Twins Episode 24


Isabel sat down on the carpet, her mother and father were on the couches. They both looked down at her.” Tell us where your child is Isabel, it’s been over 3 years and we have not seen our grand child. ” her father spoke up.

” I told you people she is with one of Mike’s relatives. She will not come until after schools close” Isabel responded not daring to look at them in the eyes.

” no my child, this is not making any sense at all. We heard the story of your brother switching places with his twin. Your sister told us, now what we want to know is what happened after. Did the cops catch your brother in law or he is still out there? Is he the one who took your child? ” her mother chipped in.

Isabel knew the lie was not going to hold up. She herself had not set her eyes on her daughter for years with no idea where Mike took her, only the small fact Jake told her about Mike going out of the country.

” no mom the cops never got him, he is still on the run ” she stated swallowing hard seeing how stern her parents eyes were on her.

” and?” Here father inquired

” am sorry I never told you this dad and mom, but Jake took away my daughter. That is why we have not seen her for over 3 years now” she murmured.

” Jake took your daughter and you lied another relative of Mike took her for a while to help you take care of your pregnancy? What is going on Isabel, you are hiding something and your mother and I are worried. ” came a disappointed voice from her father.

” I didn’t want you to worry, that’s is why I lied dad, besides he loves Elizabeth and so sure she is okay. he will never hurt her I know that for sure” she tried to defend herself.

” you are out of your mind Isabel. You are talking about a man that impersonated his brother and we hear he even killed someone before. Why do you seem to trust him so much ehe ?”

Isabel found it hard to explain to her parents. She knew telling them what really happened would really get them worked out. They already seemed agitated. The other thing was what Jake had told her. He did not want her to tell them the truth knowing they would run to the cops. So she maintained her lie and convinced them the baby was okay. Of course she knew she was with her father who would do anything for her so she had no worries at all in that regard.

” well if you and your husband are okay with it then what can we do. Otherwise we needed to see our grand child grow. Consider putting in more effort to find that man and bring your daughter back home. It is not normal for you two to go on living like all is well. It is not my child, not even a bit. ” the father concluded.


Jake was doing great, things were turning out well every day, he was working so hard to get the business going and now he was making good money out of it.

He arranged a meeting with Mike’s former partner one evening wanting to ask him how he would send money to Mike knowing so well the man knew his whereabouts.

” so you telling me you succeeded in having your brother’s life”

” yes I did. Um actually I did at first yes, but he gave me what was his on his own accord.” Jake smiled at the man

” mmhm I wouldn’t be proud of that if I were you. It’s unfortunate you take pride in the works of another man Jake. ” the man told him with a chuckle.

” so what can i do for you now? ”

” the reason am here is because I want to maintain my pride like you said, I do not need to have pride in what belongs to another man, I want you to help me find Mike. I need to give him back what he gave me with interest. ” he smiled widely.

” hm. Really? And what now, you going to give him back even his wife, the years you have wasted for him? ” The man shook his head.

” I will not answer that because I already told you why am here. Just give me where or how I can give him back his money. I want to move on you know and I will not do that until am free of what belongs to him. ” he pointed out serious.

” well if that will ease your conscious I will ask your brother, that is if I will manage to get hold of him. ”

” well tell me when you do. Inform him that I will pay him for the house too sooner than later.”

” I will deliver the message Jake” the man nodded his head with a fake smile. He watched Jake stand and pull down the checked shirt he had on top of a pair of black trousers. He smiled to himself seeing how well the guy was looking living off his brother’s money.

” well I love this game you playing Mike” he called Mike afterwards.

” yeah am glad he is working hard. Let him start working even harder and his pride swell so that when I finally come on to him he will know that revenge is better served cold” Mike had responded

” he won’t see it coming am sure of that, your brother is so confident you are gone for good” Mike’s partner laughed on the phone.

Mike told him to go ahead and get the money asking him to get it and put it in his account.

” it is my money after all. Let him begin working for his now” he added calmly before cutting the line seeing Mwanida walk in.

” who is that ?” Mwanida walked in as Mike was just cutting a call from Zambia.

” that was my former Partner” he shrugged dismissingly, not wanting to tell her the details.

” are you ever going to tell me what your plan is. I know for sure you did not give away everything for nothing” she let a laugh standing across the table where Mike sat in his chair in his home office room.

” come here!” He smiled changing the subject.

” what, there?” She looked at him not really surprised cause he had been on her since the day she asked to leave and later on changed her mind. She noticed how comfortable with her he seemed and now she was no longer going to deny him the obvious.

” I asked you to come over here” he saidcalmly raising his arms to hold her.

She hesitated and he went round the table coming to where she was standing.

” I want you Mwanida. Will you have me?” He asked in a whisper drawing himself closer and noticing she was breathing abnormally.

He bend forward and landed his nose on hers not speaking another word.

Mike smiled seeing and hearing her fast heart beat.” Will you answer me Mwanida? ” he softly whispered placing his hands on the table leaving her closed in his hands and closing in the space between his trousers and her silk short skirt she had on.

” Mike, I don’t know what to say ” she whispered back trying to get her head away from his face but he wouldn’t allow her. He instead focused his eyes in hers wanting to see through her.

” say you want me cause you love me too. I know I was with Isabel for years too but I have never felt this drawn to a woman before. Call it whatever you want but it’s true, everytime I try to forget about my feelings for you I feel even more drawn to you. Am in love with you please answer me ” Mike spoke with so much passion she could see it in his eyes.

” I like you too Mike” she manged to find her shaky voice.

” just like?” He asked lifting her chin up.

” I don’t know maybe it’s more than that, can you stop making this harder for me ” she let a laugh.

” you making it hard yourself, we are already a family. What are you scared of. My daughter knows you as her mother, I have fallen in love with you, so what now? That is not hard if you ask me ” Mike insisted.

Mwanida knew there was no escaping anymore, her body was crying to have him too. Against her mind, her heart longed to have him as hers.

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She looked up at him standing a head taller than her, searching for any inch of doubt or fakeness in them and when she realized none of that was evident,she relaxed opening her mouth invitingly.

Mike smiled at that, taking advantage of the moment and planting a deep kiss on her slightly patted lips.

He felt her flinch back a little bit and he opened his eyes to look at her. Holding her waist, lifting her up his body and moarned in pleasure as his man caught a touch of her thigh.

The excitement his body was feeling in his making him go crazy. Everything seemed so good and prefect. Her face, her eyes filled with passion and the taste of her lips, he felt tears form in his eyes surprising himself.

He paused stopping the kiss and holding her face up in his palms.

” are you okey?” Mwanida asked seeing his eyes watery.

” am scared, I have just realised am scared Mwanida” he sniffed.

” scared of what?” Her facial expression changed into that of wonder.

” what I feel for you Mwanida, is more than what I had thought. Am scared I might lose you too. I will not survive another heart break. ” he responded honestly.

” I don’t know what to tell you Mike”

” it’s not you but me, I have never in my life feared loosing what I have more than I am now. The kind of relationship we have had for the past years is so wonderful, the thought of having all that change is scaring me. What if I give in to my desire to be with you in this way then, everything else changes? ” he shook his head.

” promise you will not change on me Mwanida please”

She looked at him for a few seconds without answering. She lifted her hands to his face too.

” I don’t know about tomorrow that’s for sure. But the truth is that I will never hurt you deliberately Mike. I too been through some heart break and I wouldn’t wish that on my enemy.

I know what you have just described is what love is, it’s that inside fear of losing someone, you feel if you give in to them you might end up losing them or hurt yourself. But that is what love is, you ought to sacrifice yourself for the other , it is a risky that people get in without knowing what tomorrow will bring.

So tell me now, am I worthy the risk?” She asked curving her lips into a soft smile.

” you not only beautiful and hard-working, you are a thoughtful and wise woman too. Who in his right senses would fail to fall in love with you and laterr on risk it all.” Mike kissed her.

” allow me to hold on to this feeling for as long as you will permit me. I will lose more if I don’t give me to you cause it will drive me crazier than I already am. I love you my Charming woman, I love you more than I have ever loved any other woman.

Now that I feel this, I have reasons enough to believe, God allowed Isabel to go away from my life that I will be able to experience this deep love that I never imagined was possible.”

She could not let him to talking, him pressing himself hard between her made it impossible to listen to his words.

This time she was the one that held his neck drawing him to kiss her. They tangled kissing their hands on each other like little teenagers Who just learnt about their feelings.

He lifted her onto the table as the tension between them grew. His hands planted and shoving in her curly weave whilst she went for his short buttons not breaking off.

She felt her lips go numb from yhe kisses but would not let herself draw away from the pleasure the man was giving to her body. There was no turning back , every fibre in her body wanted to have all of him. He made it harder pulling her blouse off and shoving his hands on the two hills on her chest. Their firmness in his hands making him moarn.

She let a scream as he patted her legs to clear access to her inner thighs pushing up the silk skirt that was preventing him to keep a close touch. Mike smiled after cutting the kiss and taking a look at her face, she was panting heavily her eyes calling on to him, half closed and deeply filled with passion.

” can i make you mine?” He murmured admiring her.

Mwanida nodded in agreement. ” I thought we will never get to that” she teased pulling him closer to herself.

” what about the kid?” He moarned in question.

” going to pick her from school after an hour ” she struggled to answer.

” good” he smiled.

” let me have the moment of my life then ” he added going ahead to take what he had entitled himself to.

Twins continues…