The Unknown Season 2 Episode 11


Previously On The Unknown.

Credit Temitope Daniel

I think we should take him to a quiet place and just do it there.” He suggested as he wiped his sweat.

Anthony kept shrieking.

“Shut up! No one will rescue you here.” Frank shouted.


“Cook?” Nicholas muttered and turned his head as a car pulled out of Gregory’s house.

He saw just two men inside the car as it was driven. He walked back to Henry as they watched the car leave. “My mind tells me those guys are pernicious. I will always bring evil people down, let’s follow them.”

“Nicholas!” Henry shouted.

“They going farther. The earlier the better!”

The two darted into the car and sped after Gregory’s car. He had already locked Anthony inside the booth of the car, going to a more quiet place to kill him.

Nicholas and Henry continued trailing them until they missed their way and couldn’t find the vehicle again and trouble was looming.



Nicholas stopped the car. He took a look at Henry, wondering what he should do. He was still lost concerning it, he knew something was wrong. Either the guys were going to do something bad or they’ve concluded it in the house already.

Descrying at the dashboard, he fixed a gaze on Henry. “The big truck caused commotion, what should be done?”

“Run as fast as you can, they should have gone straight.”

“Alright, let’s keep going.” He said and marched on the accelerator.


Frank and Gregory had made a turning to the left, still speeding on. Both were just discussing happily till they got deeper into the forest and came down. They unlocked the booth and brought Anthony out.

He was already blinking of sweat, his cloth was very wet already. “Let’s make this snappy.” Frank said as he nabbed Anthony’s hand.

“Should we tie him to the tree?”

Anthony screamed again, but this time a resounding slap followed, from Frank.

He had started crying as he was pushed away and Gregory pointed the gun at him. He was like that for some seconds, his hand was shaking, afraid to shoot Anthony.


“Where would they have gotten to?” Nicholas wondered.

Henry saw a turning by his right and stopped Nicholas. “Let’s go to this place.”

Nicholas halted. “Do you think they would have gone to the forest? How sure are we that they even want to kill someone?”

“Either they want to kill or they have killed and came to drop the dead body, better still, we took it wrong.” Henry said.

“No! He was a young boy whose voice was filled with dolor. He was shouting for help, I’m sure he’s been taken by those guys.”

“So, are we going to continue driving straight? What if they branched to the left or right? This is the only turning we’ve seen since we have been trailing them.”

Nicholas sighed.


“Greg, let’s make this snappy!

“Frank, it isn’t as easy as you think at all, I am so afraid.”

“Why are you talking like this? Is it until  someone gets here?”

Greg put the gun down and laughed. “Who? Who trailed us? Answer me, who?”

“It doesn’t matter at all, it doesn’t. Just kill him and let’s go celebrate.” Frank said  feeling uncomfortable.

Greg raised the gun back and frowned his face. Anthony was still screaming.


Nicholas had driven through the pathway. He threw a look at Henry as he heard Anthony’s bawl. His heart pounded faster and his thought went wild. As he was breathing heavily, he didn’t blink his eyes from Henry. “They are truly there.” He said, driving on.

“See, Nicholas, I don’t know how you have been surviving, I feel I’m going to die. I’m really afraid.” Henry said, holding on to the seat belt.

“It’s never easy. A man cannot be great without risking some things. It’s been hard too, very technical, but you should always summon courage, one should.”

“Just park here. I’ll remain in the vehicle while you go to see what’s happening. And, if there’s any problem, call me.”

“How am I going to call you? On mobile phone? Let’s just see what happens, let’s see.” He said and stretched his hand to the back seat, picking up his gloves and mask. As soon as he got set, he got hold of his gun and looked at Henry. “One just have to face anything. If you don’t fight to be great, you will just remain a servant before those who have fought.” He said and stormed down the vehicle.

Anthony’s squeak hadn’t subsidized, so, it was easy for him to trace them well. He kept running, alert and watchful till he saw the parked vehicle and hid behind it.

Still walking stealthily, beside the vehicle, he got to the front and shot Greg by his leg. Frank was about dashing away when Nicholas shouted and instructed him not to leave or he would shoot.

He got closer and put the gun to his head as he took him to the booth of Greg’s car and unlocked it. It was still unlocked because Greg never locked it as he brought Anthony down.

He pushed him in and jammed the booth as he fast-tracked to the other side and gripped Gregory and pushed him to the back seat of the car. He turned his head and saw Anthony. He didn’t even take a close look before he placed him inside the car.

That wasn’t so necessary, he carried him and placed him at the passenger’s seat beside the driver’s. He entered into the car and kicked it, rushing back.

“Come after me.” He called Henry’s mobile number as he drove away.

Henry also rushed to the driver’s seat of Nick’s car and followed him as he noticed Gregory’s car drove out.


The diary.

Prince Dennis was going with his own men. He was on the horse, going to watch the ladies that would come to fetch at stream that evening. He almost got there when he met a lady in pain.

He packed his royal robe to his right side and came down. “What’s wrong?” He quickly asked her as he moved closer to the lady.

“My Prince..” She just muttered.

“No, this isn’t right! This looks like a wound from gunshot. Guards, get her and let’s rescue her.” He said.

She was the lady Prince Harry saved when she was shot. She felt she wasn’t safe enough with Prince Harry. Who didn’t know him as a wicked fellow? She knew that his help would be repaid in another way and quickly ran for her life when she broke down again.

As soon as she sighted Prince Harry, she knew trouble would loom later. She hated that. Her parents were dead already and she had been trying to make use of the small farm they left for her, but her father’s brother didn’t agree. Whereas, he wasn’t ready to help her again. She was working on the farm when the man just came and shot her.

So, she escaped the painful death. But, she knew Prince Harry would later turn out to be a more painful death that might have no solution. So, the best bet was to flee before he got her.

She ran away from a Prince and got into the hands of another. Though, she felt more secured in the hands of Prince Dennis, but, would Harry not come after his brother later?

Prince Dennis took her along to the native Doctor and it was a shock as they met his place razed down and the man dead.

The lady herself knew that would be the handiwork of Prince Harry, no one else.


Nicholas saw another turning, not far from where he just left. He rushed in and got down from the car. He opened the booth and brought  Frank out. He pushed him to the floor and pointed the gun at him. “Why did you do this?” He asked him as he looked back quickly. It was Henry that was parking his own vehicle.

“Please, do not kill me, please.” Frank begged him.

“That doesn’t even matter.” He exhaled as he moved closer to him. “Turn your face to the ground.” He ordered and looked back to see if Henry was still there.

He picked his mobile phone and dialed Henry’s mobile number. “Bring the rope at the back seat.” He said and ended the call.

“Don’t dare raise your head.” He shouted.

Shortly, Henry hurried and gave him the rope. “Get set, we will leave now.” He told Henry and waved at him as he hurried back to the car.

He tied Frank by his wrists and went ahead to draw Greg down the car. He used the same rope and tied him also, with Frank. “Stand up.” He shouted as he concluded with the guys and still pointed the gun at them.

Frank managed to stand up because of the length of the rope between himself and Gregory,  but Greg couldn’t, because of the gunshot wound by his leg. Nicholas kept his gun and dragged the two near the booth of the car. He carried Gregory up and pushed Frank inside the booth. He pushed Gregory too, notwithstanding his pain.

He used the remaining rope to tie the legs. He wasn’t sure of what he was doing, he just knew it would surely work out. He gave a long breath after he had concluded with that and stretched his arms.

It wasn’t easy to have dragged Gregory. Though it was just near the booth, but he still felt the pain too. He shook his head and shut the booth. He entered into the car and kicked the engine. “Hope you’re fine?” He asked Anthony without looking at him at all.

Anthony couldn’t respond. Perhaps due to the fear that he was seated beside The Unknown or he was just nervous.

Nicholas smiled and drove out.


Nicholas marched on the brake of the vehicle as he parked near Area F Station and came down. “The officers will come and conclude everything, don’t worry.” He said to Anthony as he shut the door and walked to his own car.

He picked up one or the leaflets of his signature and dropped it at the front seat beside Anthony. Then he looked at him closely but he didn’t look like a familiar person. Perharps he was afraid that the officers might get out and get him. He just waved at Anthony and hurried back to his car, parked some distance away by Henry.

As soon as he entered, he removed the sim card on his phone and inserted a new one. He searched for Craig’s mobile number and called him. “Let’s go.” He whispered to Henry.

Henry pulled out and drove away. “I don’t know if it will be tedious for you to come out and save the poor boy that was kidnapped. He’s at the front seat of the vehicle and the criminals, inside the booth.” He said and chuckled.

As soon as he concluded the call, he removed the mask and flung it to the back seat of the car. “Mission accomplished!” He smiled and got the SIM card discarded instantly.

“Guy, that was very dangerous of us, very dangerous!”

Nicholas smiled. “I just had to do that. By the way, how sure am I that Craig is still in the office by this time? And, I pray everything just work out as thought.”

“If not for this little operation, I wouldn’t believe you’re really The Unknown. Nicholas, thank God for my presence.

Nicholas chuckled. “What presence? Now tell me, what did your presence change? If you were really present, we would have carried the guys inside the booth together. It wasn’t easy to draw them near the booth, pushed one inside and carried the other.”

“Anyways, we thank God for success.” Henry smiled.

“Henry the Coward.”

“If I was a coward, would I have waited for you?”

“Anyways, I really appreciate you.”

“You’re welcome.”


Craig rushed outside the station and looked left and right. He saw the vehicle parked near the station and rushed near it. He brought out his gun, incase it was a plot to get him.

He motioned near the car and saw Anthony, seated there. He opened the door slowly and looked at him. “How are you?” He asked him.

Anthony shivered. He just kept mute there.

Craig heaved a sigh of relief and looked around. Just then, he remembered he was told some guys were inside the booth. He rushed to the booth and got it unlocked.

Luckily, they were still alive. He just opened his mouth wide as he saw them. He brought out his phone and called an officer. “Bring some officers outside.” He said and ended the call as he walked back to Anthony and brought him down.

“I asked how you are.” He said as he wiped his sweat and bent to be his actual height. Then, he noticed something.

To be continued after 60 share.

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