The Thorn On My Flesh Episode 4


I proposed to Titi when I was wealthy, and I made her a full housewife. She had promised never to leave me under no circumstances – Our love, she has always sworn to me, ‘for better for worse.’ Although she studied hotel management in the university, and also learnt hairdressing. I planned not to let her get attracted to any man outside, but now my plan for her has changed. I opened a small salon for her immediately my business went down the drain.
“With how much I love this girl,” I mumble, pointing towards the doorway,“ So she can deprive me of my right? I will not divorce you… I believe you will turn a new leaf someday. I can’t quit my job because I want to satisfy a woman. That’s impossible!”
I pull over the blanket and hug my pillow.
Blank out.
My ears start buzzing with a continuous cool music. I spring to life from my sleep. it’s still dark. I realize it’s from a phone … It’s an unfamiliar ring tone in the house (‘Thousand miles’ by Vanessa Carlton). Anyway, that must be Titi’s phone. I seize the opportunity to check the time on my own phone. 5: 07 am.
I can still feel a throb under me. Oh, this stubborn thing has not come down yet?
I still need a sleep. I do resume work by 6:15 am. My phone alarm would wake me by 5:45 am. My place of work is few miles away from here. I shift my body to the edge of the bed and grope through the small shelve where the ringtone is coming from. I decide to hit the red button to terminate the call or text message – I don’t care whichever. I can feel my fingers handling the phone, but it feels different. I take a better look with the light from my phone.
“A blackberry curve 3G – the latest one?” I mutter, surprised, “from Nokia C3 to this. Where could she have gotten the money.”
I decide to check the contact – it’s a text message. it goes like this:
“u need to come early 2day, dear. You knw that d one we did yesterday was not it.
I want u to give me dat beautiful style today. I can’t just av a gud sleep.
Just name how much you want, I will always give u any amount.
I just loved that of the day before yesterday.”
“What kind of message is this?” I whisper. I check the sender’s name. No name. Just a number?
So, Titi is now cheating on me. She has started sleeping with rich men for money. I read the message over and over again, my body grows hot, almost melting down.
I switch off the phone and hide it inside my old brief case. She will account for this.
I resume my sleep.
I am stirred from sleep again. It’s broad day light. 7: 05am from the wall clock!
What is wrong with my phone? Is the battery dead? I dip my hand beside the pillow for the phone. It’s no longer there. I search the entire bed. All around the tiled floor. I can’t find it.
I grab my towel from the hanger, and rush to the shower. I quickly brush my teeth. I am late for work for the first time. I will have to give an excuse to defend myself today. But who might have taken my phone? I really need to get it before leaving for work. I met an old friend yesterday while I was offloading crates of beers from the truck. He is Rotimi by name. He is one of those I had helped when time was good. He parked beside me the latest Honda accord. I hardly recognized him. He told me he had several oil companies, and many houses all across the state. He gave me his business card with an appointment to call him today. Thank God! I saved the number on my phone before I misplaced the card.
After dressing up, I headed straight to the sitting-room. Titi is lying on the couch. I stand behind the couch, resting my hands on the edge. She adjusts her position at the moment. I guess she has noticed my presence.
“Did you find my phone?” I ask, but no response for almost one minute.
I repeat the question.
“When you give me back my phone, I’ll give you yours!” She says and let out a long hiss.
“Don’t worry!” I say with a pretentious pressure in my voice, “I am going for work. You caused my lateness this morning. isn’t? If you fail to hand me the phone at this moment, just keep it forever. I will also keep yours forever … You know I’m a man of my words. Bye for now.” I turn towards the door with a jerk in my movement.
…stay tuned for part 3