The Weapon Of A Woman Episode 8


Waking up back around 2pm in the afternoon, my brain came to settle down as a cool breeze blew on me, I was laying helplessly, feeling exhausted and laying helplessly on the couch with Dupe half neyked. I could still feel her rubbing me, but i was unable to utter anything than to continue gibbering
“I really love how you handled me Dave, truly you showed how much you’re active on bed”Dupe Said seductively as she stood up to wrap herself heading to the bathroom leaving me laying there like a half killed chicken
“Now that I’ve done your wish, am I free to go out?”I tried to force out a faint voice in me
“Ehmm, let see cos I can’t leave you for now”she said opening the bathroom
****Ahhh, again, how I wish, I could have told my wife before I Venture into this, now she’s wanted to turn it into an every day dosage*** I thought as I staggered to reach out for my suit
While she was in the bathroom,i got my self dressed up and headed out of the room without saying goodbye.
It was on my way to work, my phone popped in a message and when I was to check it, it was from my wife….
“Sweetheart, there’s is no more fruits at home, get it along while you’re coming back dear, Love you **lot of kisses**”
“Okay baby, love you” I texted her back without even looking at what I typed.
While on the steering I was lost in thought
***As Days turns into weeks,the scene of the sin that happened the last time I went to her house became more, tempting, it always reoccurred in my memory, although my flesh want a sexual pleasure but my spirit, mind and soul desist from it, I knew that I have offended *GOD*,and my wife also, but I know that I’m in a confusing state of dilemma, a state that I either pick between two bad things, I have no good option, because it either I surrender myself to be used as a s-x tool by Dupe or I should tell my wife before she makes the first move and that would be very bad because it would make me loose in two ways***I began to soliloquise
Shortly after my wife’s message came in Dupe’s message.
‘Handsome, we meeting by 9pm at the same junction, see you there’
Without even clicking on it, I gave out no reply
As I drove to office, I discovered that I’m So weak both physically and mentally not to talk of spiritually
I don’t really know why,but had to gather myself together.
***Not long after around some minutes later,My friend, Ade enters****
“Dave Dave, how far now”He said as he drew closer a chair to himself
“I’m good man”i replied without even looking at his face
***He noticed my mood***
“Man Kiloshele gangan(what happened)”He asked me with an anxious face.
“Man, I’m just tired,that’s all”I snapped at him
“Come on, I know the Dave i have, he is not always like this,Oya tell me what happened”He said trying to persuade me
*****I bowed down my head in reject and deject******
“Yes man, I’m all ears”
“I have done it”I said heaving out a sigh
“You did what?”Ade asked as he readjust his seat
“i finally……… I mean with Dupe”I finally stammered out the name
“You mean you had s-x with Dupe”He said with his eyes widely opened with a just upcoming smile on his face
“Yes,we did”
“Ehn,then why are you brooding over that, what special,”He said letting out the smile
“But what funny now”I said with a frown on my face
“why won’t I smile, you are not behaving like man, after all,she was the one that forced you”He said with his hands on akimbo in air
“You See, I do wonder sometimes how I became your friend”i said with a frown eyes
“Why? Ain’t I giving a good advice”He asked funnily.
“You’re never serious”
“I’m telling you that I had s-x with a lady and after the s-x I saw and discovered that she is on her period,and you sat down here gibbering”I flared up
As Ade heard of this, his countenance changed suddenly
“Wait you mean you saw it”He said now serious.
“would I be joking, and you know when you have s-x with a lady on her period,and I think that you know what that means”I said sobering
“Oh my goodness,But didn’t you protect yourself ni?”He said with an amazement on his face
“Didn’t I tell you that she got me drunk?,she got me drunk “I said with my eyes turning red
“well don’t worry, nothing will happen, she won’t get pregnant for you man”he said giving me courage
“No problem, I wish so” I said as we both stood up to take our leave for house on that day…………. (To Be Continued)