Adzo” (The Untamed) season 1 Episode 5



He went closer and upon reaching there, he opened the door leading to the tools’ room. Unfortunately, to his amazement, he saw Aziz fully naked on top of Sekina who was also naked. Sekina was having an intense sexual intercourse with Aziz, the same servant that traded food for sex with Adzo.

Ruby and Adzo were both seated on the trunk of Ruby’s car patiently waiting for Fred to come. Ruby at that  point had developed a unique likeness for Adzo within that short period of time. She saw her to be more like a sister. She still wondered how come a young girl like Adzo, would be abandoned like that, at that time of the night all alone.

“Adzo, tell me more, I want to know how you really ended up here” Ruby asked.

Adzo who had also developed some level of trust for Ruby without hesitation began telling her story.

“My father sold me to my master. I was under his care and supervision for all this time and was serving him as a servant. I did everything for him and eventually he entrusted me with a lot of duties. Unfortunately I got ….” Adzo said but was interrupted by an oncoming vehicle.

“I hope that’s Fred” Ruby said and stood up as she saw the car coming towards them. Her wish had come true, It was Fred’s car. He quickly packed his car and got down in a rush to attend to his betrothed wife, Ruby.

Indeed Fred was a very handsome chocolate guy with his beard and hair well-trimmed and shaped. He wore a well fitted “Woodin” African print that made him look more elegant. Upon reaching the scene, he quickly rushed to Ruby and embraced her with a big hug without noticing Adzo.

Meanwhile, the heat was on when Mr. Abdul saw Sekina and Aziz together. They didn’t even notice that Mr. Abdul was all along watching them from a distance.

He took it easy and without interrupting them, he gently closed the door and went back to his hut.
About an hour and half later, He heard a rush of footsteps in his yard and came out to check who it was. It was Sekina, who was unusually sweating. Indeed She had really been busy.

“Where are you coming from at this time of the night, the whole yard looks unclean?” Mr. Abdul asked.

“Erm Erm Master, I, I…..” Sekina was fumbling.

“Can’t you talk, I demand answers now” Mr. Abdul was getting angry at that moment.

“It’s one of the cattle; I heard a strange noise coming from the corral. Upon checking I noticed it was nothing to be alarmed with.” She lied.

“I see and since when did that become part of your job description” Mr. Abdul asked.

“Master, I was only concerned” Sekina said.

“You dare not talk back at me, you have grown wings right, don’t forget your place. By the way, you and Aziz should see me as soon as cock crows.”  Mr. Abdul said and left her presence.

That was so unusual, Sekina wondered if Mr Abdul was actually suspecting something. Without wasting any time, she quickly went to Aziz’s post and called him out.

“What is it Sekina, its late, I have to sleep” Aziz said.

“Aziz, I smell something fishy, I think Master suspects something” Sekina said.

“What makes you think so, we covered out trays very well” He said.

“He really looked angry tonight and was acting really suspicious, the worst of it all is that, He wants to see both of us in the morning” Sekina said.

“This doesn’t sound good, are you sure of what you are telling me? Aziz asked.

“See, we need to act immediately before anything goes wrong rather than you standing here and doubting me” She said.

“Hmm, what do you suggest we do? Aziz asked.

“Seriously, are you asking me? Are you not the Man” Said Sekina.

After a brief silence, Sekina brought up a suggestion.

“Look, I think you should get out of here now and disappear for some time, at least he will divert his attention into finding you” Sekina suggested.

“You think that will work? Aziz asked.

“Just do it and stop asking questions” Sekina said.

On the other hand, Fred was pleased to see  Ruby safe except for the cut on her leg. He now noticed the presence of Adzo and asked Ruby who she was.

“This Adzo, I almost run over her with the car. She actually dressed my wound with these herbs.” Ruby said.

“Thank you so much Adzo, I’m really grateful for what you have done. I hope you are not hurt yourself” He asked showing concern.

“No master, I’m ok” Adzo answered.

“Thank God” He said “Honey we must get going now” Fred continued.

“Erm hold on, there is something you should know” Ruby said

“What is it my love? He asked.

“Adzo is coming with us” Ruby said.

Suddenly the look on Fred’s face changed instantly. He wasn’t happy about what Ruby said.

“Honey, why this, we can drive her to her home but I don’t  think she coming with us is a good idea” Fred said.

“Fred, she has nowhere to go, no home, and no family. She is all alone Fred” Ruby tried explaining

“I really don’t agree we don’t know her from anywhere” Fred insisted.

“Fred, have some compassion for Christ sake, at least we can let her spend the night and decide what to do in the morning, and I’m not leaving her here all by herself.” Ruby said.

Ruby had never spoken to Fred in that manner and this got Fred a bit worried. He didn’t want to jeopardize their relationship at  that time  where they will be getting married the following day.

“Honey calm down, I was just being sure if she can be trusted, but if you say so, let’s take her home and then we can decide what to do after the wedding” Fred said and helped Adzo with her bag.

“She is not going anywhere” a voice came from behind Ruby’s car and to Adzo’s surprise it was Aziz.