The Unknown Season 4 Episode 14


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Credit Temitope Daniel.

. “Ma, I was just told that the Doctor took the form along. I never knew he even took it when he was leaving. I thought it was there and it was the one my colleagues were checking.”

Vickie sighed. “Thanks, Nurse.” She said and went back to the reception to sit.

** ** **


“A King who has sworn by the throne must bring the promise to fulfillment, no matter how difficult.” One of the Chiefs challenged the King again.

“Nothing will happen! I only acted out of anger and nothing can happen to her. By the way, get me the Queen!” He ordered, marching to the throne.

As he was about to sit, he fell off.

“Thank you! Who knows if you people are even the ones behind all these? Arrant nonsense.” He hissed and tried to take his seat again but fell.

The trouble had started from him already. “This is trouble, your majesty. The throne has refused to accept you.” One of the Chiefs said.

“What? Because of the promise?

“But the trouble has started from the palace already and I am quite sure more will happen out there, your highness.”

Margaret was shocked. “What have I done? I have done nothing wrong, your highness.”

“The staff was found in your belongings. I have already sworn by the throne that anyone the staff was found with would be banished. Now, trouble has started already.”

“Ah… I did no such thing. How would I take the staff? What on earth do I want to do with what I know I cannot use?”

There was a great noise in the palace as everywhere was turning upside down already, Some came because of the sudden death of all of their children, some because of their husbands or wives. The Kingdom had begun to turn upside down already.

“People have started dying, trouble has started looming! Innocent bloods are the ones suffering, your highness.”

King Dennis’ staff slipped off from his hand. The noises were still echoing in his ears. He definitely had no choice anymore. “Guards.. go and do the.. needful.” He stammered as his eyes were full of tears.

King Dennis watched as his wife was ushered out of the palace but couldn’t do anything more. It was over already.

** ** **

Stella. I am thinking you should help fix some bugs in Mr James’ office tomorrow and all other things will be simple.” Nicholas said.

“That is risky. But don’t worry. I’ll do anything for my kid brother.” She grinned.

“But what approach do you wish to use?” Doris chimed in..”

** ** **

Mr James’ Office, the next day.

The sun had taken it’s place in the sky already and everywhere was getting busy when Nicholas’ car halted at the front of the company.

“Stella, I am scared. You seriously have to be careful. Just plant it anywhere you think he wouldn’t be able to see it. If you can also get his phone, insert that media card into it with the passcode I gave you.” Nick informed.

“I’ll surely do that, Sir.” She said with a smile.

“Please, be careful.” He said again.

“Nothing to be scared of, Nick.”  She waved and walked on.

As she entered…



As soon as Stella walked into the company, the gate was shut by the gatekeeper who had been smiling at her exclusively. She waved her hand at the man and walked in slowly. She was also nervous, but she believed at least Nick could do it, she could do it too!

“Good day.” She greeted the secretaries on seat.

“Hey, Madam. Welcome to our company.” One of them greeted her.

“Thanks. I am here to see Mr James. Is he around?” She enquired, trying to figure out the faces on seat.

“Mr James?” One of them just questioned her.

“Sure.” She nodded.

“Let me put a call across to him, Madam. You may have your seat.” She was addressed.

“Thanks.” She sat down, praying within herself that all would be fine. All would just be well with her.

** ** **

“Craig, good morning.” Doris stretched forth her hand for a handshake as she saw Craig.

Craig shook her. “How are you doing?”

“Definitely good, Craig.” She took her seat. “So, any news?” Doris asked.

Craig shook his head. “None, ma’am. Did you go back to check on Nicholas yesterday?”

There was a brief silence. “Not at all. I was just busy with Stella and her fiancé.” She replied

Craig sighed. “I just want our focus to be on this guy called Nicholas. We already have our evidences, what we have left to do is just to confirm.”

“That is quite true. But it is still very hard to belief, to me.” She distorted her mouth, staring at Craig.

“The truth would be exposed someday!”

** ** **

“He said you can come in Madam.” The secretary said to Stella as she dropped the receiver.

“Oh, thanks. But how do I get to his office?” She asked.

They began to tell her how she’d make her way to Mr. James office. Soon, she got to the office and knocked nimbly.

“Come in.” The voice replied her.

She opened the door and walked in slowly. “Good morning, Sir.” She bowed.

“Pretty lady. You can come in.” He said.

Stella smiled and walked into the office slowly. “Yes Sir.” She just said when she was short of words.

“Have your seat, Lady. How are you?” He asked her.

“I am great, Sir.” She replied as she took her seat before him. How do I go about this today? This is a very risky game. How has Nicholas been doing it? She just thought in her heart as she flashed her set of teeth to Mr. James. She didn’t meet any guard outside, her first problem was gone.

“So nice having you here. What can I do for you, actually?” He enquired.

“I came for some contract deals, Sir.” She stated.

Mr. James rested his back and swiveled his chair a bit. “That’s cool. Sorry, I am James, what’s your own name?”

“Eunice, Sir.” She replied almost immediately.

James nodded. “Eunice! What a beautiful name! Where’s your own company, Eunice?”

“Maryland Companies. I work as the assistant General Manager and was sent by our boss, Sir.”

“Wow! I know that place. That’s a good place you are working, Eunice. A good post, by the way!”

“Thank you, Sir. We actually want to give out a contract of the construction of a mighty mall. So, I have been going up and down to great companies and I must not forget this place too.”

“I feel impressed. Do you care for a drink? Let me..”

She interrupted. “No, Sir. I’m certainly fine.” She turned her head and looked round the office again. How will I do this? She wondered again.

“Alright, if you say so. That’s a great project, Eunice. I pray we win this contract.”

“We would have sent mails across to the various companies, but my boss actually told me to come over and do the talking with each company, one-on-one. I’m glad you’ll love it.”

“No problem. That means the next meeting would be held in your company, probably your own office.” He grinned.

She stood up. “We’ll be expecting you, or any representative tomorrow, Sir.”

“Put your mind at rest. I’ll come myself.”

“I’m off, Sir.”

“Let me just see you off to the gate. Beautiful ladies like you must be cared for. If my boys were to be around, I would have told them to carry your bag and everything so it would be easier.” He grinned.

Stella chuckled. She just dropped her mobile phone on his table as she saw that he wasn’t looking at her and they both walked out.

** ** **


Margaret walked out of the Kingdom in tears. She had never heard that anyone left and was able to return back after banishment. She had almost cried her eyes out, wondering where she would now go to. She had tasted wealth and royalty, would the King just discard her like that?

He had even discarded her already! She had no hope as she was going, dragging her feet on the floor and looked tired. She had finally gotten to a neighboring Kingdom after the long walk. She had been thinking in her own heart too that it would be no other one’s doing except Harry!

He’s been her enemy of progress. She would doubt it again and just shake her head because she never wronged him. No reasonable person would just wake up and think he would treat someone who didn’t offend him with anger.

She just continued on her long walk till a car stopped beside her and two faces hurtled a gaze at her.

“Queen.” They called out.

She quickly turned her head but those faces didn’t look familiar. They were Larry and Louisa.

** ** **

As Stella got downstairs with Mr. James, she just shut her eyes and placed her right hand on her head as if she wanted to remember something. Mr. James was looking at her as she acted. “What has gone wrong?”

“I left my phone on your table. I hope the door is not locked?” She enquired.

“No reason to do that when I’m not going far.”

She smiled. “I’ll be right back, Sir.” She hurried on to the  office to start her work. As she entered the office, she locked up the door instantly and brought out her materials. She firstly inserted the media card she brought into his mobile phone and entered the code as she was told. When she was done, she made her way to various hidden places and placed the bugs.

As she was done, she picked up her phone and hurried out again to meet Mr. James. “What took you so long.”

“Ugh..?” She was shocked. She didn’t even know what to say as she was already sweating.

“Don’t mind me.” She grinned, looking innocent. “The phone has been in my bag, I thought I left it on your table so i was looking for it there, up and down.” She framed up.

“Ooh..” He chuckled. “May I get your mobile number? This shouldn’t be the end of my meeting with a beautiful lady.”

“That can be done tomorrow, Sir. I still have few places to visit.”

“Ooh.. My phone is even in my office.” He smiled and waved at her. “We’ll see, then.”

She hurried out, thanking her lucky star!

Story Continues soon

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