The Unknown Season 3 Episode 10


Previously On The Unknown.

“Good afternoon, Sirs.” He bowed.

“But I told the director to tell you to come here by 4pm.”

He smiled. “Maybe he didn’t hear that or he needed the designs badly.

“Just go and get the designs on the table in my office. By the way, who told you I’m here?” He questioned.

Nicholas just smiled and shook his head. “I was looking for you when I heard your voice here.”

“Just leave.” Ashley sent him out


“Do you believe all that Mrs Priscilla said?”

“I believe her. At first, I thought she was the long lost lover of Nick, but now I see things that looked the same, not really the same.” Doris replied..

“And about Chief Sam, we’ve got to send the man to jail now too.”

“I actually needed a cook, so, the guy came around and occupied the post. You see Benny, after he occupied the post, I met him inside my room when I went back home to pick somethings.”

“You met him in your room? What was he doing?”

“I don’t even know what exactly, Benny! I suspected him and asked Jerry to carry him away, but he was ultimately saved by someone we didn’t know. I guess the person was The Unknown.” Ashley nodded

Benny chuckled. “So, how can you get the guy back? I’m very sure he’s a worker of The Unknown, we should strike before they do!”

“That’s the main issue now, do we go about it?”

“By Jerry and his men for close monitoring as you have said, we gotta get them soon.”

Prince Harry’s love for Katherine started springing up. Though he knew he didn’t love her with all his heart and might, but he still felt for her.

Different thoughts just came flowing through his mind as he laid on his bed and fixed his eyes on the wall clock that was tickling slowly. He wished to take a revenge on Margaret for going with Dennis.

He had started thinking and trying to plan something. He didn’t like Dennis and he became the King, as if that wasn’t enough, he took Margaret with him. It was making him mad. Time will tell, he had thought to himself as he yawned and slept off.



Thinking of Nicholas that day had caused her heart to start pondering again. Vivian had laid on her bed with her eyes closed but no other image kept forming in her imagination but Nicholas’. Her thought on if he was still waiting for her had raced her heart.

It wasn’t an easy thing and she had always heard that no decorous guy would wait for a lady over ten years because of love. Which kind of love would make a guy wait for her for ten years?

She kept imagining herself meeting Nicholas and probably his legally married wife and kids. She didn’t know if she would tell him about Anthony then, she would really be down because of that. She didn’t know why, couldn’t place her hands on the reason why her heart still belonged to Nicholas even after ten years.

Would he still be waiting for her too or married already? She wiped her lone tear as she opened her eyes slowly and snifled. “Nicholas.” She had muttered and took a glance at the door. She had started having illusions, seeing Nicholas walk in and hold her in his warm arms. She sighed.

That was just one out of the two problems she was afraid of. Even if she found Nicholas, how would she tell Anthony his father was alive? Would the boy forgive her at all? “Why am I the one in throe with problems! God!” She exclaimed softly and she turned around to the other side of the bed, wiping her tears again.

** ** **

At last, Nicholas dismissed Nancy. He wished to know her house or possibly take her home but he just knew his countenance changed suddenly as he was before Nancy. He missed Vivian so much. Nancy was just talking to him about one of her colleagues at work that just got pregnant and that made him remember Vivian. Had he ever forgotten her?

It would just be too bad to turn her to a god that he would always tell about his going-outs and coming-ins. He remembered the day he was with Vivian, discussing about how men should always treat pregnant women with care. He had always thought and finalized within himself that once his wife got pregnant, he would just make her retire from every single chore that could be in the house.

He wouldn’t mind leaving his job within that period so that he would be able to help her in the house, teach her some exercises and prepare her delicious meals. He had always promised himself of being a good husband to Vivian because she would be the one he would end up with, but, it was ten years already and there was no green light.

Pretending as if he had started going out with Nancy didn’t change any fact and the love he had for Vivian. He just didn’t know why, he just couldn’t tell it, he still loved her.

“Nicholas, why on earth have you been moody since you were discussing with Nancy?” Nicholas took a glance at Henry and just smiled faintly.

“Our discussions made me remember Vivian; the one I love.”

“Just try and shake this off, you really don’t need this. Brooding now can just make our plans fall through, Nick.”

“I just can’t help it.. I just don’t know why it’s hard. I feel I have given Vivian my life, my soul and my everything. I don’t know what she’s passing through right now, I don’t.

” Henry chuckled. “Ten years? What if she’s now married?”

Nicholas took a sharp glance at him and back to the track. “Henry, why do you usually have an outlandish credence! Why are you usually thinking like this?”

“It is not good for you to always think of the positive side of a thing alone, always think about it’s adverse effects or should I say always think about the ‘buts’ that might be inclusive.”

“I even think you’ll be the one to help me wash down my worries and let me keep my hopes up, I never knew you’d be the one doing this.”

“You want me to refresh you? Are you serious?” Henry grinned.

“Sure!” He hit his hand on the steering.

“Park the vehicle.” Henry said. Immediately Nicholas parked the vehicle, Henry came down and took over the driving while Nicholas sat beside him.

“Where should I take you to?” He grinned.

“I feel refreshed whenever I go to the beach with Vivian. Let’s visit the beach.” He said.

“Beach? Alright, let’s visit Marora Beach.” Henry hit his hand on the steering.

“That should help a little.” Nicholas muttered.

** ** **

Vivian whisked up and went to Anthony’s room. “Give me your black shirt and brown trouser, Anthony.” She said.

Anthony already knew the clothes she was talking about immediately he saw her. He got the dresses and gave it to her before taking a second look.

“Mum, what do you want to do to it?”

“I want to iron it for you, Anthony. I’m not feeling too well and I want us to visit the Beach together, that’s where your Dad and I usually refresh each other.” She smiled.

“Beach? Alright Mum, let me get prepared.” Anthony smiled and dropped his acoustic guitar beside his mattress as he rushed to take a shower while Vivian went ahead to iron the clothes. She didn’t know the beach she would visit yet.

** ** **

Henry and Nicholas made a way to a seat and relaxed as they watched the beach and some people running around, enjoying the breeze. He didn’t know why but he felt the air always blowing at the beach was always different from any other one.

Cool and refreshing. The last time he was at the beach was when he came because he missed Vivian, now, he came because he missed her again.

“Let me get the drinks.” Henry said and stood up to get some drinks for them. Nicholas just smiled. He really liked the breeze.

** ** **

Vivian and Anthony got set too and locked up the gate. Vivian called Vickie after she finalized the beach she wanted to visit and told her to come over once she was through at work. She knew she would definitely be refreshed, if not for anything, because she had gone to the beach with Nicholas several times. She really believed.

The taxi kept on driving and kept driving till it halted at the junction of Marora Beach and Vivian paid the driver before she took a walk and got near a seat too. A miracle should happen…

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