Travails Of An Abused Woman Episode 14


​It was a year since Jilha left. Emerald never gave up hope that he was coming back, so one day. “Barrister Emerald, you have a visitor, her secretary called to her. 
“Alright let the person enter.” She continued her work without raising her head up. 
“Please have your seat. Do you have a case for us?” He smiled.
 “Yeah, I’m kinda guilty for coming back late, so am hiring you to please help me reduce my fine.” Emerald eyes shot up. 
“Oh my God, Jilha.” She stood up and ran into his arms. “Jilha, I missed you so much.”
He whirled her around. “And I miss you princess. Am so sorry, things just went crazy over there that is why am late. Forgive me Emmy.” She nodded and smiled. 
“Of course. Have you come to take me with you?” Jilha kissed her forehead. 
“Of course baby, I am never letting you go again. But there is something we have to do first. Carry your bag.”
They both went back to Doctor Manuel’s house. She received them warmly. It wasn’t long, Jofin and Sophia enterd. After exchange of plesantries, Jofin cleared his throat and spoke up.
 “I am actually glad that everyone is here, I have something I want to do.” He knelt down and brought out a ring case. Everyone gasped.
“Please be my witnesses. Emerald, I love you so much, I can’t live without you, so I am asking
“So I am asking, will you do me the honor of being my wife?” With tears streaming down her face, she replied. 
“Yes, yes, I will Jilha. I love you so much.” He slided the ring on her finger and embraced her. 
“I love you too princess.” They celebrated and moved to discuss the wedding plans. Then Doctor Manuel said.
 “Emmy, Jofin, I think you two should go back to Arata(their village) and see your father.You should let go of the past completely by forgiving him.” Jofin shouted. 
“No way. That mad man? I will never forgive him.” He hissed angrily. 
“Jofin will you stop that?” Sophia rebuked him. Emerald sat by his side and held his hands.
” Aunty is right Jo, it’s time to let go afterall, God has blessed us, please bro.” He sighed heavily. 
“Alright, let’s get this over with.”
Two days later, everyone including Jilha travelled to Arata village. When they got there, and they introduced themselves, people were amazed at what Emerald and her brother had accomplished. They took them to a small hut beside the village square. That is where their father was now staying. The once wealthy and well built man was gone replaced by a thin, frail man. He bursted into tears and started asking for forgiveness.
“Papa, we have forgiven you, even though mother, Jokai and Edama’s death still pained us, we forgive you.” Jofin also added. 
“All your fortunes is gone now, see what the witch you left us for turned you into.” They blessed him, embraced him and they left. They branched at the grave sites of Mabeline, Jokai and Edama before they left for Vast city. The day was a day to remember for them all.
Final Episode coming soon
To be continued
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