Twins Episode 1


Story By ©Tisa Phiri
All Rights Reserved


The splashing sound of the water touched his ears. He was enjoying the feel of the cold soft beach sand on his feet as he stood watching the mighty Zambezi River. His thoughts clear but frightening at the same time, the phone call he just received had spoiled his wonderful first anniversary. It was the 5th of August, exactly a year after Mike had married his beautiful woman, Isabel, she was the woman of his dreams and he wouldn’t ask for anything more. She was beautiful, loving, funny, a good cook, romantic and so caring, he knew whatever may come the woman he married would stand by him and support him.

5th of august was not just Mike’s wedding anniversary date, it was his birthday, he and his twin brother, were born 32 years back on the same day him coming a few minutes after his elder brother Jake. Even though it was hard for him to think of his brother and stay with clear thoughts. Mike did not have the best story to tell about his brother, in fact the only secret about himself that he had held from Isabel was the fact of him having a twin brother. She was aware of most of his life story but never came to know that Mike had a brother.

“Hey my sunshine, you have been quiet for a while, what is wrong? Are you feeling okay?” Isa asked her husband holding him from his back as her bare stomach touched his back. She was clad in a blue bikini letting her long weave loose she pushed it back a little before kissing his soft back skin. She lifted her short self a little bit to reach his neck and kissed it gently.

“Babe, I have to go” Mike spoke turning to look at her.

“what? Have to go? Where? What happened Mike?” she asked feeling something was wrong with him.

“Well, I have received a very important call and I need to get back to Kitwe today.

“Well, well, easy Mike. Tell me what’s going on you freaking me out. Please calm down my love” she held his hand taking him away from the water.

“Listen my love, am sorry, I know I promised we would spent the whole week here but you have to understand. This needs my urgent attention and we have to leave now” Mike looked at his wife his gaze serious and his eyes filled with what Isa could not ascertain. He looked terrified more than worried.

“Babe, you always tell me what’s up with you. Please tell me what the `it` is please, is it something with work? “She asked still refusing to take a step to leave as he pulled her off the shores.

“I know this is sudden and its unfair, am truly sorry my love but I cannot tell you. This I have to sort out on my own” Mike tried to make Isa understand but she even became more worried and confused. She had never seen him that petrified before.

“No!” she bellowed stopping him from moving.

“ No Mike, don’t you dare do this to us, am 3 months pregnant and this is our day, don’t take this away from me please, don’t do this my love” she cried holding on to his hand.

“I am so, so sorry my love, I truly am. The last thing I wanted was to hurt you. I promise I will make it up to you some other time. For now I want you to trust me and please come with me, we have to drive back before it gets dark, we can make it to Kitwe by morning. When everything is done and settled I will be able to explain everything to you. All I ask is this last time chance for you to trust me. “Mike pleaded with his wife holding both her hands in his.

“Please” he exhaled deeply

“I don’t…” she almost spoke but he cut her short.

“Please, please Isa, can we go now?” He nodded his head.

They walked back to the room they had booked in and Mike silently packed the bags as his wife stared at him without a word. She had changed into a short dress and put pumps on her feet.

He led her outside after he was done loading everything in the car outside.

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‘’ put on a seat belt Isa” he spoke in a soft pleading voice.

She obeyed without looking at him, her face towards the window, she watched the River as they drove out the shores of the Zambezi River in Siavonga. She had no way of explaining how disappointed she was feeling, her loving and caring man has of late been treating her with less of regard. She was feeling his love less everyday even when he kept assuring her he still loved her. “What the hell is going on?” she asked herself pushing back the tears in her eyes.

Mike`s phone rung a fifth time and she looked at him seeing he kept driving and totally ignored it.

“Is it a woman? “She asked giving him a deep look.

“What?” he quickly looked at her “oh my God Isa, is that what you think this is all about? Come on, you know I can never cheat on you, I love you and you know that. “He tried to touch her hand but she pushed him away.

Mike shook his head wishing there was a way he would make her understand how much he loved her and would never think of another woman, how was he going to tell her his own twin brother was out to haunt him and he had to find a way of keeping both of her and his unborn child well and alive.

He just received a call which made him shiver. His brother’s deep voice came through the ear piece.

“Hey twinny! Missed me?” he had asked and Mike had looked at his phone just to try confirm he was talking to a human being

“Jake? “He had almost chocked on his voice.

“yeah sure, how can you forget my voice brother, you and I speak exactly the same” came Jake`s laugh making Mike`s hand sweaty.

‘’ how did you escape prison you devil? “Mike responded almost in a whisper as he looked back at Isa who was swimming to make sure she wasn’t getting him.

“I need to see you now brother, come meet me now” Jake had told him

“You are out of your mind if you think am coming to see you. I know you just escaped and the police will find you soon and take you back to prison where you belong” Mike scoffed angrily

“I know you took that your wife on a trip and I want you back right away or you will regret. Start driving that your car and meet me here tomorrow or she dies” Jake had warned him and cut the line. Knowing the kind of person his brother was, he knew he was not to take him casually. His main priority would be to make sure Isa was unharmed.

Mike was lost in thoughts thinking about what had happened back at the beach, when the phone rang again, this time he picked it.

“Am on my way damnmit!” he yelled and cut the call turning his phone off instantly. Isa looked at him and shook her head without saying another word, she closed her eyes trying to get herself to sleep.

Twins continues…