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The Way You Hold Your Smartphone Can Say a Lot About Your Personality


The statistics predict that there will be almost 3 billion smartphone users by the year 2020. Not only is this fact interesting from the point of techno-progress but also from the psychological side of things. This is because the way we handle, operate and navigate our smartphones can reveal many traits that you’d never expect.

We prepared an interesting test that will reveal your true self based on the way you hold your phone.

Look at the picture above and choose the way you usually hold and operate your smartphone. Below you’ll find the decoding of your choice.

1. You hold it using one hand.

If you are the kind of person that scrolls through your news feed, tapping and typing with one hand only, you are an extremely confident person. You are the one who is ready to risk it all, but wisely, which helps you achieve desired results.

However, you are quite the opposite in the matters of relationships. You prefer to have enough time to understand whether you need this person in your life or not before you make a decision about starting a relationship. Due to this, people might see you as an isolated and reserved person.

2. You use one hand to support the phone and the thumb of the second hand to work with the screen.

This way of holding a phone indicates your wisdom. You are intuitive, smart, wise, reasonable and prudent. You count your actions several steps ahead before making the first one. You tend to reason with everything happening in your life, which makes it very hard to cheat you.

However, you can hardly be called wise in matters of love. You are the person who makes quick and unthoughtful decisions that may sometimes harm the relationships you’re in. Moreover, you become extremely judgemental when it comes to love.

3. You use both hands for holding and using the phone.

Using both hands for handling the phone indicates your love for speed. You are quick, efficient, and ready to make decisions right away. You can easily adapt to the fast-changing environment and act effectively in new conditions.

When it comes to love, your efficiency doesn’t work that well. It’s actually quite the opposite — it disappears. You often fail to get closer to a person you like due to assertiveness, which might scare your potential partner.

4. You use one hand to support the phone and the index finger of the second hand to work with the screen.

This way of holding a phone is all about creativity. You have a plethora of great ideas that you try to implement in life and you do it quite well. You like to be alone to get all your thoughts together and create another masterpiece that will amaze the world. Be it a new project, a painting or a book, your works usually have great success.

In romantic relationships, your creativity turns into shyness, which often prevents you from developing new bonds. However, once someone gets to know you better, they will definitely be amazed at your personality.

How do you usually hold your phone? Was the description of your personality precise? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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