The Thorn On My Flesh Episode 5


On hearing that, my feet glue down. My ears must be deceiving me. It’s been long I heard that from her.
“I am sorry I didn’t tell you about the phone.” She says in a soft, apologetic tone.
I turn back gently and I am surprised to see her on her two knees.
“Firstly!” My voice raises high to the ceiling, “Tell me where you got money for that phone. Secondly, you have to account for the useless text message I saw on it!”
Having said that, I match to the bedroom and return with the phone in my hand. I read out the message to her.
“Oh, that should be one of my customers,” she says confidently, with her left hand scratching her hair, “ She must be talking about a particular hairstyle”
“You are a liar! why didn’t you save the number with a particular name? And besides, how could a customer text you in the midnight, telling you she is unable to sleep – for what? Finally, you need to explain where you get the money for this.”
“I can’t lie to you, Dele … Okay, okay,” she says with outstretched hands, “I can explain … I gave a new customer my number yesterday, and I forgot to have hers. She is a rich woman. You can re-read where she texted that she could give me any amount for the style… I believe she is talking about a beautiful hairstyle she had seen on another customer.”
I re-read the message … Yes, I think she is right. I must have thought otherwise because of her selfish altitude lately. My voice calms a little and I demand how she got the expensive blackberry.
She explains to me that her friend, Pricilla, gave it to her yesterday. I know the lady she is talking about quite well. Her husband is very wealthy. She had become Titi’s friend in one of the uptown clubs we used to attend when there was affluence. Out of all her rich friends I think Pricilla is the only one left with her.
“Okay, I have heard you,” my shoulders drop with my voice, “You know I’ve always trusted you. You are giving me that unnecessary suspicion when you won’t give me what belongs to me. Now Promise me you will stop your naughty behaviours in this house.”
“I promise, dear.”
I ask her for my phone, and she hands it to me from under the throw-pillow. I dip her phone in my trousers pocket. I head towards the door.
“You are not giving me back my phone?”
“Of course, I will … Let me see your character for some days. ”
“I am sorry, baby,” she says, and moves close to me after standing up. She leans her body gently on my back. I can feel the caress of those succulent boobs. As if enchanted by that, my mind changes right away.
I bring out the phone and gave it to her, “Take it and behave yourself.”
“Thanks, dear,” She pecks me on my cheek.
“You’re welcome.” I smile..