Twine Episode 39


Although i won the battle with Sola but the war was far from being over. Our father willed his properties and company to him. Overnight, my elder brother became a celebrity, who threw elaborate parties every weekend, he changed cars like wears and he was jetting all round the world. One fateful day, i ran into him and my ex_girlfriend at the mall. They were both surrounded by hefty guys in black outfit. I acted like i didn’t see them while i continued perusing the watches on display, from the corner of my eyes i caught her whispering something to him.
Someone tapped me on my shoulder and i whirled around. One of the tall muscled guy with mean eyes was standing before me.
” You are advised to leave here at once while you still have your legs” he said in a deep gruff voice. ” Your presence is irritating boss”
I dropped the wrist watch i was admiring and left. I drove off to Adediwura and sons Construction company with an idea taking root in my heart.
” I need your help” i said without preamble, on getting into his office.
” At Your service” Kelvin said.
” I want to loan five million naira”
” Sure” he replied, bringing out his check book.
” What is your interest rate?” i asked him.
” Seriously?” He exclaimed. ” Name your first son after me” he joked.
I spent the next few months doing my ground work and getting to know those who matters in the society. I attended every gala and fund raiser, i made friends with people who loathed my father and i shined a lot of ego to get them to invest in my business. With the help of these people i kick started my luxury company. Within the next three months i paid off the loan i took from Kelvin. The right contacts and my determination got me to where i have found myself today but despite all these there was still a big void in my life and a gaping hole in my heart.
Three years after establishing my own business, i made sure i went after my father’ s clients and i was able to convince them to join my team. I heard the hushed talks during social gatherings that my father was bankrupt. The rumour in Town was that Sola had sold off most of his properties and he had also mismanaged the company. To salvage his dying business, he had cut off Sola and put the family house on sale. Initially, i thought they were just rumours but i investigated and was shocked that our family house was truly up for sale. That house meant a lot to me and i devised a means to get it. Jane.
She was the neglected wife of an ambassador, she has been giving me the green light but i didn’t even spare her a glance. I needed someone to make the purchase of the house on my behalf and she was the right person for the job. During a cocktail dinner, she started flirting with me as usual and i went along with the flow. Few minutes later, she gave her excuses and left. I waited some few minutes before handing in my own excuses. I followed her car, instead of driving to her own house she had driven to a hotel and checked in. I drove into that same hotel and checked in too. She strolled down to the reception as i was given the key to my room. We both acted like we didn’t know each other, she followed me and as i was about closing the door, she rapped lightly on it and slipped in. I slipped my hands around her waist taking her to the bed.
” I want you to do something for me” i said, knowing she would do anything i asked her in the moment of heat and passion.
” Anything… name it ” she moaned.
” I want you to help me buy a house on sale”
” That is quiet easy” she smiled. ” Your father’ s house?” She guessed.
” I trust you will go about it with outmost discreet ” i said, nippling on her ear lobes.
” Trust me” she replied in a sensual voice.
True to her words she bought the house and when my father got to know that i moved in with my mother his animosity towards me intensified. He barged in on our second day in the house, he looked older and thin.
” I want my house back!” He shouted. ” That Eve deceived me! She said she was buying it on behalf of her friend oversea!”
” What are you talking about? i advise that you leave before i unleash my dogs on you ”
” Tosin! ” my mom cautioned. ” No matter what happen he still your father! ”
” Mom please stay out of it! Someone barged into my home, he trespassed on my property and he also threatened me! what do you expect me to do?” I asked ” You better advice him to leave before i get back”. I said, starting towards the staircase.
” You will regret this! I will make you pay for this humiliation! ” he threatened, before rushing out of the house.
To be continued..