The Weapon Of A Woman Episode 2


After some days that I and my wife had just got back from Holland where we spent our Honeymoon, it was then I realized that it is good to take your lady to the altar.
“I think I’m ready for work”i said loudly as I lifted my briefcase which is being assisted by my wife
“I hope you won’t come home late today o”She said as she caress my body
“Hmmmm, not this time again”I said in a romantic way as I held out her hands down softly
“Okay no problem”She said as she understood the message
“Are you going somewhere today or not?”I asked her as we both walked hand in hand to my car outside
**(The gateman went out to open the gate)****
“Ehm, I think I’m going to shop then on my way back I’ll branch at Dupe’s place to gist sha”She said with a smile on her face
“Well no Problem,just make sure that you don’t stay long there o,you know I can’t wait too long without seeing you”I said as I met her lips with mine
“come on, don’t you know we’re outside ni”She said as she feels that I kiss her too much not even noticing the presence of our gateman
“That I’m kissing my wife outside,”I said raising my eyebrows in a funny way
****Salimi, our gateman laughs jokingly****
“(I turned to him) what did you see me doing with my wife?” I asked him with a Lil frown on my face
“Oga, Walai,me no see you dey do anything with madam cos na she be your “My woman My eberitin”Salimi said as he was dancing along with his words
“(I then turn to my wife) can you see, he said he saw nothing my babe”
“Na you know,just enter the car Mr man,before you’re late for work”She said as she gently pushes me into the car
“Bye bye dear,”I bid her a good bye
Around 7:30pm,As I came back from work,On entering the dining,i saw nobody except Dupe sitting majestically on the 3 seated chair
“Uncle Dave, welcome, how was work today”Dupe greeted me in a eyed service manner
“Where is my wife?”I asked her without even answering her sexual tempting greeting
“She just went out now to the other street now to get one or two things”She(Dupe) said as her motive changed a little bit
“Okay, please when she comes back tell her that I’m back”I said as I faced the stairs that leads to our matrimonial room
**I don’t know, why I don’t like this lady Dupe, I’m having a bad thought about her but i hope it doesn’t come true**
In the next few minutes, just overheard my wife’s voice which made me to think that she has finally arrived but I decide not to go downstairs to meet in order to avoid any further temptation from Dupe. So I decided to bring out some of the documents I did not attended to when I was at office
****Door Opens*****
“Baby so you’re back,oya come and let go dine together, I know my heart must be starving” My wife enters in her skimpy dress which made my brain to cool down because initially I wanted to flare up but it is normal
“Honey, who is that lady downstairs?”I asked with an anger burning in me
“Ahahah, my love, are you trying to tell me that you don’t know Dupe, my friend?”My wife said as she tried to drag me along to the dining
“I know but please can you go downstairs and tell her to leave this house…”I said raising my eyebrow
“Aha, honey so that why you acted coldly to her abi?”she said raising her hands *akimbo*
*****Can’t this woman just realise that Dupe is not her friend but up to something*****I thought “Who told you that?”I asked her noticing that something has happened the other time I overheard their (She and Dupe) discussion
“Well, she told me that she didn’t like the way you reacted coldly to her when you came back the other time”My wife replied
“Either I reacted coldly or Hotly at her, I don’t give a dime d–n,all I want is, she should be out of this house Now”i said and by now, my voice is beginning to raise louder than normal
“Like now? “My Wife said as she looked puzzled
“Yes, Now “I said as I moved out leaving her on standing
Some minutes later,Dupe is out of the house
While on Bed At night,around 11pm as we’re about to sleep,i was engrossed with the document I was studying not until when my wife came in
“Dear, are you sleeping now or you want to take a shower?”I asked her without raising my head up
***She gave no reply****
“Love, I’m talking to you now”I said as I paid attention to her now
“Dave please leave me alone”She replied angrily as she took a towel and headed to the bathroom
Now I know that my wife is angry because she doesn’t call me by my name except when she’s mad at me but me as a sharp husband I quickly followed her to the bathroom,
“Why are you following me now? “She replied as she reached her hand for the shower
“Ahah honey don’t tell me that you’re still angry about what happened the other time”i replied with a smile
“I hope that you have done your worst abi? “She said as she raised her hand to pour the water on her head but funny enough I made her pour it on me
****She laughed a little*****
“but I was only trying to protect our home” I said looking serious
“Mr Protector, so that means that you should go and be sending my friends away abi? Home indeed”She said as she turns her back at me but I drew her suddenly closer to me **She jerked****
“Okay I’m sorry my Dear” I said as I licked her ears feeling her succulents
“iiuusshh, I know that where you would end it” she moaned softly…(To Be Continued)