I had never stopped looking for him. I did my best to find him via the internet but to no avail.

One evening as I was going through the feeds on my facebook page, a nice wedding picture by one of the many photography pages caught my attention. The bride and her bridal train were clothed in traditional kente. It was a sight to behold! I decided to go through the entire album since I had nothing important doing that night. I was so in love with the picture of the bride, but how familiar the groom was, also caught my curious inquisitive eye. It made me feel uneasy. I decided to look up the album for the groom and his men, to have a better view of the groom and to cast my worst fear away. To cut a long story short, the groom looked so much like my Mike. I was certain because I could never forget Mike’s face, especially when he smiled. And his unique way of dressing, I could behold it all in the groom. Unfortunately for me, the album had just a picture of the groom and his men from a distance since the page was made to show several brides and grooms in traditional African wear and the groom in question was in a tuxedo.

Fortunately though, the bride was tagged in most of the pictures. Her name was Alice Addo. I decided to spy on her timeline to know if she had earned the title of becoming my rival. She had no pictures of her man on her timeline. I felt that was strange. It made me think her man was a player and wanted to dwell in secrecy, away from the preying eyes of women he had toyed with. I sent the bride a friend request and she accepted in a heartbeat. We had no mutual friends, so I had to use her nice traditional wedding gown to start a conversation since she was online. I asked of her designer and so forth, just to have a hint of her man. She was a free being and opened up instantly. Within an hour of chatting, it felt like we had known each other all our lives. When she heard I was in Sunyani, she got thrilled, much to my surprise. She chirped on and on about wanting to see the place and tour the Brong Ahafo region. I told her she could come anytime with her man. She thanked me profusely. I smiled, both physically and with an emoticon. We exchanged phone numbers and agreed to keep in touch.

After having a series of raids on our flat by some armed men, the managers of UBA decided to move all their members of staff to a safer residential facility. We were previously living in a single room apartment and had to share some facilities. But our new two-bedroom apartments made us wonder if the raids were a blessing in disguise. I decided to invite Alice over since she was dying to come. She stated she would be coming with her beau and his cousin. I could not wait and commenced feverish preparations for my equally expectant guest and her company. I sometimes stopped between chores to wonder what I would do if her man turned out to be my Mike. Well, I could survive if he only tells me why he left. Then everything would make sense, I assured myself. But part of me prayed it would not be him. I prayed for strength.