Waiting By Joy-Episode 19


Ngozi was still getting tired after a little exertion, and it was disturbing her. She have always been a strong woman, and she didn’t understand why things were changing, and to make matters worse, Stanley was complaining about her tongue, saying she was getting increasingly blunt. She wouldn’t have believed him, but he had looked dead serious. She was headed for the company’s clinic again, this time with the test result. She hoped she was not coming down with a sickness that is zapping her strength and leaving her tongue unbridled. ‘Come in’ Dr Evelyn called, when she knocked. ‘Hi’ Ngozi greeted and sat down without being asked, ignorant of the surprised look on Evelyn’s face. She fished out the test result from her purse. ‘Here is the test result. Please check if there is something wrong with me that can affect my tongue.’ ‘What do you mean?’ Evelyn asked, trying not to laugh at Ngozi’s new way of talking. ‘My husband said my tongue has become unbridled, that I just say what comes to mind, without weighing my words.’ ‘Did he?’ Evelyn asked, sarcastically and absent mindedly. She smiled when she saw the result. ‘Why are you smiling when I just told you my husband is saying I now talk too much.’ ‘Nothing Ngozi. I’m just happy, and your annoyance will not steal my joy. I know the reason you get weak easily, and I suspect it to also be the reason for your… err… unbridled tongue.’ ‘I hope you will not prescribe another drug for me, because the one you prescribed last time is still remaining.’ Dr Evelyn laughed out loud, she could not help it, Ngozi was hilarious. ‘I will not prescribe any drug for you, but I have a good news for you that I believe will explain to you why you are getting tired and saying anything that you want to.’ ‘Is that your way of telling me that I am talking too much? You should have said it plainly, and not beat…’ ‘You are in your ninth week of pregnancy’ Evelyn said, interrupting Ngozi. Ngozi was, at first, shocked silent, then, ‘sorry, what?!’ ‘You are over two months pregnant. Congratulations.’ Evelyn was smiling from cheek to cheek and was slightly surprised when Ngozi burst into tears. She quickly got over the shock when she remembered. ‘Hormones’ she murmured, as she handed Ngozi some tissues. Who took them and tried speaking as she wiped the, still flowing, tears. ‘I’m sorry, I don’t even know why I am crying. Are you sure? Let me see.’ She stood up without waiting for the invitation, and went to the doctor’s side of the office table. She looked at the test result for a short while, and confessed ‘I don’t understand a thing in this.’ ‘I know’ Evelyn said, ‘But if you need to be totally sure, you can go to your family doctor, and also buy a home pregnancy kit and do the test at home.’ Ngozi suddenly hugged Evelyn. ‘You have no idea how long I have waited for this.’ ‘I think I do. I’ve heard your story, and I also had a sister it happened to. She waited for about fifteen years.’ Ngozi hugged her again. ‘I’m so happy I don’t know how to react’ ‘I know. Just don’t jump’ Evelyn half joked. ‘I won’t. I have to go home. Thank you so much.’ Ngozi made a move to rush out. ‘Your result’ Evelyn reminded her. ‘And please continue taking the drugs I prescribed.’ ‘I will. Thank you’ she said, collecting it, and rushing out. Evelyn watched the closed door for a while, tears coming to her eyes. “This kind of things make my job interesting. Thank you God” She went back to her online course study which she had stopped when Ngozi had come in, the joy Ngozi exuded still filling in the office. Stanley was working, but his mind was with his wife. He had shouted at her this morning, because of a slip in her manner of speaking. He knew he didn’t have to shout, but she surprised him, and he had responded in reflex. She had felt wounded by his scolding, but she had not agreed with him, as her gaze had shown. He felt his phone’s vibration on the table, and picking it up, saw her number. ‘Talk about an angel…” he murmured as he answered the call. ‘Just the lady I wanted to talk to. Hello babe’ ‘Really? You are making me shy.’ Ngozi replied, truthfully. ‘I’m sorry about this morning. I didn’t have to shout at you.’ ‘No problem. Turns out you are right. I found the reason why.’ ‘What do you mean?’ ‘I’m taking you out today. I have a good news’ ‘Good news? You are taking me out? Did you get another promotion? Isn’t it too early for another one?’ ‘O ye of little faith! Just come home early so you can dress up well. We are going to a hotel of your choice, so also think about that. See you later! I love you!’ Ngozi said, and ended the call before Stanley could make another comment. He looked at his phone to be sure she had ended the call. ‘This woman is acting strange. First her speech, now her actions. Let me watch and see.’ Stanley found himself looking at his watch, waiting for an appropriate time to leave the office. Once it clocked four, he left the office for home, it wasn’t everyday his wife took him out. He got home, just about the time she did. ‘How was work today’, he asked one he stepped out of his car, pulling her into his arms for a hug. ‘It was great!’ She said, hugging him right back.’How was yours?’ ‘Fine. So why are you taking me out? What’s the good news?’ Ngozi averted her face ‘Wait till we get to the hotel’ ‘Zizi, don’t do this to me. You know I don’t like suspense.’ He drew her back into his arms, taking her towards the house. ‘I don’t even feel like going out. Let me cook for you instead.’ Stanley said, realizing it was true. He just wanted a quiet romantic time with Ngozi. ‘I would really love to eat your food, but I today is a special day, and so is the news!’ ‘Let’s make it special in our own way. Just you and I. Please. I just want to stay home with you, and maybe watch an old movie while we cuddle.’ Ngozi could not hold it in anymore ‘We are pregnant! I’m sorry, I wanted to make the announcement special, but you…’ ‘Stop talking. What did you say?’ ‘I said I wanted to break the news to you in…’ ‘Not that, the first thing you said’ Stanley interrupted her ‘I said we are pregnant’ Ngozi repeated, and was shocked by Stanley’s shout of joy. ‘How did you find out? I have not noticed any symptoms. Are you okay? Should you be standing? Did you do a test? Have you told any…’ ‘Stop.’ Ngozi ordered, laughing. ‘Let us take it one after the other, I did a test, no, three tests, I am okay, and I am pregnant not dead, so I can still stand. I have not told anyone else. I wanted us to enjoy the knowledge first before we… Stanley!’ ‘No matter what you say, you shouldn’t be standing.’ Stanley said as he carried her into the house. ‘Please take it easy from today. We waited too long for this.’ ‘I don’t need to be pam…’ ‘Please Zizi, indulge me’ Stanley said shutting the door with his feet, and taking her to the couch. Later in the night, Stanley watched Ngozi sleep. She looked so peaceful. Nothing could quantify the joy in his heart. They had prayed a prayer of thanksgiving, called the grandmothers to be, on Ngozi’s insistence, who had said their own words of thanksgiving, and then he had cooked dinner. She just bagged herself a new title “the mother of my unborn children.” He thought. His chest felt so tight with joy. There was only one way he knew he could ease his chest. He went to the parlour, so as not to disturb his pregnant wife. Getting there he went on his knees, and the praise he could not find words to say, he said with his tears. Ngozi woke up with an urge to pee. She noticed Stanley’s absence and went in search of him. She found him in the parlour praying, as she had suspected. But there was a difference this time, he was sobbing, and he kept repeating the words “thank you” Ngozi went back to the bedroom, feeling close to tears also. She couldn’t believe it, her waiting days were over. She knelt down by the bedside to thank her God for answered prayers. The story continues…