The Story Of Tejumola Season 1 episode 15


I felt something squeezed my palms gently, I woke up thinking I was asleep. I heard people talking in low whispers, I peeked from my left eye and saw David and Bola conversing.. David looked worried.

“You said she just slumped?”

“Yes, after receiving a call.”Bola explained.

“Uhm”a man in white coat, came in, maybe a doctor.

“Thanks for coming Doctor Raymond”David shook his hands.

The doc. Examined me for a while before looking up.

“Her heart beat is close to normal, she’d be fine, she’s just stressed out. You know, her brain needs rest.”he explained.

“Thank you Doctor.”David replied glancing at my direction.

How did they get here? Maybe Bola called him. Maybe Something happened..

“is she your sister?”I heard Doctor Raymond say.

“No, she’s my wife.”David replied peering at me, as though I might jump up and attack him.

This guy ko gbadu o…wife ke! No Baby Mama noni o, I smiled to myself.

The door squeaked and The doctor left.

“Were you able to identify the caller?”David asked Bola.

“No, but she mentioned a name that sounds like Okon or something.”Bola replied scratching her head.

Just then I remembered what happened earlier. Akpan rang into my brain.

“Akpan has my child.”I said, startling them both.

“Wow, thank God, You’ve woken up.”David looked pleased.

“Akpan, Lina’s gate man,”I said to no one in particular.

David seems to understand what I want, he quickly put a call across to the police. In less than an hour we were driving to Lina’s house that dead night.

“Seriously, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”Lina said sitting on a chair at the police station.

“Where’s Akpan?”a policeman asked her for the fifteenth time.”He…he..traveled.”she stammered.

“Okay, maybe a night in the cell will reveal where he is.”Ade an inspector told her.

She cringed at the mention of a cell, she muttered something under her breathe.

“You want to say something?”Inspector Ade asked

“Errrm, I don’t want to go to the cell.”she pleaded.

“Good, then tell us the info we need, and we’d let you go.”his voice was coarse.

“I…know where he is, I can take you there now, but please dont send me to prison.”she looked frightened.

“Good take us there!”Inspector Ade smiled triumphantly.

I and Bola stayed behind at the station, while they left with David.

After two hours which seemed like eternity to me, they came back. It was almost Day break.

I rushed out to the van.

They’ve Arrested Akpan and two other men, but Eniola isn’t there.

“Where’s she?”I tugged at David

“they said she’s missing again”he looked tired.

“Inspector?”I held inspector Ade’s hand, tears streaming down my face.

“She’s not there. I think this case entails more than we’ve imagined. But after a thorough Interrogation, they’l open up.”he replied gently as Lina, Akpan and the other men were led into a cell.

“No, it can’t be.”I whispered to myself.

“We’ll find her soon.”David held me gently as I wept on his shoulders.

to be continued on Monday, watch out for our weekend story



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