“Adzo (The Untamed)” Season 1 Episode 1



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Comes another intriguing, mind blowing story Titled “Adzo (The Untamed)”

When a child is born into this world, the child is exposed to both good and bad behaviors. As conflicting as this may sound, these behaviors makes us Human beings. We can’t be absolutely good; neither can we be absolutely bad.

A little bit of both makes us who we are. However, the one that dominates you determines what people see you to be.

Born in a life full of misery, poverty and hardship, Adzo had nothing to fight for than her own life.  At the age of 15 years, her own biological father sold her for only GHS600.00 to Mr. Abdul to pay off his debts. Adzo’s mother died of a snake bite at her farm when Adzo was only 10 years old.

She started experiencing real life when she was sold to Mr. Abdul. As rich as Mr. Abdul was, with a lot of cattle and lands, one may have thought Adzo was going to a world of paradise where food and water would be in abundance little did she know that she was just a mere property to Mr. Abdul.

Just like any other property or asset, Mr. Abdul treated Adzo the way he wanted to. Aside the three wives Mr. Abdul already had, Adzo was like a sex toy to him. He slept with her under hard conditions and at any time He wanted. Food and clean water was like a luxury for Adzo. Mr Abdul even fed his cattle more than he fed Adzo.

Aside all her ordeals, she was expected to work hard at all times. Prepare meals, go to farm, clean the entire compound of Mr. Abdul’s house and finally run errands for Mr.Abdul’s three wives.

She had no choice to make in life, no dreams, no future and no education. She had nothing to believe in or even a god to pray to. All that she could boast of was that she had  life.

Under these difficult and cruel conditions, it came to a time that she couldn’t just keep up with it. She tried escaping only to end up at Mr.Abdul’s favorite customer’s house. In order to please Mr. Abdul and get more discount when buying cattle, He in turn returned her  to Mr. Abdul.

This only worsen Adzo’s situation. As a way of punishment, she was starved for days. She only survived with water. At this moment, she will do anything just to have a spoon of rice to kill her hunger. This is when she had no other option than to trade sex with food with one of Mr. Abdul’s headsmen.

Adzo felt that whatever was going on around her was normal. She had no option than to adjust herself to this condition. At just age 15 Adzo already had seen it all in life. She felt the world around her was just a cruel world  and to actually make it in life, you needed to be born in a worthy family, if not, then you will become like her.

When Adzo was given birth to, everyone was amazed by her beauty. She had huge beautiful eyes and a very smooth skin. She was really endowed with beauty. But now, it will only take somebody with a pure heart to even notice her beauty.  Out of maltreatment and hunger, Adzo was not pleasing to eyes of  any man.

As innocent as she was brought into this world, her life became transformed  with the situation she was in.

Things got worsen when Mr. Abdul bought another young teenage girl, almost at the same age with Adzo. This young girl, Sekina was actually used to this condition and living.

This was about third time she had been sold to a different Master. Unlike Adzo, Sekina, looked quite healthy and fit. Mr. Abdul already, had gotten fond of her and treated her exceptionally different from the way he treated the other servants and Adzo herself.

In a way, it helped Adzo, because she was not being subjected to sex as she was used to. Sekina was the new sex slave for Mr. Abdul.

Things became different and even extremely difficult when Mr. Abdul expressed his interest in making Sekina his 4th wife. Sekina was happy about it since she knew that as time goes on, she won’t be treated as a servant but as a Mistress.

Sekina was looking forward  to getting to the top . She was not ready to let anyone stand in her way. Adzo began experiencing symptoms of pregnancy. This was not good news. For Adzo, to be pregnant means burden on  Mr. Abdul especially when she was just a mere servant.

Is either she will be thrown out or will be sold for a cheaper price. Sekina noticed this and reported the issue to Mr. Abdul when he was at her chambers.

“Master, there is something you need to know about Adzo” Sekina said.

“What is it” Mr. Abdul asked.

“Master, I have seen her several times with Aziz in quiet places at night” She said

“And I think she is pregnant now” She continued.

“How sure are you? Adzo is a very hard working servant and I don’t want to lose her. So I ask you again. How sure are you that Adzo is pregnant? Mr. Abdul asked again.

“Master am absolutely sure” said Sekina

“Call them to my presence now” Mr. Abdul commanded.

Sekina didn’t see that coming. She thought Mr.Abdul will even wait till the morning before doing that, however she was pleased with how Mr. Abdul handled the issue.

Sekina did as she was commanded and in no time Aziz and Adzo came.

“Aziz, I brought you here, to look after my cattle and not to use my servant for yourself. I have seen your involvement with Adzo a couple of times. You know the consequence if you lie to me. Now, what business do you have with her? Mr. Abdul asked.

He dare not lie or he will surely face the wrath of of Mr. Abdul. He had already been put on the spot when Mr. Abdul clearly mentioned that He had seen him with Adzo.

“Master, forgive me. I gave Adzo food in exchange for her warmth. Master please forgive me” Aziz confessed.

“How many times has this happened” Mr.Abdul asked him.

“Master three times” Aziz answered.

“Get out of my sight now, I will deal with you later” Mr. Abdul said and turned to Adzo.

To him, Men always had the upper hand in everything. They believe that a woman’s duty is keep the house and always obey the man. Even their own law favors the men than the women, and in the case of a servant, you have no say.

“Adzo, you heard what Aziz said. Is that true? Mr. Abdul asked.

She had no option that to say the truth and face consequence.

“Master, yes” Adzo answered.

“And I see that you’re with a child, Am I right?  Asked, Mr. Abdul.

“Yes, Master” Adzo said with her face down.

“I have been with you and so has Aziz too, who is responsible for the child” Mr. Abdul asked.

Mr. Abdul was the one responsible for the pregnancy. Adzo was with fear to even say that her master was responsible for it. She was in a dilemma now.

“I ask for the last time, who is responsible for the child you carry” Mr. Abdul asked this time looking very angry.

Sekina was observing with keen interest with whatever was going on. So far, everything went in her favor.

To be continued @ 1:00pm tomorrow