The Unknown Season 3 Episode 12


Previously On The Unknown..

Credit Temitope Daniel

“Vivian?” He muttered as he looked more closely. “No!” He shouted silently.

“What’s it?” Henry quickly asked.

“No… I’m not seeing the right person! I am not seeing…. No.” He said as he looked at her without blinking the eye. He started moving his feet too as he was becoming sure.

He was getting ecstatic and wished to control himself. He felt he had turned to a bomb that could explode that time. “She’s the one!” He exclaimed. This time Vivian had gone further with Anthony.

“No! That’s Vivi!” He faced Henry quickly.

“You don’t mean it, Nick.”

“Honestly, Henry!” He said walking on with him too. “She’s the one.” He couldn’t control his enthusiasm again, but he didn’t want her to see him likewise.

“Why are you now acting like this? Let’s rush and meet her, Nick!”

“No! She’s… the… she’s the one!” He stuttered with tears running down his cheeks. “No! Vivian..!” He exclaimed but Vivian had gone far with Anthony.

“Are you sure she’s the one?” Henry asked again.

“I repeat, Henry! That’s Vivian!” He began to cry. “Please go after her and start tracing her moves, Henry.”

“It’s over fifteen minutes she’s been there in need of a taxi that’d take her home. This looks like a taxi too, though. I’ll get down then you are going to act like a driver that will take them home. Know the house well because we will still go there together tonight.”

“Nicholas, why don’t you want to see her now? You are crying and you really need to see her!”

“I’m The Unknown. What if I die while running around to get the evil men? Will I now leave her for the second time with a new wound that can never get dried up? Henry, please don’t tell her about me!”

“Alright, I have heard. But, how much do I collect from her as a taxi driver?”

“Are you sick? You will collect what?!”

He found one and kept staring until Henry came around as planned, the new taxi driver.

Vivian and Anthony hopped inside the vehicle. Immediately she entered, she noticed something.



Her eyes darted round the vehicle. She returned a gaze at Henry, making her feelings known to him. She looked at Anthony and back at Henry again. “Please, what’s the name of the deodorant you wear?” She enquired, squinting her eyes.

Henry’s eyes popped more open than usual. She had just taken in Nicholas’ scent, he had thought within himself. What’s even the name of this one’s perfume? He had thought as he looked away from her for a while and cleared his throat after few seconds.

He had forgotten. Wouldn’t she suspect? Henry giggled as he tweaked his nose and looked at her again. “But you use the same type, you know it already.” He smiled.

“No. I need you to please tell me. By the way, the car has the scent, not you. Is this car yours?”

Henry just closed up his long-forgotten open mouth and made a frown. “What are you saying? I can drop you if you know you’re not ready to go on.” Henry said making up a tone of indignance.

Vivian just nodded. “I’m sorry, this scent is just familiar.” She said.

“Mum, this was the car I saw that day, the one I saw that man come out of, that Sunday we went out.” Anthony chimed in.

Vivian looked at him. “How sure are you?” She asked.

“It’s this one, I just know it’s the same one.” Anthony said.

“What are you saying? Aren’t you going? I have a lot of people I wanna give a ride.” Henry said quickly.

“Ooh.. just.. just go on.” Vivian stuttered and Henry drove away.

** ** **

Nicholas came out of his hiding place with tears as soon as the car took off. He was very exasperated that he felt like crushing Ashley and Bennie that minute. If not for those who had murdered his parents, he wouldn’t be going around for a revenge.

He hated how his life had turned out to be, he looked like a complete jobless guy because he had to get the evil men down that minute. He just patiently waited for Henry to return so he could be driven to Vivian’s house to know where it was.

** ** **

“You don’t need to pay, this service is free.” Henry grinned as he rejected Viv’s transport fare.

Vivian looked at him closely. “At least it’s your money, let me pay you.” She said.

“It doesn’t matter, ma’am. Let me tell you the reality, I am not a driver, I just wished to carry you with my car and drop you off wherever you’re going.”

“Alright, thanks so much, Mr Man.” Vivian said and came down from the car with Anthony.

Henry came down too. “Let me just hand over to you my mobile number, incase you need to get somewhere as fast possible, I’ll be there for you.” He smiled.

“Ooh.. it doesn’t matter, thanks.” Vivian smiled and waved to him as she went on ahead to battle with the gate.

** ** **

Benny’s Living Room.

“It’s just easy, a very easy thing to get done, Jerry.” Benny said, flipping the pages of the newspaper before him.

He just got home with Ashley and Jerry for them to interact and know how to go about getting Henry or The Unknown himself.

“It’s not as easy as you think, Mr Benny. You see, the guy called The Unknown is meant to be afraid of, really meant to be afraid of. I think he’s notorious and we have to take a step at a time because we don’t even know if he’s recording all this conversations presently.” Jerry said.

Benny and Ashley laughed. “Why are you always talking this way, Jerry? You’re just afraid!”

“Leave the issue of being afraid, Engineer. He recorded Chief Sam’s deeds in a way the man didn’t know, how sure are we that we haven’t even met the person in form of business contact or in any other way?”

“Leave that! If The Unknown really came, we’d have known he was the one.”

“Simply because he will write it on his forehead, right? Remember Chief Sam’s problems well, this guy didn’t reveal himself until he showcased the evidences and no one still know him till now! So, before we start trailing your vehicle to get him, we just have to do it carefully, it’s not an easy job and it will swallow a lot of money.”

Ashley and Bennie laughed. “You’ve just been after money, Jerry. Anyway, we’ll double the usual amount. Just get everything safe!”

Jerry nodded with a smile. “The job has started.”

** ** **

“How’s she? What made you guys wait for some seconds before taking off?” Nicholas quickly bombarded Henry with questions.

“Guy, please don’t rush me. The two almost discovered that you were in the car before, in fact the small boy recognized the car.”

“He recognized the car? Who’s that boy?”

“You won’t believe that he’s the boy we rescued from two guys that day, Nicholas.” Henry said.

Nicholas shut the door out of surprise. “Drive on, Henry.” He said, looking outside and wondering if he wasn’t perfect enough the day he rescued Anthony. “But even if he saw the car that day, this type of car is many in this Kingdom, how exactly did he know it was this car exactly?”

** ** **

“I knew it was that car exactly because the man came out of it that day and had the same scent like ours. Now, the car was full of the scent and it was exactly the type I saw that day at the eatery.” Anthony said to Vivian as he unbuttoned his shirt.

Vivian sighed. “I don’t know why I keep having a kind of feeling that something unknown is happening.” Vivian said, still looking down as she kept thinking.

“Mum, there’s nothing. Though, the car we just saw and the one I saw that day may just look alike, they may not be the same.”

“No… I’m worried about the scent.” Vivian cleared her throat and walked to another sofa to pick her seat. Anthony turned around so he could see her face well, who knew if she would start shedding tears?

“Anyone can have the scent, just like that man I met that day, Mum.”

“One thing is just that the driver didn’t have the scent but the car had! I have a feeling that someone was in that car earlier, Anthony.”

“Mum, there’s no one.” Anthony said as he stood before her and thought of what he could do to get her mind out of the thought. “What are we going to eat now, I’m hungry, mum.” He smiled.

“You are hungry?” Vivian asked, taking a close look at him.

Anthony laughed. “Yes, very hungry.” He nodded.

“Alright,” Vivian stood up and walked to the kitchen, then Anthony walked to his room to put off his clothes.

** ** **

“We must always flow together, Henry. I know my Vivian, she’s smart and can decode easily!” Nicholas said as he rested his back.

“But… Nicholas, I’m… I’m afraid to tell you this.” He marched on the brake and pulled out of the track.”

Nicholas hurtled a gaze at him. “What is it?” He quickly asked as his heart raced on.

“She’s married.” Henry said.

Nicholas was taciturn for a while, blinking as he looked outside. “She wore in a ring?” He asked softly as he turned his head slowly.

“Though, she didn’t. But, the small boy is her son which means the boy has a father!”

“So, who’s the father?” Nicholas asked.

“How would I know? I don’t know her husband. But we’ve got to find out why she’s married without putting on a wedding ring and if she lives with her husband.” Henry said.

Nicholas sighed as Henry pulled back to the track and drove on.

** ** **

Prince Edward wiped his face as he took a glimpse at Osmond. He smiled and faced the track again. “Don’t frown Osmond, try to at least laugh.”

Osmond looked at him and chuckled. “Why on earth will I be sad? I have just been frowning because I pity your life.” He said.

The two were on their way to Vivian’s house to greet her. Edward had come up with the plan to visit her for a brief greeting as a start of showing his love.

“You pity me? Why? I’m a Prince, Osmond. I hope you haven’t forgotten?”

Osmond chuckled. “You know I don’t have a bad brain, you know. But, not all ladies will fall for you because you’re a Prince, remember.”

“But not her type, Osmond. And, if she tries to mess up, I’ll treat her without mercy. You know me too well, Osmond.”

Osmond laughed. “Just keep driving and don’t let us have an accident here.”

Prince laughed. “I get what I want, if I try to get it and I’m not given, I use force.” He said again and marched on the brake. “This is where we are going to.” He said and switched off the engine.

He looked at Osmond for some seconds and smiled as both came down. It was Vivian’s house.

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