The Unknown Season 4 Episode 7


Previously On The Unknown

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“I don’t know what plans Nancy has for me, once she gets to know I have taken the camera and the pictures, she’ll almost go mad.” Nicholas chuckled.

“But Nicholas, you shouldn’t have taken it yet.”

“We still have business at her place of work.”

“That’s true, but we will always find a way to maneuver our ways. Maybe you’ll be the one to always work in that section.” Nicholas said.

“What? What if I get caught?”

“Who’s the man you want to hit next?” Henry enquired.

“He’s Mr James. I have been reading about him for some days now, Henry.”

“Where does he live?”

“He lives at Moreen Estate.”


“Craig, I think I have something to tell you.” She said.

. “I’m all ears, Nancy.” He replied.

“Nicholas is The Unknown.” She let out without blinking.

Craig sat down, suddenly, he rushed to his feet again. “Nicholas? Same one?” He asked again.


“The Doctor said he will call us when she’s awake. They have taken care of her wound but she’s just sleeping.” Victoria replied.

“That’s good, Victoria! We thank God. But as a matter of fact, I’m quite busy presently, would have loved to wait, but I have somewhere to touch.” Henry told Vickie.

“Okay. Thanks so much for your care.”

“Just wish her well for me.


“I’m sorry for intruding but I have something to say about the mark you just said..” The nurse said, moving closer.

“What?” Vickie quickly asked.

“Is this boy not the one you called Anthony?” She asked.

“I’m Anthony.” Anthony himself replied.

“You said he has the mark, right?” She asked again.

“Sure.” Victoria replied.

“Can I have a look?” She asked.

Anthony pulled up his cloth to show her the birthmark near his navel. “This mark?” She squinted her face instantly.

“You know anything?” Vivian asked.

“In history, this is the mark on every product of the Royal family.” She replied.

Royal family? Vivian and Vickie echoed.



The ‘Royal Family’ still continued echoing in Vivian’s ears, as well as Vickie. Was that really the reality or the nurse was just saying what she didn’t know anything about? Uncountable series of questions flowed through Vivian’s mind as she hardly took her eyes off the Nurse that just spoke.

“What do you… em.. what do you mean by ro..royal family?” She stuttered as she asked.

The nurse nodded, staring at Vivian with a look of surprise that she never knew Vivian knew nothing about it.

“I am serious. I am a nurse who has worked with the King sometimes back, I have seen the mark on his body before, it is there.” She said again.

Vickie chuckled. She never wanted to believe that Nicholas was from a Royal family. Did he know? Did he just keep it away from them? “It can’t be!” She suddenly exploded.

“Do you know anything or have anything against it?” The nurse asked.

“Don’t just worry, nurse. Please can I be left alone with them?” She asked.

The nurse nodded as she took her leave out that ward. Vivian looked at Victoria continuously and back at Anthony. “Anthony..” She called his name gently as she casted a look on him.

Anthony just smiled faintly. “Mum, how are you now?”

Vivian just smiled too as she nodded slightly. “I’m good, my boy. I hope you didn’t worry too much?” She asked Anthony.

Anthony shook his head.  He was still smiling, happy at least his mother was just shot in her arm and not that she was killed. He felt like saying more but didn’t know what exactly to say, probably overwhelmed with joy that his mother was still alive.

Victoria was still lost in the thought of the Royal Family. It was very difficult to believe that Nicholas was from a royal family. Absolutely a lie! She felt like speaking to Vivian but Anthony looked like a stumbling block to what she wanted to say. She must keep it till when it was right to really speak.

** ** **

The diary.

Margaret walked inside the Palace and met the King on seat, reading through a small book when she sat beside him quickly. “Your highness.” She smiled broadly.

King Dennis looked at her and shone his teeth. “How are you feeling now?” He enquired from her.

Margaret had been feeling ill at ease for some days now and he had made mention of inviting a Doctor to come around and treat her, but she was not too comfortable seeing a Doctor come into the palace just because of her, so she went on to meet the Doctor herself.

She shone her teeth back at Dennis as she adjusted the hem of her gown. “I’m getting better.” She replied.

“That’s a nice thing to hear, my Queen. Any news from the Doctor?” Dennis asked her.

This time, Harry was just coming from inside the house to pay Katherine a visit when he halted to know what Dennis and Margaret were talking about. He had never stopped thinking in himself of the way he could use to deal with Margaret again. He felt that was even the reason he was in a relationship with Katherine.

“The Doctor said I’m carrying a baby already.” She said softly that only a person near her could hear.

Larry grabbed that! He knew he was the cause of the death of the native doctor and he kept Margret at his house when she was shot, he was just still indignant with Margret for no specific reason he could point to. “Baby?” His eyes widened as he heard that.

She’s already carrying a baby?  He quickly asked himself as he almost made a move to enter into the living room.

“A what?” Dennis sprung to his feet as the book he had buried himself in just dropped on the floor. “Baby?’ he asked again.

Margaret chuckled. “Yes.” She replied at once. The happiness was written all over already.

“Baby?” Dennis asked again, this time he took a step forward.

She chuckled. “Yes.” She replied again.

“No!” Dennis screamed for joy.

Harry made his move to the living room wearing an innocent look and waved at the two, making his way out of the house. He didn’t know what else he wished to do. He didn’t like how Margaret was happy, it was as if her happiness did cause him agony.

It calls for celebration!” Dennis exclaimed.

** ** **

“How’s she? I hope they are not in need of blood or anything?” Nicholas hardly allowed Henry to enter before he threw him series of questions.

Henry just hissed slightly. “So you really wish to know how well she is, right?” He questioned.

Nicholas already knew what he was pulling already. He just chuckled and stood on his feet akimbo. “Will you answer a simple question or just let me make life difficult for you right now?” He laughed.

Henry laughed too as he just shook his head. “I don’t know why you bombarded me with those questions and you were here at home when I was with her. Anyways, she’s fine.” He replied.

Nicholas burst into laughter again. “You know your boss, don’t you?” He sank back to the bed.

Henry hissed. “How did you say we should start planning against Mr. James?” Henry asked Nicholas.

“Erm.. soon. “ He just dismissed him as he laid on the bed.

** ** **

Nicholas is The Unknown!… the words reechoed in Craig’s ears again. He tweaked his nose and shook his head. “It can’t be..”  He had been finding it hard to believe that Nicholas was really the one in question. Can Nicholas face these problems?  He wondered again.

But he wears that Forever Mine perfume now! He should even be on my suspect list! He hit his fist together as he nodded his head continuously. It seemed it was high time he started investigating Nicholas.

He had been brooding for a while now, wondering why Nancy never told him earlier. But would Nancy just lie against Nicholas? She must have really trailed him to know he was The Unknown.

“I think I have to know his house today!” He whisked to his feet as he pulled a call across to Doris to get dressed and meet him outside her apartment as soon as she could.

Craig went on to get dressed too and marched out of the house.

** ** **

Prince Edward walked into the palace slowly, wiping his forehead with his palm as he saw Harry, the King and his mother on seat. He bowed slightly and scratched his head, not knowing what exactly would come out of the King’s mouth.

He waited for seconds, expecting one of them to at least pass their comment and he would be allowed to go inside. He never liked that prison! It was as if he had been sentenced to hell forever as he met himself there. He had been blaming it all on the Unknown.

“I am sorry.” He finally made another speech when the palace was getting too quiet for him.

Harry chuckled. “There is nothing to be sorry about, my Prince. You see, you are a Prince and whatever you do cannot be questioned! Can you imagine just a nobvody being released this way? It is not possible! I can’t be at home here and the next thing is to see my Prince in jail. It is not possible!” He clasped his hands together.

Prince swooshed out a long breath from his nostrils. At least, he just heard a refreshing comment, but the look on the King’s eyes was still sending shock through his spine. He wished to hear the same from him as soon as possible, but he remained quiet.
The King cleared his throat suddenly. “I didn’t give birth to a son that will turn out to be a hooligan, I never asked  for that kind of son..” he stopped abruptly and continued again, “you are a big disappointment to the Royal family. If you don’t know, you will be the first Royal blood to ever step your feet into the prison, Edward! You are really… really a disgrace to me!” King Dennis stood up angrily and walked inside the room.

Prince Edward felt cold. He cloistered to his room in deep thought and anger. Who is this Unknown that won’t mind his business! He hit his fist against his hand.

** ** **

Craig was already standing at the front of Doris’ apartment. He was clenching his fists together when the door was opened slightly and he saw Doris’ head coming out. “Will you come in?” She asked him.

Craig shook his head. “Let’s just go, I have not come here but I just want you to take me down to one place.” He smiled.

Doris pushed the door and walked out. “Hmmn.. interesting! Don’t tell me you want me to take you to Nick’s place. “ She raised her brows.

Craig gave a faint smile. “Exactly, Doris.”

Doris giggled as she tilted her head. “Seriously? What’s up with this Nicholas? Have you found anything against him?” She questioned.

Craig chuckled softly. “Honestly, I just want to know his place. Though, he is on the suspect list for at least using the deodorant in question.” He replied.

Nicholas is not a person that can do that kind of thing! I know him well! “Alright, Craig. Let’s get going.” She smiled.

“Thanks.” Craig smiled.

** ** **

What exactly are we going to do to this Mr. James?” Henry asked Nicholas.

Nicholas gazed at Henry and took his stand. He picked up his laptop and went to the table. He pulled out the chair and sat on it slowly. Turning on the laptop, he stared at Henry. “You really love getting into troubles, isn’t it?” He chuckled. “I just want us to end everything as soon as we can.” Henry replied instantly.

Nicholas chuckled. “As I have said, Henry, it seems you just have to go there disguising as someone who’s in need of an employment opportunity. Let us do it in such a way that you won’t be fluent at speaking your English Language, you will start to dress like a real illiterate.” Nicholas smiled.

“That is cool. If I really behave like an illiterate, it might bring out two results.” He stopped abruptly and pressed his lips together as he sprung to his feet. He continued, “as rich as the man is, he might not want an uneducated fellow in his house and due to this, he might not even employ me.” He raised his shoulders and widened his eyes, asking Nicholas if he was right.

Nicholas smiled as he shook his head.

“Another thing that might imply is that if he finally employs me, he might think I am an illiterate and would just say something he would feel someone like me won’t understand, and that will favour us.”

Nicholas burst into laughter. “Henry is the best!”

Henry beamed. “It is not easy to have the brain there, working perfectly!” He winked at Nicholas.

“One thing is just that your brain hasn’t picked the best of the two options. Could you please rack that brain well?”

Henry chuckled. “Haven’t I tried enough? Please don’t disturb my cool brain, Nicholas.”

Nicholas tapped a button on his laptop and stared at it for a while. “I think you have to go in form of an educated fellow. You’ll just be the one to be vigilant enough to be hearing all his conversations and reporting back to the boss here.” He smiled.

Henry contorted his mouth as he looked at Nicholas with grimace. “ I haven’t seen the boss.”

“Don’t worry. If you dare fall into any trouble, don’t bother to call me!”

Henry laughed. “You won’t do that for me now… will you?” He winked.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

….story continues…

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