The Unknown Season 4 Episode 6


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“Please, what of Vivian?”

. “Ooh.. you mean that lady that was shot?” She asked Vickie.

“Shot? Was shot? I don’t think she’s the one.” She quickly added.

“No, mum wasn’t shot!” Anthony quickly chimed in too.

“She was actually shot, if you’re really looking for the woman that was brought here by Area F station.” The nurse stated clearly.


“The King already sent a message that he wants his son to be bailed.”

“Released? No! He shot someone, he can’t be released!”

“I don’t know what to do, Craig. He has a representative here already, I hope you saw the Jeep parked there, it was brought to carry him away.” Doris told him.

“Then, I have to seek the permission of the boss to go and see the King. No one is above the law.” He said..”

“We just have to leave him, Craig.”

“No sir..” Criag didn’t feel comfortable at all.

“We have no choice, he is a Prince. At least, he will be coming here everyday. It’s not that he’s been freed totally, we’ve just got to respect the King.”


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Craig wasn’t alright with his boss’ judgement. He wished he could stop the Prince from leaving, outrightly. He was really annoyed, brewing on why a person who could shoot his fellow be released just like that. For crying out loud, that’s attempted murder! He had exclaimed as he walked in with Doris to go and get his bail granted.

Doris only believed one thing, nemesis will surely catch up with a sinner, someday.


Nancy’s eyes popped open. She yawned and stretched on the couch that she had slept on. Looking around, she found out she was all alone. “Nicholas.” She called as she tried to sit up, still yawning.

Glimpsing at the wall clock that was tickling softly, she called Nicholas again, her eyes were darting round the living room. “Nicholas.” She then stood up slowly. She had never drank up to the stage Nicholas made her. “Where’s he?” Her mouth moved slightly as she muttered.

Walking to her room, she had no assurance of his presence inside the house again. “Has he gone?” She squinted her bulgy eyes as she wondered.

Suddenly, her mind struck the camera and pictures. Who knows if he followed me just to pick them? She had wondered as she dashed into the room again. This time, the effect of the alcohol had gone down on her.

She pulled her drawer and couldn’t find the camera and the pictures she had taken. “This guy!” She exclaimed.

** ** **

Vickie and Anthony sprung to their feet as a Doctor came out of a ward, they weren’t sure if he was the one in charge of Vivian, but they have been after all Doctors that passed near them at all. “How’s Vivian?” Victoria quickly asked the male Doctor.

“Hello, please who is Vivian?” The Doctor asked.

“She was shot, she was shot in her arm.” Victoria quickly replied.

“Ooh.. the woman right?” The Doctor smiled. “Who are you to her?”

“I’m her friend, we live together and this is her son.” She pointed at Anthony.

“Okay. She’s now getting better. We have extracted the bullet and the wound has been treated.” He replied.

“Can we go and see her now?” Vivian asked instantly.

The Doctor giggled. “She’s just getting better, I want you to let her rest more. Presently, she’s sleeping.” He replied.

“So, when will we be able to check on her, Sir?” Anthony asked.

The Doctor smiled. “Soon, boy.” He said as he headed to his office.

Victoria gave a sigh of relief as she went to sit down with Anthony.

** ** **

“I don’t know what plans Nancy has for me, once she gets to know I have taken the camera and the pictures, she’ll almost go mad.” Nicholas chuckled.

“But Nicholas, you shouldn’t have taken it yet.” Henry said as he paused for a while and cleared his throat before he continued.

“We still have business at her place of work.”

“That’s true, but we will always find a way to maneuver our ways. Maybe you’ll be the one to always work in that section.” Nicholas said.

“What? What if I get caught?”

“It’s high time we had a security code to always alert each other if there’s any problem.” Nicholas said.

“That’s true, Nick. Now, what’s the next thing to do?” Henry asked.

“I just want to take a cold shower and change my clothing. Then, I want to visit the next man to target.” He replied.

“Who’s the man you want to hit next?” Henry enquired.

“He’s Mr James. I have been reading about him for some days now, Henry.”

“Where does he live?” Henry asked.

“He lives at Moreen Estate.” Nicholas replied.

“Wow! So, are you going to visit his house now?”

“Sure, I want to know what the estate looks like, the man’s house and how tight his security is.” He replied.

“Alright, Nicholas. Or, should I come with you?”

“If you aren’t too tired to come with me.” He replied.

“Alright, we go together.”

** ** **

Nancy picked up her mobile phone and dialed Craig’s number, she had been angered by Nicholas’ scope. She had suspected when they were coming to her house that would Nicholas just give in so easily to her invitation? She was right afterall! He was a bad person! She kept saying.

But who would the bad person really be? A lady after a man and holding him to herself with an evidence? Nicholas who was after exposing evil men and had his heart with Vivian? She eventually sat down after she had been standing for minutes, indignant.

“Craig, I think I have something to tell you.” She said.

Craig who was still angry because Prince Edward had been released tilted his head as he contorted his mouth, ready to listen to her ‘somthing‘.

“Are you there?” She asked when she heard no response.

Craig cleared his throat. “I’m all ears, Nancy.” He replied.

“So, why did you keep mute before? It’s about The Unknown and if you aren’t ready to listen to me, you can let me…”

Craig squinted his eyes as he heard The Unknown. “What about him?” He interrupted her instantly.

“Nicholas is The Unknown.” She let out without blinking.

Craig sprung to his feet. “Could you please recapitulate?”

Nancy chuckled softly. “If you didn’t hear me, you wouldn’t be telling me to recapitulate. So, I’m telling you this so that you can work things out and get that idiot!” She blasted.

Craig sat down, suddenly, he rushed to his feet again. “Nicholas? Same one?” He asked again.

“I don’t have the airtime I can waste. He even knows I know. The Forever Mine Perfume is used by who? Answer me, Craig.”

“Is that why you said he’s The Unknown?”

“No, Craig. At least, I know many people use the perfume, even though it is scarce. But, he just made me drunk now and took away my evidence.” She told Craig.

“So, you didn’t take the drink on your free will? Where was he when I came to your place and met you sleeping?”

“You came here?” She asked again.

“If I didn’t come, will I tell you I came?”

“Didn’t you see him? It’s maybe he has stolen he camera and the pictures or he was in my room then.”

“We have to talk better, Nancy. Are you at home?” Craig asked.

“Sure, will you come?” Nancy asked.

“I’m on my way!”

** ** **


It was serene, the sun had gone down to it’s place of relaxation when Nicholas’ car drove on the road, moving slowly as he assessed the houses he met on the way.

“We’ll soon be there.” He told Henry.

Henry nodded. “Where do you always get your information from, Nick?”

Nicholas chuckled. “That’s a small thing for someone like me to do, boy. By the way, we won’t spend much time here so you can go and check on Vivian.” He told Henry.

Henry smiled. “Alright, lover boy.” He replied.

“Good.” He halted and parked by the road. “This is the house. I was told House 14, Moreen Estate.” He said as he alighted from the vehicle.

“Really? What do we do now?”

“We just have to start monitoring him closely until we get him and hand him over to the police usual.” He smiled.

Henry tittered as he rubbed his hands together and stood akimbo after. “Anyways, I pray for success.”

“I don’t think there’s any serious security here, Henry.”

“No problem, Nick. We’ll know better soon.”

“Now, you’ll be the bait here again, Henry. I think you should come in the form of a person in search of employment opportunity inside the house.”

“Just like we did for Engineer Ashley, right?”

Nicholas nodded with a smile. “Sure.”

“It’s nothing. That can be done tomorrow.”

“Just drop me off on the way and go check on Vivian again.” He said to Henry.


** ** **

“How did you really know he’s The Unknown, Nancy?” Craig hardly took his seat when he asked.

Nancy who had just finished sweeping so as to reduce the effect of the alcohol, yawned. “Leave that story for another day. I just know he’s The Unknown.”

“No. I know you well Nancy. Tell me the reality, this is how we can only progress.”

Nancy clapped her hands together. “I saw him tying Chief Sam to the tree and took his picture, then I threatened him with that, not knowing he will come and steal from my house.”

“But how did you get to know him?”

“He’s a friend. He just came to our company in search of employment opportunity when we became friends. The day I took his picture, I saw him on the way and decided to follow him to where he was going, I never knew he was The Unknown until I saw him.”

Craig swooshed out long breath from his nostrils. “Thanks so much, Nancy. But, I know you have a reason why you told me.” He stood up and darted out of the house.

** ** **

Henry walked into the hospital briskly. He met Victoria and Anthony, they were still at the reception when he walked in. “How far?” He enquired as he sighted them.

“The Doctor said he will call us when she’s awake. They have taken care of her wound but she’s just sleeping.” Victoria replied.

“That’s good, Victoria! We thank God. But as a matter of fact, I’m quite busy presently, would have loved to wait, but I have somewhere to touch.” Henry told Vickie.

“Okay. Thanks so much for your care.”

“Just wish her well for me. I’ll come back tomorrow.” He said.

“Alright, thanks.” Vickie waved at him as he walked out.

As soon as he walked out, a nurse stopped beside Victoria. “She’s now awake, you can see her now.” She said.

“Really?” Anthony and  Victoria whisked to their feet.

“Sure. Let’s go.” The nurse said as she led the way.

** ** **

“Vivian!” Victoria rushed to her bed as soon as she saw her.

“Please take it easy, she’s just getting well.” The nurse tapped her quickly.

“Mum!” Anthony grinned as he touched her finger.

“Alright, nurse. Thanks.” Vickie replied as she threw her gaze back at Vivian. “What happened.”

“What happened is not the main thing now..” she said slowly as she paused. “What is baffling me is that I saw one birthmark on the Prince.”

“What’s your own issue with that? I heard The Unknown dropped him also, he’s been arrested!” Vickie grinned.

“Mum how are you now?” Anthony asked too.

“That birthmark is the same birhmark on Anthony, exactly where Anthony’s own is, and saw as Nicholas.” She said.

“Meaning?” Vickie squinted her face.

“I think something is happening. Would you help me visit the Palace or ask people knowledgeable about the mark?”

“Sure. But, how are you?” Victoria asked again.

“I’m fine already. Anthony, mummy is fine.” Vivian managed to smile.

“I’m sorry for intruding but I have something to say about the mark you just said..” The nurse said, moving closer.

“What?” Vickie quickly asked.

“Is this boy not the one you called Anthony?” She asked.

“I’m Anthony.” Anthony himself replied.

“You said he has the mark, right?” She asked again.

“Sure.” Victoria replied.

“Can I have a look?” She asked.

Anthony pulled up his cloth to show her the birthmark near his navel. “This mark?” She squinted her face instantly.

“You know anything?” Vivian asked.

“In history, this is the mark on every product of the Royal family.” She replied.

Royal family? Vivian and Vickie echoed.

** ** **

…and The Unknown continues….

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