Unleashed Desires Episode 5


I starred at Madam Amaka breast like one who had seen a ghost. That was the first time I saw the naked breast of another woman. I tried to turn my head the other side. I wanted to cover my eyes. But no matter how I tried, I found myself appreciating every part of Madam Amaka’s body.

No man would believe that she had breast fed a child before. She had breast fed a daughter but yet her breast stood firm like that of a teenager.

I wondered what Madam Amaka did to maintain such good looks. The last time I had seen Mama’s breast, it had sacked, though it was still lively and succulent.

Mama had boasted once that while I was still a breastfeeding child, I had s—-d her breast to an extent she thought I was going to rip them off. She said I was about going to two years old when she finally won me.

As I starred at Madam Amaka’s succulent breast, I began to wonder if Anike her daughter had not s—-d her mothers breast well. If she did, it wouldn’t have been as firm and round like a watermelon.

Madam Amaka quickly grabbed the edges of her wrapper and pulled it up towards her chest. When she raised her head to look at me, I quickly tossed my head in the other direction.

“Wale were you looking at me?” She asked inquisitively.

“No o.” I blurted.

“Did you see anything?”

“No mummy. I didn’t see anything. I only saw the food flask.” I replied.

“Waleeee…” Madam Amaka called out.

“Yes mummy.”

“Come over here.” She beckoned.

I picked myself up and walked towards her shyly with my head pointing towards the floor. I knew she had seen me look at her. She had noticed that I was starring at her nipples.

“Are you scared of me?”

“No ma.”

“So tell me the truth, where you looking at me?”

I stopped for a while to think. I was battling between saying the truth and spinning yet another lie. She looked friendly and spoke nicely to me. If I told her the truth, she wouldn’t scold me. If she had wanted to scold me, she would have done that from the very first moment she caught me starring at her.

I cleared my throat and was about to speak when she drew me by the shoulders closer to her. My head laid on her shoulder. Madam Amaka brought her cheeks closer to mine.

“So Wale tell me, where you looking at me?”

“Ye… Yes… mummy.” I stammered. “But I am sorry. I do not know why I did. I am sorry.”

“Ssshhhh…. Do not apologise. I actually missed being looked at. When my husband Tunde was alive, he never noticed me. Not even for once. He acted like he was living with a fellow man in the same house. Do not apologise Wale. You looking at me today, makes me feel like a woman again.”

“But you said he helped massage your back with oil. Didn’t he notice just how beautiful you are. Didn’t he notice that…”

“Wale you are too wise for your age.” Madam Amaka Interrupted. “Have you been watching romance movies?” She asked.

“Yes. My Mummy lets me watch Zee world with her. I know a lot about romance than you think.” I spoke boldly with a grin on my face.

Madam Amaka busted in laughter. She laughed so hard that I felt ashamed of myself. What would a common Ten year old boy know about romance? That must have probably been her thought.

Truth was that, I may not know that much, but from the movies I watched on Zee world, I could tell when two people are actually in love. I had learnt how to be romantic with a lady when I am old enough to have one. Watching zee world had thought me a lot.

Even though Mama controlled the level at which I watched the program with her, she still let me watch at least an episode or two before going to read my books.

Mama had once told me that I was in the 21st century. She said gone were the era of cartoons. She had once told me that if I spent my days Watching cartoons, I wouldn’t learn anything. Sometimes it was best to watch the realities of life.

Papa on his side exposed me to the local news. Once Mama is done watching zee world, papa called me to the parlour to watch the network news for at least thirty minutes before I went to bed. He said a man without the knowledge of what is happening around him, is like a man who walks blindly with a stick when he has his two eyes wide open.

Madam Amaka stopped when she noticed I was feeling uneasy with her incessant laughter.

“No wonder you are this wise. So what do you know about romance? Can you tell me some?”

“Yes.” I replied with a smile on my face.

“Okay tell me.” She beckoned.

I was happy that I finally had an opportunity to be asked about this. Apart from my undying love for zee world, most of the lessons I had learnt at the age of ten had come from papa.

Papa was a very romantic man. I watched him kiss mama in my presence. I watched him cuddle her while we watched Television together. Papa had thought me how to be a gentle man when I finally come of age. Most of his teachings had come as an advise to me.

“Wale I am still waiting.” Madam Amaka said.

I cleared my throat, swallowed hard and began.

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“A romantic man should ensure to buy his wife flowers every single day, and he should hand it over to her when he comes back from work.

A romantic man should not consume the food from his plate completely without feeding his wife a spoon or two. Once a while, he should ensure to make her breakfast and serve her on bed while she still sleeps.

A romantic man should not let his wife cry. Even if he mistakenly does, he should ensure that he apologises with his both knees to the ground.

He should always offer his chest so she could lay her head on. He should buy her a packet of chocolates and hide them under her pillow or in her bags.

He should never beat his wife when she goes wrong or annoys him. Instead, he should drag her closer and correct her with a kiss planted on her forehead. He should ensure to take her on a walk and hold her hands all the way. He should never be ashamed to show her off to the world.

A romantic man should write love letters to his wife. Sometimes, he should act like a child and forget he is an Adult. A romantic…… Mummy why are you quiet?” I stopped suddenly to ask.

I could see tears cascade down from Madam Amaka’s eyes. She didn’t even bother to wipe them off. She just let them flow freely like the river Epharus.

What have I done? What did I do? Why did she cry. I asked myself. I stretched my right hand towards her face and wiped the tears from her right cheeks.

“Mummy Amaka why are you crying?” I asked as I reached to wipe the draining tears from her left eye.

To be continued…