Twine Episode 25


The past few days has been Kelvin filled. He was always sending one crazy text message or the other. Or he was calling to check if i had managed to get myself into another trouble so he would come charging to the rescue. The washing machine was still in the box inside my bathroom but the dish washer has been serving its course. Kelvin was picking me up tonight for our first date.
” Tomi” someone called out my name.
I looked at the time on the wrist watch beside my bed. It was 5.30pm. It was too early for him to be here. I jumped out of bed, i hadn’t taken my bath yet. Why would he come so early? i padded barefoot into my living room and let out a sigh of relief.
” Victoria” i said, smiling.
She sat down pensively. ” Tomi i heard what happened. I am so sorry, i apologize on behalf of my family.”
I sat down beside her. ” I hope you know that i am innocent ”
” Of course i know that. How did you get bail? your parents?”
A smile touched my lips. ” No. A friend helped me”
” Dantata?”
” No. His name is Kelvin” i said, throwing caution to the wind.
She gasped.” Kelvin Adediwura? ”
I shrugged.” Yes. He’s your family friend right?”
” Ohhh Tomi” She moaned. ” How did you guys meet?”
” He’ s like my knight in shinning armor, always there to rescue me when i am in trouble.”
” You obviously have feelings for him. how deep does your feelings for him run?”
I forced a laugh. ” Very deep”
She nodded her head. ” I am sorry about all that happened. Kelvin is a good guy, don’t give up on him easily ” she stood up. ” I will be on my way now, i only came to check up on you”
” Thank you. Hope you have made peace with your family” i asked, walking her towards the door.
” Yes i have. Thank you once again” she replied, walking out through the door.
I was in a sexy black number. My weave was heavily glossed and combed stylishly,it fell down my shoulders. I was munching on peanuts from a tiny bowl while watching Zee World. Saloni was being presented to her American based Aunt in _ law, Kaaki. I moaned out loud as the older woman castigated the young bride for being dark skinned. I reached for the remote on my center table, my quick movement sent the bowl of peanut crashing to the ground. I picked up the remote and tuned up the volume.
” My nuts” i cried, squatting to pick them up and popping them in my mouth. Some had rolled under the sofa, i lifted up the sofa with all my might, i picked up six tiny nuts and dusted them on my gown.In they went into my mouth.
” Crazy things! you think you can get away from me?” i muttered.
I ran after one of the nuts that was bravely rolling towards the door, i gave a triumphant yelp as my hand picked it up before it crossed the threshold. My nose caught his familiar husky scent and i looked face was a mask of vacuous surprise.
” Hi. What are you hunting for?” He asked, even though he had seen me throwing the nut into my mouth.
” Hi” i stood up. Straightening my spine, my chin lifted up.
” Are you ready for the big date?” he asked, smiling.
” Of course” i snapped.
” How many seconds will it take you to get ready? ”
” I am ready! ”
His eyes roamed all over me and i felt flush. He wordlessly took my arm leading me into my bedroom.
” Out of the gown ” he commanded.
” What? how dare you!” i couldn’t believe he just asked me to UnCloth.
He grinned devilishly. ” It is not like i haven’t seen you Unclad before ”
He said. Referring to that day he had seen me unconscious on the bathroom floor.
” What are you doing?” i cried out.
His big hands had clasped round my waist. One had was pulling the dress down my body. He had the dress down my legs and threw it on the bed.
” Sit down” he said.
I sat down exasperated. His hands were in my hair, he deftly braided it into a long smooth braid.
” Got a pressing Iron?” he asked.
I pointed to the wardrobe. He pulled it open and brought out the iron which i hadn’t used in a long time. He disappeared with the iron and the black dress while i sat shivering in my undies. Minutes later he returned with the dress, it looked different. He handed it to me and i pulled it on. He placed his hands on my shoulders, propelling me towards the bathroom. We stopped in front of the long mirror which was on the wall. I had to blink thrice before i recognized myself. For once, my weave was in place, my dress was shinning and there wasn’t a single crease in it. He gave a wide smile above my head.
” Shall we go now?” i asked.
” Sure honey. You look breathtaking, what a lucky dude i am”
I felt my cheeks burn. ” Thank you”
His warm hand claimed mine. We went back into my bedroom where i picked up my hand bag and out we went for the big date.
To be continued..