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Esteban goes to see acacia in her room to continue as usual with their love stuff and this time around, both of them get into deeper sentiment and they were almost carried away and immediately Christina knocks at the door and they both grow into nervousness not knowing what to do at that time but Esteban finds a hiding place in Acacia’s room listening to the conversation until Christina and Acacia were through with their chat before he left. Christina tells acacia that, she came to tell her to stop those lies she has been saying about Esteban because she is no longer going to believe everything she tells her about Esteban and so Acacia also said to her that, since she has seen that there’s nothing that she says is going to make her mother listens to her therefore she is also no more going to mention anything concerning her (Christina) and Esteban to her either since it will matter to her.


Both of them left to the kitchen and Esteban passed through the window. To appreciate all the support Christina has been able to give to him all those difficult times in German’s life, he signs a cheque and gives it to Christina to thank her and even though she resisted, German still insisted that she takes it so it will serve as a blessing in his life



Ulises visits Alejandra ask Alejandra to narrates to him how she begun his life with Danilo and this time around, she was able to tell Ulises all the truth and how she accepted to even marry Danilo and also all the evidences she has gathered which will help Ulises to report to the authorities to catch Danilo ones and for all. After she gave all the evidences to Ulises, Danilo arrived starts interrogating Ulises on why he is there and fortunately for him, Alejandra and Julianita helped him to defend himself by telling Danilo that Ulises only came over to see Perla but she wasn’t there since she also went to see Ulises at his office to receive her cheque about the unit he (Danilo) bought for her and Danilo became at ease. Danilo then ask Ulises to see him in chambers and after they left Alejandra quickly ask Julianita to call Perla on phone and advised her to come back to the house immediately whiles she also go to distract Danilo so that he will not know anything about their plan.

Acacia seeks from German that she tells Alejandra about his upcoming weeding between him and Lizzy so that Alejandra doesn’t find it out from somebody else and though German thinks that it is necessary for Acacia to do so and also he doesn’t want to talk about Alejandra anymore, she still insisted and tells him that she truly knows that by so doing Alejandra will be grateful to him since she has always loved him very much. German also use the opportunity to ask Acacia on when she is going to find happiness in her life because even if she feels that she is okay, he can tell her that, she is truly not happy at all.

Acacia ask German not worry about her because she is just really confused but she will be fine. German then tells her that he really hope so since he loves her and wants her to be very happy. For Esteban to be able to succeed in running away with Acacia with all the money in the ranch Esteban convince Christina to put Acacia’s name under textile mail business under and Christina does just that according to what Esteban suggested to her. Acacia even tells Christina that, she has no slightest idea of running that business but Christina tells her, she is going to support her with whatever idea she will need.

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