How to Keep Your Lipstick Looking Fresh All Day



         I’m sure most of the lipstick lovers in the house know that it is sort of impossible to have your lipstick looking fresh all day long. For one, you are going to eat and that can take away some of the colour from your lips. So when this happens, how do you reapply your lip colour without having flakes or annoying build ups?

The best option is to carry your makeup wipes with you in your purse. Use the wipes to wipe off most of the lipstick. Wipes have a lot of emollients so you get the kind of rough exfoliating action but without drying out your lips. Once you have removed most of the colour, blot your lips using a blotting paper, if you have somehow gotten some colour on the skin around your lips, use a concealer or your foundation to cover it up. Dab on a bit of lip balm to smooth out your lips then re-apply your lipstick.

There you have it gals, fresh lipstick without those annoying flakes and build up.


Credit Tiara Boateng

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