The Story Of Tejumola Season 2 episode 2


“I don’t think I can survive my daughter’s absence.”I whispered to David. “I’d become lonely without her…”I wiped a tear. “I’ve gat no one than her, she’s my father,mother, husband, daughter and friend, she’s all I’ve got, the only fountain my joy springs from.”

“C’mon, stop talking that way, she’d be fine, besides I’m her for you.”David wiped my tears with a handkerchief. I looked away.

“I’m trying to believe that she’s fine, its just that, I think she’s in danger.”I told him, hugging Eniola’s picture.

Just then, his phone rang.

“Hello?”David said. He listened for a while.

“Okay, Inspector, I’d be on my way now. Yes, say 15 mins I’d be there.”

“my attention is needed at the police station.”he explained to me.

“You don’t need to come along, just rest okay?”he peered at me I nodded quickly. He searched my eyes for a while. “please don’t do anything funny while I’m away, okay? Or would you come along?”he suspected something

“Oh no, I’l be fine, don’t worry.”I wore a plastic smile.

“just take care.”he hesitated.

“Bye! Go now!”I shoved him to the door of my room.

“Good riddance!”I whispered after he’s gone. I quickly wrote a note to life, read my Bible, prayed to God for forgiveness before launching my target. I sneaked out of the compound to avoid Mummy Tola’s interrogations. I walked swiftly, looking around at intervals as though someone might see me.

The pond was few matres away, thank God I wasn’t a good swimmer, I’d just drown quitely, and then find myself in Heaven or hell after a few moments.

to be continue


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