Unknowing Alpha Episode 8


It’s late at night and I should be sound asleep, but hours ago, sleep took a cowardly sprint and hasn’t returned ever since. Thoughts of Alpha litter my mind. It’s impossible not to think of him, especially now that I’m forced to live with an impossible bodyguard. Although I hate to admit it, Linda’s presence makes me feel safe. Alpha’s personality is a puzzle I can’t unravel.

He’d acted like he cared nothing about me, but then he’d sent a bodyguard to keep me safe. This only means he cares. Why then does he force himself to stay away from me? Is this about the secrets he keep? I have a hunch the key to solving the mystery lies in his relationship with Camille Paxton. A crazy idea lights up my head. Welcoming it, I log into my Facebook and type ‘Camille Paxton’ in the search box.

Several Camille Paxtons showed up in the search results, but an eternity of visiting each profile and scrolling through photos in search of the Camille of interest proves fruitless. Giving up, I search for Logan Paxton instead.

Amongst the many Logan Paxtons, a profile picture catches my eye. I click on it and find Camille staring at me from the screen. Her eyes aren’t the haunted ones I saw in Alpha’s house, but are filled with innocence and a happiness that makes me slightly envious. I scroll for more photos but Logan’s privacy settings restrict me. I’m about to give up when a mutual friend catches my eye. Liam. A spontaneous Plan B comes to mind.

I need you to do something for me, I text Liam. It takes a moment for him to reply.

Break the legs of the guy who broke your heart? Lol. Liam is a jerk sometimes, but his accurate guesses always baffle me. A chat session ensues between us:

Me: You are mutual friends with Logan Paxton. Who is he?

Liam: Smh at your question. Did you wash your pills before taking them? anyway I don’t know Logan Paxton. I have 5k friends on here, you know. So I don’t know everyone. I don’t think you’d understand. You only have 112 friends. 😀 😀

Me: Can you stop being a jerk and help a friend out?

Liam: Hehehe God, Beth, I swear you sound like a pregnant cow.

Me: I need you to dig up some information about Logan Paxton. And if you can, fetch me news about Camille Paxton too. Good night. Once I hit the send button, sleep finds me.

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It doesn’t take long for my ringing phone to awaken me. I grab my phone, hoping Alpha is calling to tell me that life without me is a nightmare. I grimace at Liam’s name. But my grimace melts into a hopeful smile. Obviously, he has news. I answer the call.


“I have some news that’ll blow your mind,” he says.


“Not so fast. First, tell me what this is about. I want to know why you had me snoop around people’s lives, Beth. When a girl turns into a detective, it’s mostly because she wants to know if there’s another woman in her love interest’s life.”

It’s no secret Liam has a crush on me. But he’s too scared to tell me. Had I not set my eyes on Alpha, I would definitely have given him a chance sometime. But with Alpha on my mind, not happening.

“Beth?” he asks.

“Alpha and I were an item,” I say.

“Were? Beth, you were in a relationship with him and you didn’t even tell me. Aren’t you a bag of secrets? Does Paisley know about this?”

“I don’t go around broadcasting a relationship till it’s stable,” I say. “If there’s nothing else you need to know, can you tell me what you found out about them?”

“Logan died two years ago,” he says. I’m too stunned to react. I definitely never saw this coming.


“Yep,” he says. “Hey, if you’re into dead men, you should tell me so I can kill myself, you know.” I fake a yawn.

“What else did you find out?”

“He was twenty four years old, worked as a mechanic, died in a fire.”

I can’t help how frustrated I am right now. I thought knowing about Logan would unravel the mystery, but it only complicated matters. Why does Alpha let Camille call him the name of a dead man?

“Did you find out anything else?” I ask.

“About his family?”

“He had a wife. Camille Paxton.”

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