Travails Of An Abused Woman Episode 15 Final


​A few days later, a letter was sent to Emerald that her father was dead. She and Jofin mourned him even though he was their worst parent. Since they had no parents, Doctor Manuel proceeded to make plans for Jilha and Emerald’s wedding. It had been agreed that they will both travel to Skornia to see Jilha’s parents. Which they did, they arrived early in Skornia airport and proceeded to Jilha’s home. 
“Jil, I noticed from the airport that some strange people have been following us, are we safe? I am scared.”
Jilha smiled. “Don’t worry princess, you will soon do.” They arrived at a house that almost looked like a castle, it was magnificient. 
“Jilha, what is this place? Is this your house?” Emerald asked with her mouth gaping open. He shrugged. 
“Sort of, welcome to Skornia blue house(The residence of the president of Skornia).” Emerald stuttered.
”D-d-do-don’t tell me your father is the president?” Jilha smiled.
”Yes, he is.” He replied casually.
Emerald gasped and asked angrily. “No wonder we were being followed, why didn’t you tell me this Jil? You could have told me you are the president son.” Jilha sighed. 
“Emmy, I wanted to surprise you, that’s why I never told you. Moreover, other ladies will want this what’s wrong with this?” Emerald hissed. 
“Well, sorry to disappoint you but I am not other ladies, I am me, Emerald. Am leaving, take me back.” Jilha quickly ran after her.
 “I am sorry, please forgive me, believe me Emmy, I didn’t want you worried that’s why please don’t go back I beg you.
Emerald nodded and exhaled. “Alright, so now am nervous, will your parents like me? I am not the usual………” Jilha smiled and put a finger to her lips. 
“Shush, my princess, they will love you, come on let’s go in, mother is dying to meet you. They both entered the house whare she was warmly received by the first lady, Jilha’s mother.
They were later joined by the president himself. After they dined, they moved to a sitting room to talk. 
“So, you are as beautiful as my son said.” The president spoke up while the first lady agreed. 
“He told us about what happened to you too, accept our apologies dear, I have an organization that helps people who had been abused too. Please feel at home here, we love and accept you.” The president nodded. 
“When Jilha told me those b——s are citizens of Skornia, I was so furious and angry.” He clapped his hands and three hefty guards brought in Mr Vannak and his sons. Mr Vannak on seeing Emerald went on his knees and begged. 
“Emerald please plead on our behalf, let his excellency release us.”
“Silence!” Jilha said angrily. “You all are a disgrace to Skornia. Take them away, you will be in jail for a long time.” They took them out. Emerald was amazed.
 “I don’t know what to say, thank you for bringing me justice, thank you so much.” The first lady spoke up.
 “You are family now, please my daughter feel free here, you are welcome into the family.” They treated Emerald like a princess and gave her everything until she went back to her country for the wedding.
The president and the first lady wasted no time at all. They came to Yorsia (Emerald’s country) for the wedding. The wedding was the best wedding of the year, it was grand, everybody from all walks of life came including the president of Yorsia. It was the best days of Emerald’s life. The wedding lasted for nine days. After the wedding, Jilha’s parents insisted on Doctor Manuel, Jofin and Sophia moving to Skornia permanently. They provided housing and everything they needed.
EMERALD’s organization was merged with the one sponsored by the first lady, she was able to use her law degree to fight for justice for the abused and those being abused. She also got the support of Jilha’s love forever.
SOPHIA was transferred to another university where she finished her course of study, got her degree and later married Jofin.
JILHA worked with Jerry as a doctor(gynaecologist) in a prestigious hospital where he got famous and later became a consultant. He loved Emerald dearly and never let an hour pass by without letting her know.
JOFIN finished medical school, he did his internship in Jilha’s hospital and later went to work in a prestigious state hospital as a surgeon. He was so happy to see hi sister happy and glowing everyday.
DOCTOR MANUEL practically retired, but she was a very happy woman because the children she took in years ago came to be a source of great blessings in her life.
It was the first time in Emerald’s life that she experienced total peace, love, joy and happiness. Her travails were over, she battled with them and came out strong.
As for me, I thank you all for reading this story thank you.
By EmpressJin
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