The Unknown Season 4 Episode 2


Previously On The Unknown..

Credit Temitope Daniel

“Can’t you hear? It seems a mobile phone rang now.”

. “I heard, but it’s definitely not here.”

“Boss, are you sure?”

“The Unknown doesn’t know this place, so, no one can know this place, guys. By the way, did you bring all the roasted chickens from the other house?” He asked.

“Yes, Sir. We got it from the other house since we still had it there, I thought there was no point in getting another and letting this one waste.” He replied.

“Alright, that’s cool.”

** ** **

. “Where on earth is Henry, oh God!”

He opened the door to the last confinement and met Henry, tied to the pole. It didn’t look like a room at all, he had thought as he looked round and rushed towards Henry.

Is this guy mad? How did he get here? Henry watched him with surprise as he saw him step into the store to save his life. As soon as he untied him, he pulled him by the hand.

“Let’s go.” He said quietly.

“What of the evidences?”

“Leave that out of the issue,

** ** **


Vivian’s eyes were heavy and blurry. She narrowed her eyes in order to see very well but for the mean time that she woke up, all was blurry to her. She notice a figure standing before her but she couldn’t see the face well.

The sharp pain in her back run through her neurons that she just couldn’t help but to squeak. She fell back to the floor and closed her eyes for a moment. She felt the pain again but didn’t know where it came from.

Opening her eyes the second time brought her an almost-clear figure of the Prince, staring at her without pity. She jacked her head up but fell back to the mattress due to the pain she kept feeling behind her. She wanted to talk but her lips were only shaking as she breathed heavily.

It was obvious that she was afraid of where she had been taken. It was a small confinement with just a window and a mattress on which she was lying on. She couldn’t see anything more but the cobwebs making their lunch around the room. “P…prince.” She stuttered as she called him. Her vision was better now.

“Yes, my only one.” Prince Edward smiled.

She managed to sit up despite her pains. “Edward!” She called the name at once, leaving Prince out of the question.

“Yes, Vivian. How many times do you want me to keep answering you?”

“Where’s my son?” She asked as her eyes darted round the room.

The Prince bent down to her present height with a wicked smile on his face. “Nothing’s wrong with that boy. So, he’s really your son, right?”

“What have I done to you? Why have you decided to do this to me?” She began to cry.

“Why have you failed to answer me? Why have you refused my proposal? Why, Viv, why?”

“Leave me alone and let me see my son!” She exclaimed.

Edward threw a resounding slap on her face. “We don’t shout here.. oh pretty, did I just slap you?”

Vivian couldn’t hold herself back as she bashed his face too with a hot slap and sprung to her feet. “I don’t care if I die here, but I won’t break any of my promises with my husband!” She shouted.

Prince Edward stood up gently too, now furious and indignant.

** ** **

“His mobile number is switched off.” Nicholas said as he pulled out of the way.

He began to press some buttons on the handheld for a moment until he was through and smiled faintly. “Now, that’s sorted out.” He smiled.

“How do we intend on thegetting the evidences, Nick? By the way, how did you save me? Why do you keep risking your life, why?”

“Yeah, Henry. I just sent the address of Jerry’s places to Doris and told her we’ve gotten two more evil men and the forest we have dropped them, including the evidences that are with Jerry and his clique.” He said with a smile.

“That’s bright. I never knew you could come there, Nicholas. How come? I’m still shocked.”

Nicholas just glimpsed at him and smiled again. “Let’s just pass through the road at the front of Vivian’s house. She might be outside.” He said and sped off.

** ** **

Edward pushed Vivian to the bed and punched her by her mouth. He pulled her hair and threw her head against the dirty mattress continuously as he continued punching and beating her.

He did that for a moment till he was satisfied and stood up to his feet and walked out of the room.

** ** **

“There’s fire on the mountain, Craig.” Doris rushed to Craig as she presented her mobile phone to him.

Craig read the text message for some seconds as it got his eyes widened. He rushed to the boss and presented the text message to him, requesting for more officers’ help as they storm the forest and the two houses described in the text messages.

He rushed outside again as he got some of the officers into their vehicle and looked at Doris. “Would you stay back?” He asked.

“Never! Let’s go, Craig.” She quickly said as she hopped into Craig’s car.

Just then, they all drove off.

** ** **

“I feel a bad omen, Henry.” Nicholas’ car screeched to halt as he reached Vivian’s place. His car was at the other side of the road as he stared at the gate and saw Vickie with Anthony crying as they discussed with some men who were possibly officers.

“What’s that, Nick?”

Nicholas couldn’t answer. His eyes was fixed on those who were discussing as he listened attentively if he could hear them properly.

“Just get down and enquire what’s happening, Henry. Be quick!” He shouted as Henry came down and rushed to the other side of the road to enquire about what was happening.

“My mum was taken away by some people.” Anthony said to him with tears on his face.

“She was taken away?” He asked again.

“Yes.” Anthony wiped his face and gripped Henry’s shirt. “Please help me tell The Unknown to save my mum, please.” He cried more.

Henry felt his pain and dropped a tear too. “I don’t. .. I … later, Anthony.” He just waved and rushed to the vehicle.

“Vivian has been taken away.” He said to Nicholas.

“Vivian? Taken away? That Prince is a bastard!” He marched on the accelerator almost instantaneously.

** ** **

Officer Craig had divided the group into two. He sent a group to get Engineer Ashley and Bennie from the forest while he gets Jerry and his men.

He had encouraged Doris to step out of the mission and follow the second group, but she had refused. She hated anyone involved in assassinations. She had been asking herself if she could tell if they were the ones who ended the lives of her parents?

“Storm in!” Craig ordered as some officers jumped in and opened the gate for him to come in. “Just stay outside and keep watching.” He said to Doris as he moved in with his men and started the mission.

Soon, loud shots of bullets filled the atmosphere. “Take them outside!” Craig ordered his men as they took the guys outside. Some have been shot dead while some just got some wounds. Some officers also got shot and wounded but none of them died.

Craig went on inside the house to search if he could get any other document or evidences against them and on his way in, he saw Nicholas’ glasses on the floor and picked it up.

He stared at it for a moment before he remembered. “This is for Nicholas. What’s this doing here?” He wondered as he took a long look at it. He could remember the first day they met and was teasing him concerning the eye glasses. He could remember every word said that day:

“I never knew you use glasses too.” Craig said, picking up the glasses.

“I do.” He replied, taking a look at the one worn by Craig.

“This frame is so nice, I really like it.” Craig said, taking a close look.

“You really like it? I deliberately didn’t change it because it was a gift from my friend, some years back. I have another one, though.”

“It’s really nice. But, you kept it because it was from your friend? It’s only lovers that keep things because they cherish it a lot. Do you mean the person is just an ordinary person or a..” He grinned as he winked, making his thought known.

“I suspect too.” Ramsey chimed in, clearing his throat unnecessarily.

“Urgh.. It was from a very close friend, a very close one.” He grinned. “Though, a bright and beautiful lady.” He added.

They all laughed. “That’s cool. I knew it was from a lady.” Craig said.

He just swooshed out a long breath as he began to link up some things. Nicholas uses the same perfume as The Unknown, his pair of glasses is here also. “Something must be happening.” He muttered.

** ** **

“I have always held myself back when it comes to killing a fellow, Henry. But today, I don’t care if I kill the Prince!” Nicholas shouted.

“Just take it easy, Nicholas. What if it wasn’t the Prince?”

“No one else! I heard him when he was telling his friend they’d go by a plan because of Vivian! I heard! No one else!” He banged the steering of the car.

“Just be patient, Nick.” Henry said as he brought out his phone and dialed the Prince number

“I’m one of the musicians that came to perform during your birthday, my Prince.” He said.

“Can I help you?” He heard the thick voice vividly from the other end.

“You called me about the party you wish to throw, My Prince. I just want to tell you about the money that’d be paid upfront. Can I come and see you in the palace?” He asked.

“Palace? No, I’m not in the Palace. I’m busy here. I called you for business, leave that to me, I’ll call you later.” He said and ended the call.

Henry looked at Nicholas. “I just called to know if he’s in the Palace, Nick. He’s not in the Palace.” He informed.

“No problem, Henry. We’ll be here till he returns to the Palace and trail him to wherever he has taken Vivian to.” He said and sped on.

** ** **

“Have you now thought of it? Will you give me an answer now?” Prince stormed into where he locked Vivian.”

“You can kill me, I won’t answer you! Can one ever prove love by beating someone up?”

Prince laughed wickedly. “I am not taking this easy with you, Vivian! Either you answer me or I kill you!” He dippes his hand into his pocket.

“Kill me!” Vivian shouted.

The Prince brought out a gun and pulled the trigger.

** ** **

Nicholas patiently waited till he saw Prince’s car driven inside the palace. “He’s back.” He said to Henry as he kept staring at the palace gate.

“So? We have to wait until he comes out again, Nick.”

“I don’t know why I can’t hold it, Henry! I feel like beating this fool up!” He hit the steering again.

Just some minutes after, the car drove out again and Nicholas made a turn as he began to follow him slowly.

The Prince had only came to pick some things he could use to treat Vivian’s gunshot wound from the Palace.

He kept following him till they got to the place.

** ** **

Nicholas used his mask as he jumped over the fence into the bungalow the Prince just entered. He opened the gate for Henry and both had a gun each with them.

He could do anything to save his Vivian. He got to the main door of the house and opened it, walking stealthily into the living room with Henry. Just then, the two were hearing the Prince’s voice and traced where he could be.

“Don’t dare to move.” Nicholas said as he broke the door in.

The Prince froze.

“She’s been shot!” Henry quickly said from behind.

Nicholas pushed the Prince to the floor and began to tie him up. After he was done, he took a look at Vivian and her shoulder that was shot. “No..!” He exclaimed as he carried her.

“Manage the fool.” He said as he took Vivian out quickly. She was already unconscious.

“Are we off to the station?” Henry asked Nicholas.

“Hmmn… I don’t wish. But, there’s no choice.” Nicholas replied.

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