Even Your Boo Get A Boo season 2 episode 1


On opening the door, the visitor happened to be Iya kola.

Good morning ma, i greeted her

Good morning daniel, how are you? she asked taking a seat.

Am fine me, i replied

This one that you are at home today, hope all is well?

By the grace of God, all is well ma.

Then why didn’t you go to work today?

Am not in good health ma, i lied to her, not wanting to let her know that i resigned from my previous Job due to the stipends i do get as income.

Eyaaaaaaa pele, she said in Yoruba language which meant sorry.

Have you taken injections? she asked again *injections ke* No ma, i only took some drugs, its just a slight illness and am sure I will be alright by tomorrow. Okay, i wish you quick recovery Thank you ma

I was sleeping when I heard the sound of your generator which woke me up from sleep, so i decided to come and check on you.

Ah, am sorry for the disturbance ma

No problem my dear, since am already here, i will join you in watching movie. So what’s the title?

The title is Olympus has fallen, have you watched it ma?

No I haven’t, i prefer Nigerian movies Really, then let’s watch this particular movie together, i said inserting a disk into the DVD player.

We focused our attention on the film while it was playing and engaged into series of laughter whenever we came across the comedy part of the film. All this while, i had forgotten i was expecting a visitor, it didn’t even occur to me that she will stay this long. The movie was about to end when the generator suddenly stopped and went off. I think the fuel has finished, i said to her

Am glad we had almost conclude the movie before it went off, you have already entertained me so there would be no need asking you for food again, let me go and prepare it myself. she said standing up to leave.

Okay ma, you can also include mine in the preparation, i said jokingly Lazy boy, just come over when you feel hungry so you can have it.

Okay thank you ma, i said to her before she left. I switched off the TV set and other electronics i had switched on earlier, after which i lay on the bed so as to relax my body for some minutes.

My phone began to ring, i stared at the screen and the name Jenny appeared on it. This was when i remembered I was expecting her, without wasting much time, i picked up the call and spoke

Hello Jenny

Hi Daniel, am at the gate of your compound, kindly come and open up.

Okay, i will be there immediately, i said and hung up the call. I quickly wore something okay and headed outside to open the gate which seemed to be locked.

On reaching there, i unlocked the gate and saw her, she was putting on a red flowing gown which made her look more beautiful. I stretched out my arms to her, she then came closer and gave me a warm embrace. I felt her boobs on my chest and this sent shivers down my spine.

While we walked into the compound, i couldn’t help but ask myself if what i truly felt for her was love or lust.

To be continued