Update On The Nigerian Radio Presenter “Princess Ada” Who Was Raped In Takoradi




           Police in the Western Region have rescued a Takoradi-based radio presenter, believed to have been kidnapped and assaulted sexually by her captors. The Nigerian radio presenter resident in Ghana, Adaese Oda Onyinyechi, known in radio as Princess Ada, is currently receiving treatment at a hospital in Takoradi. News of her kidnap broke on Monday when her captors hijacked her Facebook account and posted nude pictures of her. In the Facebook post which was sighted by tv3network.com , about five different obscene photos were posted with the inscription so- called stars ostensibly to embarrass the presenter. Forty minutes after the post, it was pulled down by Facebook and the account closed after the news went viral



            In the photos, the victim in her dreadlocks was stripped naked by the young men believed to be five in number who manhandled her sexually. In one of the photos, one of captors was seen lying on her as if they were having sex. Her hands were tied behind her whiles her legs were opened to reveal her genitals.


In another photo, one of men whose face is not seen, was using a pair scissors to cut her dreadlocks. It is not clear when Ada may have been captured but her employers say she had not reported to work since last Monday and she had not been seen in the last four days.


Her cell phone was not reachable either. The Facebook post thus alerted them on Monday to make a report to the Western Regional Police Command who subsequently secured her release on Tuesday.

Before Ada’s rescue however, the captors who are still in possession of her phone have been sending text messages telling her contacts that she is a prostitute. For now it is unclear where and how the police found her but a radio presenter with Radio Maxx in Takoradi Feeling Daddy, has confirmed the rescue after visiting her at a Hospital in Takoradi Tuesday morning. “She is in a good condition but sleeping. I didn’t see any serious bruises on her… the only difference I saw on her is that her dreadlocks have been taken off”.

The General Manager of YFM in Takoradi Franklin Siatey has also confirmed her release. “I can say on authority that she has been found. She is currently being treated at the hospital. I’ve not seen her, but I’ll be there.”

The kidnappers did not demand any ransom and did not burgle any item from her residence.It is thus not clear what may have motivated the kidnap and the subsequent display of her nude photos and alleged rape. But suggestions are that, the perpetrators may have done that to either settle a score with her or were contracted by someone to do so. Sources close to Ada have told tv3network.com that Ada may be a victim of a romantic relation gone sour.

According to the sources, Ada had hinted of plans to get married soon and so this could have been an attempt to embarrass her.

Credit Ebenezer Afanyi Dadzie/tv3network.com/

Pictures by Maria Yakubu