Total Love Episode 11


Daniel picked his phone later in the day, to speak with Darasimi on phone. He then knew she had given her mother the phone. He had been thinking of buying his sister and mother phones too. He thought in him that the three of them need phone presently, and he was going to buy for them.
AKINPELUMI, Darasimi’s father. He had three wives, of which Olufunke was the first wife, he married Shade their after, since Funke couldn’t provide him with a male son. Shade also gave birth to triplet, Taiwo, Kenny and Aarin. He went ahead to marry Layo as his third wife, she gave birth to two male children.
Akinpelumi was just a drunkard, known all over the village. He works as a hunter, and brings a lot of meat home. He sleeps with only Layo, and feed them, has never thought of he having other wives that needs a lot of care and children. He was a useless father. Throughout Darasimi’s days in school, he didn’t give a dime, for the books, textbooks, school fees and project fee.
Layo had been a bone in the throat of the Funke in that house. She and Shade had been troubling her life, whenever they sight Darasimi, they question her for what she hasn’t done. It was of a great surprise that Darasimi could pass her final SSCE examination, they disturbed her throughout the examination period because they wanted failure for her.
Darasimi and Daniel read under their normal meeting tree throughout the examination. Darasimi wasn’t sure of her place of study now, her father won’t assist her at all for her to further her studies, her mother just sells yam at the market.
Daniel was in his room, also studying for the examination coming by, not quite long, Ruth knocked on his door. Daniel walked down there and was surprised seeing her.
‘My princess, here?’ He asked with surprise.
‘Yeah, why are you surprised?’ She smiled.
‘I should be, wasn’t expecting you.’ He replied.
‘I’ve brought some word problems to you, for you to solve for me.’ She said.