The Unknown Season 4 Episode 10


Previously On The Unknown

Credit Temitope Daniel.

“What is wrong?”

“She’s in need of blood.”

“Blood?” Have they carried out the test to know the blood group? Can you donate, or can I?” He quickly asked.

“The Doctors are already searching for blood group in the blood bank. I hope we get one soon.” She replied him.

“I can help you donate, if you wish.” A voice said beside the car.

It was Doris.

** ** **

On the other hand, he felt his friends were not smart enough to have been caught by ‘an ordinary guy’ called The Unknown. He sipped from the cup and exposed his brown set of teeth.
“I can never be caught by any fool who’s jobless. I cannot!” He suddenly said.


“Yes, Sir.”

“You have seen yourself how my friends have been caught by that lunatic who calls himself The Unknown, haven’t you?”

“Yes, Sir.”

** ** **


“Nick, it is me.” She replied, opening the rear door and hopped into the car. She slammed the door back and swallowed. “Nick, I need the truth from you so that everything would be easier for you. Are you The Unknown?”

Nicholas turned his head slowly and looked at Henry. There was a total silence.



Doris drifted forward from her seat and kept her eyes on Nicholas, expecting an answer as quick as possible. She swallowed again, but there was still great silence in the vehicle. As she often heard, silent means guilt, it must be true! She had affirmed inside herself.

“Nick.” She called again, scratching her head.

“Doris, why did you follow me? Were you the one at the door the other time?” Nicholas asked.

Doris chuckled. “You know yourself, don’t you? As a matter of fact, you know I was there with Craig, that’s why you deliberately locked up the door and kept quiet as if no one was at home. Nick, just answer my question and let’s know the reality.”

There was a flat-out silence again for a while until Doris cleared her throat. “Nick, trust me. You should trust me Nick. I’m not a type who will go and betray you into the hands of Craig, I am willing to help at this point because I know you have been doing the right and not the wrong. You have been kicking out evil people from their hideout, things we officers couldn’t even do! Remember we are already one, just tell me..”

“Doris, I am The Unknown.”

“What!” Doris froze.

** ** **

Nicholas alighted from the vehicle and walked inside the hospital with Henry. As they entered, they went to the nurse at the reception and enquired on how they could get to see the Doctor concerning Vivian’s health.

Nicholas had made up his mind to donate the blood so as to save Vivian’s life as soon as he could. The two were shown the way to the office and both walked as fast as they could till they knocked on the door of the office and patiently waited for a response from within. “Come in.” The Doctor said.

Nicholas pushed the door open and bowed as he saw the Doctor. “Weldone, Sir.”

“Good day, young men.” The Doctor smiled and offered them seats. The two picked up their seats and started the discussion right away.

“Sir, we came concerning the lady that was shot and is in need of blood, Sir.  I don’t know if you have found a match for her blood but we are here to donate blood, Sir.”

The Doctor chortled. “How did you know your bloods are compatible? Young men, there’s what we call agglutination in medicine, to prevent the clumping of blood that can cause her death; I think we have to carry out test on you.” He replied Nicholas.

Nicholas smiled. “I know her blood group and I am a universal donor. You can carry out your tests, but I just want to let you know I also know her and she knows me.” He said.

“Alright. Your name is..?” The Doc adjusted his eye glasses as he asked.

Nicholas first looked at Henry before he spoke. “I’m.. Just write anonymous, Sir. I don’t want to let her know I did this, Sir.”

“You have to tell me your real name, I am just the one who won’t tell anyone about it if you’d like to remain anonymous.”

Nicholas smiled and nodded. “I’m Nicholas.”

“Good.” The Doctor said. “Let’s go to the lab.” He added as he stood up.

** ** **

Doris walked into her compound, lost in thought. She had always doubted the fact that Nicholas was  The Unknown. He didn’t look like who could be it! She remembered how she was saved by him, from the hands of the evil Chief Sam. “So, it’s been Nicholas?” She kept muttering.

She opened the door and noticed it was already unlocked. Is Stella back?

“I am back.” Stella said from inside the house smiling broadly. What’s wrong?” She asked as she saw the face of her worried sister.

Doris faked a smile. “I was just worried about who might have broken the door and enter into the house.” She hugged Stella.

“That’s nothing to have worried about. Anyways, how are you? Any progress?” She asked.

“Sister, I want to tell you a very crucial thing that I really need your support over it, I need you to first promise me you wouldn’t tell anyone about the issue on ground.” She said.

“What’s so delicate that you need me to promise for? Anyways, I promise, dear.” They both sat down.

“I finally found The Unknown.” She said.

“What?” Stella rushed up to her feet. “Are you being serious here?”

“I can’t be joking with this kind of thing, Sister. I can’t.” She swooshed out a long breath.

“Nice you found him. But is he someone you know?” She quickly asked.

Doris stood up and smiled. She took some steps forward and looked at her sister again. “Sis, it is Nicholas.” She finally said.

** ** **

The diary.

Weeks rolled into weeks until it was a month already. Harry had never taken a chill pill from thinking of how to pull Margaret down. He had finally found a way he could use to get rid of Margaret from his life and from the palace.

He had beckoned on Katherine and told her the way they could use to make things work out as they wished. The two had planned to implicate her of taking the staff of authority of the Kingdom. Evena kid knew that outright banishment was the punishment of the offence in the Kingdom.

Harry had also planned with Katherine that after Margaret was banished, he would bring her to his brother for them to get married. He knew in that Kingdom, a King must not be without a queen for too long.

So, the plan began.

** ** **

As soon as Nicholas finished donating, he fled back to his house with Henry. It was getting late and they had to start the preparation on how to conquer Mr. James. “It will be tomorrow, Henry.” Nicholas said to him

“Alright. What approach? Will I just get there and tell them I need a job or what?”

“You know it is very difficult and risky for me to go to Kings Company when my secret already lies in the hands of Nancy.”

“I think we should just get rid of Nancy, Nicholas.”

“Henry!” Nicholas exclaimed.

“No, not that kind of elimination. I mean let’s pave a way for her to leave the company.”

Nicholas laughed. “Better.”

Henry laughed too. “So, what way?”

Nicholas yawned. “Honestly, I’m short of ideas right now.”

“God will see us through. I just feel that we have to finish this as early as possible. Especially, because of Craig.”

“All is under control, Henry. An idea will soon pop into my brain.”

** ** **

“Nicho what?” Stella threw a gaze at Doris instantly.

Doris raised her shoulders.

“No. That can’t be, Doris. That can’t be. Don’t tell me it’s been Nick, all the way.”

Doris dropped down the sofa and gushed out air from her open mouth. “Honestly, Stella. I just want us to help this guy to finish his deal, at least to achieve his aim.”

“What are you talking about? We should go with him to be revealing the faces of the evil doers, isn’t it?”

“No. To keep his secret, to help him. Do you actually know why he’s been doing this?” Doris questioned.

“He’s revealing the faces of those who murdered our parents. I feel he’s been doing the right thing, he’s been revealing the truth about these people everyone respected. If not for him, these men would still have been on their various high seats, doing bad.”

“Doris… We truly have to help him. But, I am just scared.”

“No need to be scared, no need.” Doris encouraged her.

** ** **

…story continues…

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