Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with with LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST),
After Cristobal had waited at El-Santuario and Aldonza arrived to give him a yes answer to his marriage proposal, they both shared great happiness at el-Santuario the whole day and Aldonza asks Cristobal to set the date for their wedding. Cristobal then agrees that he is no more going to interfere in the lawsuit Aldonza wants to file against his father and even encourage her to start the preparation so the legal action can be taking against his father.
Patricio goes to check on Lola at Madam Emma’s shop but he meets his absence and Mary takes the opportunity to advise him that if indeed he wants to be in a relationship with Lola then he has to go seek person from her grandparents before they do something awkward against him and Patricio right from there goes straight to see Dominga and Melesio to ask Lola’s them to be Lola’s suitor and though both of them grow a bit confused but they later gave him the permission.
Candela still thinking that Severiano might have caused the accident to Father Jeronimo, she visits him at the hospital to give him a rosary and then asked him to confirm to him that her husband had something to do with his accident but Father Jeronimo tells her that he can only say that Severiano can’t stand him and therefore will do anything for obvious reason. After she enquires the where about of Cristobal, father Jeronimo questions her that Cristobal is a full grown man to decide for himself who to be with and therefore there is nothing she can do separate them and should trying to treat him as if he were a puppet.
After candela left the hospital, Adelina quickly enters to blow the news to father Jeronimo that candela kissed him whiles she was at the intensive care and asked him to be a bit careful about candela so his good name will not be destroyed and he actually grows so surprised that candela could go that extent but all the same he pleaded with Adelina not disclose it to anyone because it sounds very shameful.
Aldonza arrives home to meet Silvia in the their house and after asking her mission she discloses to her that she is helping Renato to help deal with her case and Aldonza takes the time to say sorry to Silvia for losing her job because she really assume the responsibility for being the cause since this all came up due to the handling of her case.
Alvatrie visits Lola at the shop and buys her an anklet and after invites Lola to her house to have dinner with her and whiles dinning, Lola excused Alvatrie to attend to the washroom and in that same vein Severiano has also arrived without letting Alvatrie know that he is coming over and unfortunately for Severiano, Lola returns from the washroom to meet them kissing and she gets angry and left. Severiano then slaps Alvatrie and questioned her to explain to him the relationship between Lola and her that made her to take that stupid decision because Lola as he knows her to be is capable of tarnishing his image with this relationship and no matter the apology from Alvatrie Severiano continues to grow furious.
Candela enters Cristobal’s room to ask him if he was with Aldonza and he answers her that he’s been with her and he sees no problem with it and candela thinks that Aldonza has cast a spell on him. He then tells his mum that Aldonza still insists on filing a case against his father and candela brings up the issue that the chief of police has already told them that after a thorough investigation everything seem that it was just an accident and not someone’s doing but Cristobal tells her that he doesn’t care about whatever happens to them because from now in a long time he is not going to let himself to be slain by their problems and candela becomes so downhearted at the statement thinking that Aldonza has caused their only son to even hate them.
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