After acacia had seen that Esteban has decided to come back to the ranch to be with Christina again, she becomes hurt about Esteban’s decision thinking of what she and Esteban have been through. She therefore on the other hand goes to speak with Esteban so he will change his mind on coming back into her mother’s arm but Esteban tells acacia that there is no point of she being jealous since she has already asked him to forget about her and he has done just that which is to come back to his wife to make their marriage work for them ones again and this makes acacia anxious since she still desires Esteban.

Perla couldn’t escape with Memo since she was only called by Julianita that Danilo arrived in the house and was looking everywhere for her so she has to rush back to prevent Danilo from sensing anything fishy on her side. Luckily for her, she arrived safely home and she was able to lie to Danilo that she only went out to take responsibilities of some things she needed to take care of and he believed her without any questioning.

Danilo then told Perla that there is no doubt that the only one he now believes and trust completely because after police had a tip-off about where he harbor his crops, he can now tell that someone has been stabbing him at his back but he wouldn’t apportion that to anyone but Alejandra for that matter he has no trust in her again and doesn’t want be with her but rather least to think of spending the night with her but with Perla.

Christina goes to see acacia in her room and she tells her that she is so happy that acacia came home but she thought that acacia would have stayed much longer and acacia answers her that, she came because Louisa called her that she wasn’t feeling better so she has to rush to come and check on her. She then tells Christina that, what has really marveled her coming back into the ranch is how her mother reconciled with Esteban.

Christina then told acacia that, she would like to have a chart with her so she will understand how it all happened because she sees that acacia seems to be very absurd and she truly understand that it was a surprise to her to see them together again but acacia never allowed her mother to end her speech and quickly in an angry mood, says to her mum that, she is alright and has nothing to explain to her besides Christina has always been asking her not to be interfering in her marriage and relationship with her husband and so whatever her decision is, she will accept.

Christina ask her why on earth can she (acacia) can she even talk her own mother like that. Acacia tells her that, she finds it difficult to understand a bit of what is going on but she believes that in the end she is going to be with Manuel and so she hopes that all of this will make her mother very happy. After saying that, she walks away leaving Christina in the room and Christina finds the attitude of acacia very unfamiliar.

Rubio now becomes very nervous as he has been told by Rosa that Esteban his boss is now back to stay in the ranch therefore he shouldn’t be surprised if the boss take control of the ranch again and Rosa gave him this information immediately he arrived at the ranch after staying at the bar to take in some alcohol to wail over his cousin Memo’s since he still believe that Memo is dead.

Acacia tells Manuel that she is not in approval of her mum reconciling with Esteban at all and Manuel ask her not to be worried because may be her mum has a reason of doing that but acacia wouldn’t give heed to it. Acacia goes to speak with Esteban at the warehouse and upon Esteban seeing her, he ask her if she is finally admitting that she is jealous which is why she is angry. Acacia tells him that, she is not being jealous but he has no right to speak of love to her and then go reconcile with her mum as if nothing happened between them.

Esteban also tells acacia that, he has already told his reasons to her for doing that and it is to make his marriage between him and Christina to work again because he still loves her very much. Acacia quickly yells at him that, she doesn’t believe a bit of those sayings from him because if indeed Esteban truly loves one of them that much, he wouldn’t be playing games with either one of them. Again she says to Esteban that, her mother cannot be with him because he laid to her since everything shows clearly that she is trying to deceive her and she wouldn’t allow that to happen and right that minute she is going to disclose every bit of their affair to her mum.

Esteban suddenly pull her back to himself and ask her what she is going to tell her mother. And also if surely she wishes to tell her mother then, she should tell her everything and not a single one should be let out. Acacia then tells him that he can threaten her because nothing serious has transpired between them only sharing of few kisses.

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