.

“Oh Anthony ,things I could  do for you!!…She stares until they disappeared behind the Ps block. she turned and walked the other way. oblivious of the stares and points and expression of people. She really didn’t care. She had thoughts running in her mind. Bad thoughts..very painful for whom it may concern.

“What should we do to lil Gracey??”….She spoke more to herself than to the girls .  . They chirped in suggestions but Victoria wasn’t listening …

She kept walking, while her sidekicks hooped behind her.

“I knew I wasn’t going to like you from  the very start Grace, now I have every reason to deal with you and enjoy it.”. A smile danced at the corner of her mouth.

“You have no idea what am capable of Gracey.  You have no idea”.

Sandra and Bunmi exchanged looks. They knew how the story would end.

A poor girl gets badly hurt and Victoria becomes happy.  Victoria always has to be happy. She is queen after all.

They followed her quietly. Things were going to get hotter in school .