The Silence part 2 final

I slapped Felix hard and angrily locked him in my wardrobe . Emeka always do that to the stubborn juniors and released them after a while. I decided to follow suit. A general assembly was held before we went for midterm break. Parents were already coming to get their kids. After the assembly was held I saw my mum waiting for me. I was going home.

Then I remembered the junior I locked in my wardrobe and decided to ask Emeka to release him.

“Hey Emeka that stupid boy is in my wardrobe abeg release him. I’ve shown him a lesson.” I informed Emeka.
“Okay sure. You are now strict o.” He joked.

My holiday was just 2days and it was fun. I spent lot of time with my mum and brothers. I even had the chance to see Nkem my neighbor and we did a little romance. She told me about how she had missed me. I just smiled.

I didn’t miss her a bit. I barely got attracted to a girl. But they always flock around me. I finally got back to school but a day earlier. The holiday was meant for 3days but Emeka and I planned to stay for 2. I got to my room and noticed the foul smell. I covered my nose quickly. The smell was very disgusting and was like something getting rotten. I ran out of my room. Emeka just arrived and he was smiling.

“Hey bros how are you?” He greeted.
“Go inside and smell the room.” I advised.
“Blood of Jesus!” Emeka entered and shouted. We tried figuring out what had the smell.

Then it dawned on me “Emeka did you release the boy!?” I shouted. He looked at me for a while. I shook him fiercely in annoyance.

“Please tell me you did.” I begged. Emeka pushed me away and opened my wardrobe. The boy sat there lifeless. He was stiff and smelly. His eyes were shut. I opened my mouth but no sound came out.
I sat on the floor with my hands on my head. I was crying. Emeka stood looking at the body.
“What should we do?” I asked in tears. He coughed quietly and seemed cool
“Well let’s see what we can do. Nobody is really in school just a cleaner and the security guard. Thank God we came early. Guy chill.” He advised. The boy died of suffocating and I felt guilty.

I wished I stuck to my usual ways of not dealing with any junior. Emeka quickly got gloves from his box. He handed them to me .

“Let’s carry him quick.” He commanded. Emeka was really bold. I shakily wore the gloves. We carried him out of the wardrobe. He was cold. I almost vomited at the sight of a dead being.

I started brainstorming about where to dump the body.

“What exactly happened? ” Emeka asked.
“He… he locked himself in the toilet and I forced him out so he began to insult and… and I locked him in my wardrobe to punish him.” I explained stammering.
“Did anybody see you when all that happened? ” Emeka inquired.
” I don’t think so. Lectures were going on and the person that reported to me had gone. ” I explained.
“Are you sure?” Emeka asked. I nodded jittery.

Emeka smiled and decided we carry him back to the toilet. Then he locked the door from inside and jumped out by climbing the wall. Emeka was so smart like he had murdered before. He dusted his hands.

“Now that’s what am talking about. I spoilt the lock too so it would look like he couldn’t come out.” Emeka informed proudly.
I hugged him tight. “Thank you. You are a life saver.” I thanked. Emeka smiled and we walked to our room. He removed the gloves and burnt them. He cleaned the wardrobe with bleach and lay on the bed. I just looked at the window. I was stunned. They found the body the next day and the school was in pandemonium.

I was interrogated and so was other students. Everybody denied knowing anything. I felt free. I felt happy when the case died down. There was no trace of the culprits.

I was made the head boy to the shock of Emeka. He was very angry. “So you took my position. ” He argued. I tried calming him down that the school voted.

“Well they don’t know about Felix and how you killed him.” He accused. I got scared.
“Emeka please don’t tell.” I begged. He simply smiled. I couldn’t take the silence anymore and decided to stop going to school. I gave all sort of excuse to my mum. I finally changed school. Emeka became the head boy.

I knew how happy he was. Then on my graduation day Emeka came. I was afraid of what he will do. He handed me a note and left. ‘I killed Felix not you. I intentionally didn’t open the wardrobe because I hated you. You took my girl Thelma and it was payback. I am sorry’ he wrote.





  1. Does it mean that Felix’s parents were not responsible to the extends that,they cudn’t involve the police to investigate the matter to get the people involved?