The Unknown Season 4 Episode 1


Previously On The Unknown..

Credit Temitope Daniel

. “Who’s it?”

. “Prince Edward.”

She hissed aloud, making it known that she heard them

“Do you know this girl just left us here and went inside the house?” Prince Edward said to Osmond looking so livid.

Osmond chuckled.

“I can’t take this any longer. I’m a Prince and I don’t have to be begging around before she decides to date me

“That was an insult to our personalities, Edward.” Osmond said.

“There’s no other choice but to get this girl kidnapped to learn her lesson until she tells me Yes!” Prince walked on to his car angrily.

. “I have packaged all the evidences. In fact with gloves in my hands because they may decide to test the finger prints on the media card.” He said.

Henry grinned.

“So, these are the evidences we have against the two, Henry. What we have left is for us to get them, probably into the forest again and get Craig and Doris with their officers to arrest them there.”

Nicholas held Henry’s hand and closed his eyes as he made some silent prayers and stood up. “Yes, let’s go.” He grinned.

“Just calm down, Edward. Should I contact the guys now?”

“Yes, Osmond. Contact them and tell them to come over as soon as they can! We have to get this lady and teach her a lesson in a right way. Then, I’ll show her to the King as my wife-to-be. If it is by force, I’ll make it by force.”

“Are we set?” Prince asked.


“The job is just to kidnap her and bring her to me for proper lessons.”

Nicholas laughed as he stepped on the accelerator and followed the two vehicles till he got to the road alongside the bush where everything was taciturn and decided to strike.

“Henry, go and deliver these evidences to Area-F station and make sure you do this gently and neatly so that you won’t be caught. As soon as you leave Area F station, call me so that I can beep Craig and Doris.” Nicholas said as he dropped Henry some distance away from the scene.

He parked and drew each of the men on the floor as usual till he got to a more secured place and tied them to the tree, expecting Henry’s call so he could call Craig.

Soon his phone beeped and it was Henry. He grinned happily as he picked up the call.

“You must be surprised to hear my voice. We have seen him and we have taken him. Release our Engineer Ashley and Bennie before we release your accomplice unto you, The Unknown.” He heard and the call ended.

** ** **

“That was perfect, guys!” Prince Edward grinned as he shook hands with the guys he sent to get Vivian.

“I told you, Edward, didn’t I?”

Edward smiled. “It’s now simple. There’s no problem any longer because I’m not going to release her until she accepts my proposal and we go off to the King, immediately.” He said with confidence.

“But she’s still fast asleep and are you sure she will concur, Edward?”

Edward laughed. “A beggar has no choice, Osmond. By the time I’m through with her, she’d have no choice but to follow the master.

The two laughed. “Guys, I have dropped your balance with your boss, we’ll see you later.” Osmond dismissed the guys and faced the Prince.

** ** **

The diary.

The whole event continued as King Dennis continued living with his beautiful wife- Margaret for months until the good news let loose. It was several months after the wedding the new King had with his wife Margaret conceived.

This had made Harry’s brain turn upside down. “This can’t be! Even with this foolish pregnancy of yours, if you don’t be mine, you must die!” He said, parading his room around and still thinking of what to do.

Just then, an idea came in and he smiled.

** ** *.

Anthony called Victoria’s and told her about all that had happened. He was told to remain in the house as Victoria rushed over with some officers who were already outside and around the house.

“Are you okay?” .

Anthony couldn’t respond and she never expected the response. “The young boy is in shock, let’s get out of here first.” One of the officers around said.

“Did you see their faces? Who were they?” Victoria asked Anthony.

“I don’t know… I.. ” Anthony began to stutter.

“Let’s go, you’ll have to tell me later.”



Nicholas was so patient that he followed the guys in the vehicle without raising any suspicions. Although he followed them for awhile, he was in doubts if they had anything to do with both Jerry and Henry’s case.

They had been driving for awhile. He thought to himself that if Henry had been taken to a place that far to succeed, then his plans may not work as easily as he had expected.

He kept muttering to himself till he saw that the car drove into a compound from where he had stopped his own car. “Is this the house?” He wondered as he parked his car almost inside the bush. It was a distance away from the building.

He didn’t know how to start, so he just looked around and saw uncompleted buildings and bushes around. “Why are these guys always around these areas?” He wondered as he sighed. “How sure am I that the guys are here?” He wondered again and got inside the car to pick his mask and gun.

He quickly fast-tracked to the side of the building to get his business started. It was a relief that the fence was not rounded with fence wires that could hurt him and it wasn’t a tall one for him.

He placed his hands on the fence and pulled his heavy self up to peep inside the house silently.

Thereafter, he jumped inside the house, his phone rang aloud, drawing attention closer.

Nicholas hated himself for that. He quickly brought the phone out as he ended the call and his eyes looking around the house to be sure if no one heard that the phone just rang.

He quickly left the spot in case someone had heard that a phone just rang, they might just think it was outside the house.

** ** **

“Can’t you hear? It seems a mobile phone rang now.” One of Jerry’s guys said as he brought out his tucked-in gun.

Jerry looked at him. “I heard, but it’s definitely not here.” He smiled as he picked a meat from the plate before him.

“Boss, are you sure?” Another questioned as he dimmed his eyes.

“The Unknown doesn’t know this place, so, no one can know this place, guys. By the way, did you bring all the roasted chickens from the other house?” He asked.

“Yes, Sir. We got it from the other house since we still had it there, I thought there was no point in getting another and letting this one waste.” He replied.

“Alright, that’s cool.” Jerry smiled. “Call those guarding that guy to come around to eat too, at least The Unknown can’t get here, I’m sure of It.” He laughed.

“Alright, boss.” One of the guys said as he hurried on to get the two men guarding Henry for their food.

** ** **

Nicholas was relieved as he noticed that none of the guys came around to check if someone had jumped inside the house. He had been thinking that they must have heard the ringing tone but didn’t just pay attention. “Where on earth is Henry, oh God!” He sighed as he began to proceed till he got to the back of the house to see if there was any small building where Henry could have been locked up but he couldn’t find any.

Nicholas stood by the side of the building as he peeped inside the room he stood with but it was void. He thought that was another good way of getting Henry real quick. He turned back and peeped through the next room but there was no one inside that place too. Or, Henry isn’t here? He had thought as he squinted his eyes as he breathed heavily.

He turned to the other side of the house and saw an opening that lead inside the house. It wasn’t locked and there was a sliding door adjacent to the opening; where he could pass into the main living room of the house.

He just sighed as he moved backward and looked at the house without blinking his eyes. He returned to the backyard and to the other side of the house where he saw a locked opening that lead to the kitchen.

He was still short of ideas until he got back to the sliding door he first saw and tried his best to peep into the house. He saw no one inside the living room but he could hear voices not far from the living room. It was the guys who were eating and gisting at the small living room he could hear well.

He began to open the sliding door gently till he opened it to a size that would contain him. Then, he entered into the main living room and began to tip toe till he got to the staircase that lead upstairs and tiptoed there, vigilant with his gun, standby.

He had made up his mind that he wouldn’t spare any of them that might try to obstruct him. Luckily, he made his way into the the living room upstairs and began to check rooms but didn’t see him at all. “Where’s Henry?” He breathed heavily as began to fear if Henry was still safe and sound.

He opened the door to the last confinement and met Henry, tied to the pole. It didn’t look like a room at all, he had thought as he looked round and rushed towards Henry.

Is this guy mad? How did he get here? Henry watched him with surprise as he saw him step into the store to save his life. As soon as he untied him, he pulled him by the hand. “Let’s go.” He said quietly.

“What of the evidences?” Henry quickly asked too.

“Leave that out of the issue, Henry.” He said as he pulled him and both tiptoed back to the living room upstairs, then to the staircase and the main living room downstairs, till they got out and climbed the fence as usual.

Luckily, no one saw them till they left. But, Nicholas’ cherished glasses dropped upstairs while he was hurrying and he didn’t pay attention.

He sped off immediately he entered into the car with Henry. He passed his phone to Henry and told him to remove the sim and insert the one at the back of his phone as quick as possible.

Immediately he was done, he grabbed the mobile phone and called Officer Craig.

** ** **

Story continues

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