The Unknown Season 1 Episode 3


Previously On The Unknown

Credit Temitope Daniel.

“You have a Son? What’s that all about?”

“Please, I think I have to leave now so as to meet up with the time.

“Until you tell me about what you meant by your son.” He told her.

“What else would I have meant? I have a son! I have given birth to a son!” She hissed as she pushed his hands away and took off, blue in face.


“That’s life. When did Mr Frank say the meeting would start?”

“I can’t tell. Maybe you should check over him in his office.”

“Alright, thanks Moriah.” Vivian turned around and walked into her room.




Doris hissed aloud as she laid on the couch. It had been very unhandy, working on the case of an oprobious criminal for some days now. She and her colleague, Craig, had been the ones appointed to work on the case of the murder of a young man whose corpse was found some weeks back.

She had been working on it with Craig for some weeks. If not for Craig, she wouldn’t have kept her head up to that extent. Craig was a smart and inquisitive detective who had been making the work easier for her.

She just contacted the Communication Commissions for the list of the calls of the suspect before she put a call through to Craig again.

She loved the work and did imagine herself getting hold of those who murdered her parents many times. Their death made her join the force so she could investigate on those who killed her parents. The criminal issues she had been solving hadn’t given her a breathing space to see to the case.

“I think I should cook something now.” She said as she stood to her feet and walked to the kitchen slowly. She had delayed her lunch till that moment because she had to contact the Communication Commissions which she just did.

As she walked to the kitchen, she heard the creak of the door and walked back. She was sure that was her sister. She laughed as she approached Stella and hugged her. “How’s the patient?” She enquired as she helped her with her handbag.

“He is getting better.” She sunk into the sofa and breathed heavily. “How’s the chase going too?” She asked, curving her lips to smile.

“It hasn’t been easy. That guy is pesky miscreant!”

Stella chuckled. “Craig is smart, he should have figured him out.”

“Yes he is, wasn’t he the one who suspected the guy we’ve been after? He is trying, I am sure he is either in the store or the laboratory presently.” Doris sat down too.

“Anyways, just be careful.” Stella smiled as she stood up and reached for her handbag. “I want to get some rest, I pray there won’t be any emergency case tonight.” She said that and left.

“That’s what you wish, you should love it.” Doris pulled her tongue out and laughed.

“That’s your business.” Stella flagged her hand and walked in.

Doris laughed and rushed to the kitchen.


Sprawling on the bed, Nicholas wiped off his sweat. He was hungry and was quite tired to start preparing any dinner. He had been wishing himself well after the encounter with the Prince of the Kingdom, because of how he came to spend money on them.

He knew within himself that money was one of the best things a man could have. If not for money and fame, the group of six would not have killed his parents and Stella’s inclusive.

Pushing himself up, he muttered some words and picked up his guitar to be placed at the usual place before setting out. He was quite sure Doris would have returned from her place of work and might have prepared dinner. That would be the best place to eat that evening, he thought and walked out of the house.


“Welcome Viv, the Secretary told you, right?”

If she didn’t tell me, I wonder what I would be doing here! “Yeah, she did. She told me there is a short meeting.”

“She added short? I never told her the meeting would be short!” He smiled. “Anyways, have your seat.”

Vivian stood for some seconds more before she sat down. “What’s the meeting all about, Sir?” She enquired.

“This is just a short meeting, between the accountant and the manager.” He smiled. “Is that not a guitar?” He added as he protracted his neck to view what was enclosed in a jacket that was with Vivian.

Vivian hissed softly. “Yeah, let’s go to the actual thing, I have a lot to do.”

“Yeah, we need to sort out this account. The expenses of last month.” He said, bringing out a file.”

Vivian scoffed. “Wait, you aren’t the auditor, and this is my work not yours.”

Frank grinned. “I am after the future of this company, Marie Computers is a place I belong and wouldn’t want a downfall.”

Vivian sighed. “Alright, lets start because I’m running late.”

“What were you saying about a son, I didn’t get you.” Frank dropped the file as he looked into Vivian’s eyes.

Vivian licked her lower lip and tilted her head after, just staring at Frank as he was too. Why would she keep repeating herself? She didn’t want him, was it a must to fall in love? She had the feeling that if she kept repeating herself, it might be as if her son was the obstacle on her path and she didn’t want that.

Glancing at the wall clock after some seconds, she returned the gaze at Frank until the knock at the door got their immersions. “Come in.” Frank said, glimpsing at Vivian again.

Vivian took away her face, showing her I-don’t-care reaction until Moriah walked in. “As ordered, Sir.” She dropped the tray of juice and pack of Digestive Biscuits on the table. “Thank you, Moriah.” Frank smiled.

“Y..yes sir, but can I leave now?” She enquired.

Frank kept mute for a while. “You should wait behind, you’re partially concerned too.” He replied.

Moriah looked at Vivian who was downcast and smiled. “Alright sir.” She walked out.

“I think we should at least eat something, as we proceed.”

“I’m full. I don’t think this is a serious meeting, if it is, we shouldn’t involve this. By the way, I must not get home very late.”

Frank sniggered. “Alright. Once you cooperate, you’re fine.”

Vivian gave an angry look. “What cooperation? Mr Frank, I’m getting late.”

“See, Vivian, there’s no document anywhere. I have decided to let you wait so we can discuss..”

“I am not that kind of person!” She exclaimed as she rushed to her feet.

“Wait! You know what can happen if you reject this offer, don’t you?” Frank questioned, breathing heavily.

“To leave your company is not to leave the world!”

“You dare talk to me in that manner?” He grabbed her right hand.

“Excuse me!” She wriggle out her hand and pushed Frank away with all the strength that she had. She was already angry, but it seemed her anger had caused her trouble because Frank was already on the floor and his head, gushing out blood.

She turned around quickly as he sighted him and rushed back to assist. As she held him, it didn’t look as if she was touching a living soul, she continued shaking him.

After shaking him for a while, she became afraid until she saw him smile. She sprung to her feet and hissed, so nothing went wrong with him! She thought as she walked out and waved at Moriah. “Good night.”

Vivian walked into the house, shinning her beautiful set of teeth. She had seen Anthony on the dining, eating his dinner and felt happy she got home early.

“Anthony!” She called his name as she winked and flagged the acoustic guitar to him.

Anthony rushed up from the dining to the living room. “Thank you mummy!” He shouted as he collected the guitar and kept smiling.

“How was your day? I hope Victoria haven’t been using her leave at work to make life difficult for you?” She asked, sitting down.

“Can’t you see that I have torn him apart because I am a wicked person.” Victoria walked out and chuckled.

Vivian laughed. “Vicky, thanks for your help.”

Victoria hissed as she sat on the centre table. “I don’t need any thanks, what did you buy for me?” She enquired, stretching her hand forth to collect whatever Vivian had in stock for her.

Vivian laughed again as she stared at Anthony. “Have you finished eating?” She asked him, reaching for her handbag.

“I’m through, mum.” Anthony replied as he focused on the guitar.

“Alright, go and continue playing the guitar in your room, I have to discuss something with your mum.” She said as she hit his back softly.

Anthony had always called Victoria his mother too, so, it wasn’t new to him when she called Victoria her mother.

Anthony stood up instantly and walked into his room happily. He had always imagined himself playing instruments of various kind, one prayer he had started praying was for his mother to come late often so she could buy him all the needed instruments.

“So, Anthony’s mother, thank you once again.” Vivian smiled as she spoke.

Victoria sniggered. “Don’t try to change the subject of discussion. Where’s my own gift too?”

“Maybe giving you a full gist of what happened between that Frank and I would be enough to be your gift.” She grinned, knowing well that Victoria really liked gists.

“Alright, okay. What happened?” She walked to the seat and sat properly.

“Let me shower, I am not feeling well at all.” Vivian stood up and picked up her handbag.

“Anyways don’t spend eternity there so that at the end of the day, you won’t tell me you want to sleep.”

Vivian laughed and walked in.

“My greatest fear, the greatest fear as I’m seated is about Vivian. I really don’t know if she remembers me at all.” Nicholas spoke as he stood up and walked to the shelf and leaned against it.

Stella sighed, taking her eyes off him for a moment and returned her gaze at him with a smile. “Have you ever remembered it’s almost ten years ago, or even more than ten years now?”

“I know. There is something that is still uncertain, she promised me she would wait for me.” He replied, walking back to her.

“Wait for you? How? How come you guys lost contact completely?” She asked, wondering.

Nicholas smiled as he brought out the case of his glasses from his pocket. “I went out with my friends then, on returning, I was told she had to leave because she waited for me for so long and was sick.  Not her fault, my phone got misplaced that day so we weren’t connected.”

“But, you later got the welcome-back pack of the sim, you should have called her too, or maybe she should have called again.”

Nicholas smiled. “Her mobile number too haven’t been going through since then, and, it’s only if she’s going to call today.”

Stella sighed again. “That’s exactly what I just told you, she might have forgotten about you.”

“Something tells me she hasn’t forgotten about me. We made a secret promise, a secret oath because she lost her virginity to me and I promised her I wouldn’t leave her.” He replied.

“So, you guys passed the gravy … I never knew.” Stella took away her eyes and smiled.

Nicholas chuckled. “It was a mistake, during that service, though.”

“Alright, no problem. But, I doubt if a lady that can wait for ten years exist. And, how come you dated a lady and couldn’t ask her about her friends, family or anyone?”

“From our final year in the University, we started the game of love but she said we should keep it as a secret because her parents were strict men of God. So, I wasn’t connected to her parents and she had no sibling.”

“This case is really weird! Have you ever traced her back to her place? Do you know her place at all?”

“I really don’t. This our love case is really… I don’t know.” He exhaled deeply.

Stella smiled. “If she’s still in this Kingdom, you’ll meet someday.”

“When I grow old, right?” He chuckled.

“Just have the faith.” Stella tapped him.

“Officer Doris’ food’s here..” Doris smiled as she waved at the two from the dining set. “The table is set.” She said.

“Alright baby.” Stella clobbered Nicholas softly. “Let’s go.”

“I lost my appetite.” He replied, seemed his mood had changed.

“That won’t be accepted by me, let’s go and eat now.” Stella walked on.

To be continued after 50 share