PHOTO – John dumelo secretly marries in Zambia





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Mr Pobs


  1. You have finish deceiving all the girls duped them off their hard earn money in the name of love,dating them,now u run go Zambia to marry secretly. Your evil reward awaits you. The other girls you have dumped them,after taking their hard earn money,now have been in Zambia secretly for so long now nobody knew what you were doing there because you never posted anything,only tricked the world to be in former presidents house but you hid in corner with a woman you married so that girls you frustrate will not know. You ran to Zambia to marry secretly after deceiving girls for love including my best friend. I pity you and woman you get married to. John dumelo,u think u are done playing games with girls heart. Ah ,it’s a pity.

  2. You think life has finished. You’re done dumping girls taking their hard earn money deceiving girls with love,all over the world now you run to marry secretly after deceiving girls . We all know your plan. I pity your evil life and the woman you get married to.

  3. So u have dumped other girls you deceived,run and marry secretly so that nobody wll know. U think ur done deceiving girls and dumping them for love. Is your bad u did that makes u marry secretly now knowing many girls will still come after you,those u deceived. Evil awaits you.

  4. I bet you johnny u will pay for all the evil you do andmi pity the woman you married to cos she will face the consequence of what she knows nothing about. You duped many girls heart,UK,Canada in naij and everywhere now escaped to Zambia hiding from public eyes and colleagues and married there. If you know your hands were clean why didt you do it in Ghana,inform your colleagues and best friend. John ur running from your shadow,but you just cause yourself a problem over those girls you played.

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