The Story Of Tejumola Season 2 episode 7


I sighed tiredly as I rested my head on maria’s laps, we just came back from Ibadan,- she’d taken me to see my Father’s people.

“that’s how it happened o.”she concluded her half-heard story.

“hmm”I closed my eyes.

“If you want to sleep, lie down properly now.”she said adjusting my position.

“Grandma, you’ll be staying with us koh?”Eniola asked.

“Yes, for a while o, I’l be going back to Ibadan.”She explained.

“No maami, I don’t want you to go, please stay with me.”I pleaded with her

“Me too..”Eniola pouted.

“see this children o.”Maria laughed

“Okay I’ll stay small oo”

“Yeeee!”Eniola hugged her.

“Mummy, lemme go and play with Tola?”she asked me.

I nodded.

“Don’t injure yourself o”Maria cooed after her.

“Teju omo mi, there’s something I want us to discuss, though I know, it might sound some how…”she hesitated.

“Uhum?”I shut my eyes.

“Teju, don’t sleep, let’s talk please.”she shook me.

“Okay, tejumola is all ears.”I laughed sitting up.
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“My dear, you know, every mother wants something good for her child…”she began.

“As a child progresses in life, there are different things he or she needs to do…”she hesitated.

“hmm.”I wondered where all the sermon’s were coming from.

“Teju, let me ask you, how old are you?”

“24 na!”I chuckled.

“Good, according to the societal law, you are supposed to be in your husbands house…”she paused to see my facial expression.

I gave her a deep frown.

“this style of you living alone, fending for your self is not just it, you need a man in your life Teju. A man who would take good care of you.”she explained.