To Find Grace Episode 17


To walk in the right path gives a peace of mind. One would feel liberated to walk among the people and smile, because you will have nothing to hide at all. Indeed it was the kind of feeling that Ben had at the moment as he sat silently in the house belonging to Jena`s uncle. He had gone there early the following morning trying to see if he could make things right with his wife. He had decided from then onwards to live a life choosing the right steps of life. He had realized that a mistake on one`s life had the ability to ruin one’s entire life.

“Good morning Ben?” Jena`s uncle greeted him snapping him from his regrets and deep thoughts

“you are here already?” the man asked sitting down next to Ben, a cup of hot coffee in his hands he sipped from the mug before sighing and looking at Ben.

“Do you remember about 16 years ago when you sat in that same place only a different set of furniture?” he started looking around and back at Ben

“Um, yes though I don’t know what you mean exactly because I had sat in this house several times.

“I know Ben, but the day I particularly remember is when you moved out of that seat, knelt down in front of all of us, my late wife, Jena`s mother, your sister Bana Junior and your step father. You looked at Jena with so much love and sincerity. I wondered for a moment what you had in your mind, in my first thought, I had thought you wanted to apologize for what you did to her. But you know what? When you asked her to marry you in front of all of us, I knew that day that there was a lot of good in you Ben. Instead of being sorry for damaging her, you stood up and said I am going to be man enough and finish what I started and for me that was being a man. A man is not defined by the mistakes he makes my dear child, but by the way he makes the right choice to make things better. The life of a man is not determined by the kind of shoe he wears but by the steps he decides to take. “

The man explained calmly and paused to take his coffee as Ben waited for him to go on, he could feel what the man was driving at and in his heart he thanked God he had crossed paths with such a wise man.

“So” he continued

“What am trying to say today is that remember where you have come from, what the two of you have been through and do the right thing Ben. Apologizing a hundred or million times doesn’t make you a man Ben, it makes you foolish. Instead change the path and choose one that will build you and your family. Do not break down what you have spent years building, it’s not everyone that has what you have.”

“ She is in the spare bedroom. ” the man added and looked at Ben smiling before walking away without giving Ben the chance to say a thing.

Ben knew that moment what the wise words meant. He stood up and sighed taking a deep breath before walking into the room which the uncle had told him his wife was. Jena was fully dressed in a long dress that outlined her figure one would not tell she was above 35 years. She didn’t look at the door to see who had walked in it was like she already knew who was there.

“I thought you were still sleeping” Ben started calmly as he stood by the door not knowing where to start from.

“No, I barely slept. What brings you here this morning are you not supposed to be working?” she asked still looking out the window her voice so composed.

“I couldn’t go to work My Love. I wanted to come see you. The kids couldn’t stop asking about you last night I had to sleep with Mapalo just to keep her stop crying. Isaac is mad at me, he was faking a smile this morning at breakfast.” He murmured sadly as he rubbed his hand as though those words would make his wife jump up and ran back home.

“I have made up my mind Ben, am not living like this again. This whole drama you have brought to my life and that of your kids has come to an end and from now on, am going to live and smile, am going to be happy and do that which gives me peace. Cause you know what?” she stopped and turned around her face, her well done make up was perfectly done, she had her lips in nude lipstick matching with her skin tone. Under normal circumstances Ben could have been singing praises for her beauty and how young she looked, but that morning he felt he had no rights to do that.

“Well, I will not wait till am old and haggard for me to enjoy my life and wait for my husband to be the one to create that happiness in me. You know Ben that has always been my mistake, to think that my happiness depended on having you in my life. Well, I got million other reasons to be happy and believe me, I will not cry like a child any more, am a capable woman and if I wanted to I could have stood up to fight that prostitute who goes from one man to another that she even failed to keep her marriage. Well, that is your problem and not mine. So go home my dear husband, stay easy and trust me, I will come back home and be happy with or without you. For now am going to find my daughter.

When you were busy romancing Chipo I managed to get hold of Jack and he told me where I can find Grace, if this girl is my Grace am bringing her home. If not, am going to continue looking till I find our daughter. That is the only thing that I have decided to allow in my list of things to worry about” she smiled and lifted the hand bag to leave Ben was dumb folded he could not move from his position.

“Jena don’t do this to us please, you cannot just take things and do them like you are alone. Let’s find our baby together. I don’t want to go on and explain what happened for it is not important, for now all I want is to have a normal life with you my wife and our kids. “Ben held his wife`s hands and pulled her back close to himself.

She smiled at him and shook her head.

“I love you but I cannot trust you again, Grace is your daughter too, so if you are interested am going to find her in Monze” she shrugged and walked out making Ben look at her in wonder and rush out to her seeing she was not stopping to say anything more. He noticed she was heading to her car and without any hesitation he stepped into the front seat as she had already started the ignition.

“Uncle, will see you later!” she shouted as the car moved out of the yard her uncle responded blessing their journey from inside the house.

In silence they drove on for almost 20 minutes before Jena turned to look at her husband who kept looking at her.

“Your first love called” she started with a laugh.

“She is not my … “he stopped.

“Jena am…”

“Don’t say it Ben, just keep whatever you want to say to yourself. It doesn’t matter what she is doing now, whether she is manipulating you or whatever, the most crucial part of all this is you allowed her to use you in the first place so whatever happens afterwards is on you. Now like I was saying’ Jena looked at her husband again and back at the road.

“she told me she is going to sue you for assault, that you made her lose a baby last night and that you will have to face the law” Jena shrugged casually without taking time to look at her silent husband

“What? She is joking that son of…” he stopped himself from cursing

“My love I hope you didn’t believe her, yes I went to threaten her last night and I might have gone a bit over board choking her cause she made me mad with what she was doing to us. But that issue of losing a baby is not true. She was never pregnant my love you have to believe me” Ben panicked his eyes wide open as she talked Jena kept driving at a steady speed not paying attention to him

“Jena tell me you didn’t believe that witch, Please”

“I have no business with her Ben, I don’t even want to know how far you guys went with your affair and what happened along the way. All I want is that you keep me out of it. Don’t even think I will stand in court to defend you. All this is on your head and never even think of involving me” she stated

Ben felt a sharp piercing in his chest, he looked at his wife to check maybe she was joking but her serious facial expression told to him something had changed about her. He sat back and frowned his heat hitting with too much thoughts.

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“Mom, I don’t think it was necessary for you to come over here. I told you am going to be okey” Grace told her mother as they sat at some eating place having their mid-day meal.

“I was worried about you Grace. You had not driven a car for some time. No wonder I never wanted you to get that license earlier “Diana shook her head

“Am fine now am I not? I am a grown up woman mother am not a child anymore. “

“I know, am just…, anyway forget it, so tell me how is this man you came to see?” she quickly changed the subject.

“Well, he is fine, I wanted you to meet him but he said he will just come over home next week.” Grace smiled at the thoughts of Jack.

She had spent the whole day with him till it was dark she had to drive him back to his room before going back to sleep at the lodge.

“Why not just sleep over here?” Jack had asked her

“Well, it’s simple. You are not my husband Jack and I don’t want to make the same mistake my biological mother made” she smiled.

“What was that?”

“Well, she got pregnant before marriage and see the consequences of an early pregnancy, she failed to take responsibility for the baby and here we are, so no, sorry but I cannot risk it. I know and have heard you saying you will honor my wish but its better we don’t do anything to compromise us”

Jack had watched Grace Leave and a few moments later his neighbor walked to him handing him a business card.

“This woman came here looking for you, you missed each other this afternoon and she asked you call her if possible or she might come back.” the guy explained.

“Who was she?” Jack asked not recognizing the number on the card

“I have no idea, call her and find out” the guy responded walking away. Jack dialed the number when he was settled and when a woman answered on the other end she asked who she was

“Am glad you have called me back Jack, there is someone I was looking for and I thought you could help me” the voice stated

“Who are you mam?” he asked

“Am. Um.. Am the mother to the friend to a girl you are going out with, I don’t know if you still are together but my daughter mentioned you and Grace. I came to look for you at your school because I was not able to get hold of Grace I have not seen her for some time now. I just remembered my daughter say something about you and I thought you might help.” Jena lied not wanting to get direct to explaining the truth to him.

“I am not sure I know your daughter but what has Grace got to do with all this?” he asked

“Well, the thing is my daughter has run away from home and am trying to find her. Can you help me with the location of this your girlfriend I can go and check there myself or ask her in person about my daughter?” Jena had asked and Jack could not tell her anything pointing out she was not sure who the women was and was not ready to tell her anything.

Jena had to beg on and on the phone giving her work location and everything about herself to make Jack agree to tell him just where Grace`s home was.

“Even if I wanted to tell you, Grace is not in Monze right now, forget it mam, I cannot do that I need to ask her first” he stated before cutting the line. Unknown to him, the mentioning of Monze had sold him out and being a lawyer Jena`s mission was to find any slight clue to use it to find Grace.

“Who is this person? Could it be the mother to Dingile? But how come? I have not seen that girl from the time Grace left for school “Jack asked himself as he went to bed planning on asking Grace the following day.

Story continues…