Waiting By Joy-Episode 27


Stanley finally made out time to report to the doctor. It was way past four months, but it was never too late to share a testimony. He drove to the hospital, singing along with the Vocal Arena as they sang “Hallelujah” from the CD player of his car. He sang out loud, not minding what the other drivers will think when they see him singing and practically dancing on his seat. He was still in high spirits as he arrived at the hospital. He had already called Dr. Kunle to inform him of his visit, so he knew he was around. He walked straight to his office after a nurse said he could go in. After a knock, he entered the office with a smile on his face. ‘Good day doctor’ ‘Good day Stanley, please sit down.’ ‘Thank you.’ Stanley was still smiling ‘You are obviously happy, that’s a great improvement from how you were last came you visited’ ‘Yes, I am aware. I am very happy.’ ‘I expected you earlier and suspected you had forgotten.’ ‘I did, but I remembered sometime back. Just needed to create out time’ Stanley was tired of the small talk, so he went straight to the point, blurting out the good news ‘My wife is seven months pregnant!’ he was still smiling from ear to ear Dr Kunle’s smile grew wider ‘Congratulations!’ He was truly happy for Stanley even though he had an uncertainty. He knew he was treading in dangerous grounds, but he had to ask ‘How are you sure the child is yours? I mean what if your wife had cheated because she was desperate?’ Stanley’s smile wavered for a while, but it regained its brightness again. After gathering his thoughts for a while, he replied ‘For over eight years, my wife was the only one who knew I had a low sperm count. She had the test result, she could have done anything she wanted to do then, she didn’t. She bore the blame of our childnessness, yet she didn’t cheat on me for a child. If she was faithful during the storm, I don’t, I can’t doubt her fidelity now when the truth is out, now when she is obviously not to blame. It is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes’ Dr Kunle nodded and asked another killer question ‘So what if you carry out the test, and you still have a low sperm count? What will you do?’ Stanley had never thought of that but he heard a voice in his head, and repeated exactly what he heard to the doctor, smiling ‘Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.’ Dr Kunle was impressed, but Stanley was not done. ‘Besides you also told me that it wasn’t about what the test result said, but about what God says. If I wanted to work with what the test said, I shouldn’t have a beautiful pregnant wife waiting for me at her work place as she is calling me’ he picked up his phone after apologizing to the doctor and listened with a smile ‘Yes Ma, I am at the hospital, but I will be leaving now to pick you up.’ He listened for a short while again, and ended the call ‘I have to go Doctor. I came to share my testimony with you.’ ‘Thank you for sharing Stanley. I thank God you have seen for yourself what God can do.’ Hearing the doctor thank God, Stanley looked at him quizzically and asked ‘Why did you ask me those questions then?’ Kunle smiled ‘I wanted to be sure that the miracle is total, heart and soul. I now know it is.’ Changing the subject, Dr. Kunle went back to his role of being a doctor ‘How is she, your wife that is. Are there any complaints?’ Stanley fell back into being a patient ‘None, just that she complains about always having to lie on her back, and she sometimes complains about everything.’ ‘That’s normal, but ask her to stop lying on her back, but on her side. Do you know the drugs her doctor prescribed?’ ‘Yes’ Stanley replied, and listed them. He had them memorized as he was the one who bought them. Hearing the drugs listed, Kunle nodded ‘that’s okay then. Please take care of her well, this is a critical month’ ‘I will, thank you’ Stanley said. He stood up, and after shaking hands with the doctor, left to pick up his wife and his unborn child of faith. He smiled all the way to her office, answering those questions the doctor had asked made him feel completely at ease, all was well. Even when Ngozi gave him an earful for coming late, he kept smiling. He knew the hormones were ruling. All was well in his world. Olanma almost groaned out when the lecturer walked in. He was very late, and his time was almost up. But knowing him, he will still use two hours to lecture, which means Olanma cannot leave the school until he was done teaching, and Chidi will soon arrive so she can accompany him to collect the test result. She thought of escaping now that everyone is trying to settle down for the class, no one will notice her leaving. But she knew that was not the best. Her years of studying for JAMB at home taught her something about herself; she learnt more from listening in class than reading on her own. She didn’t want to miss what the lecturer will teach, only to have it looking strange to her in the exam hall. When she was working out her admission details, she had promised God she will aim for excellence. She couldn’t leave the class, besides she already knows that the result was negative. She quickly typed a text and sent it to Chidi, telling him to come later as a lecturer just walked in. she hoped he will understand and not think she was shrinking back on her promise to go with him. She pressed the send button, put away her phone with the vibration profile on, and focused on what the lecture was saying. Chidi was walking to his car when Olanma’s text came in, making him smile. Her diligence to her study was one of the reasons he loved her. The only thing Olanma will allow come between her and her studies have to be an issue of life and death. He wondered whether to go alone or wait for her, he chose the former. He completed the distance to his car and drove to the hospital. ‘What will be, will be, and whatever happens, God will not leave me to face it alone” he muttered to himself, trying to encourage himself. He made the hospital in record time, eager to know his status and get the suspense over with, it was paralyzing. He walked to the doctor’s office and surprised himself by the patience he displayed as the doctor talked on and on before giving him the result. The doctor looked at it, and gave it to him and went on with his counselling. Chidi subconsciously differentiated the scenario when he got the last result from the present scenario. Shaking his head, he stood up and without showing any emotions, shook the doctor’s hand and left his office. He had the perfect place in mind where he can reveal his emotions, his very private emotions. He spent three hours in the church, praying, singing and crying, after that he went home. His phone had been put off immediately he left the hospital, and he knew people will be trying to reach him, Olanma will be trying to reach him, but he needed that uninterrupted time with God. Getting home, he took his bath, cooked his healthy meal, and ate it all. Olanma insisted on him eating healthy, she accompanied him to the market, she always said if you have only healthy food in your house, you will have no option but to eat healthily. After eating, he switched on his phone, then called her. She picked up immediately ‘I have been trying to call you for over two hours. You were supposed to pick me so we can go to the hospital together’ ‘A good evening to you too’ Chidi greeted. Realizing her manners, Olanma greeted ‘I’m sorry good evening. But you got me worried’ ‘I know, and I am sorry I got you worried. I went to the church, I needed to spend time with God without distractions.’ Olanma paused for some seconds, she knew it meant he got the result. Judging from his voice, it seemed all was well but she had to ask anyway ‘What did the result say?’ Chidi paused for a longer time then said ‘I am coming to see your mother. I think it’s time I officially court you. What do you think? I mean will you marry me?’ Olanma ended the call.